"Nothing. Or nothing we may speak of."
— Star about why the Tribe was so afraid in Moonrise, page 121

Star That Shines On Water, more commonly known as Star, is a she-cat.[1]


In The New Prophecy arc


Stoneteller introduces Star to the journeying cats as a kit-mother caring for her kits. Stoneteller informs her that when her kits have grown, she will return to being a cave-guard. She is the first cat to greet the Clan cats when they arrive, and is friendly towards the forest cats, not hostile, unlike some other cats of the Tribe. When Sharptooth comes to terrorize the Tribe, he attacks her, and she tries to free herself, but is captured by him. Sharptooth is seen leaving with her in his mouth as the Clan cats sneak out of the cave.




Unnamed kits:[1] Living, (As of Moonrise)



"This is Star That Shines on Water. For now she is a kit-mother, though when her kits are grown, she will go back to being a cave-guard."
—Stoneteller introducing Star Moonrise, page 118

Tawnypelt: "Are you okay? You look worried. Is something wrong?"
Squirrelpaw: "Are you being attacked by another Tribe?"
Star: "No, there are no cats to attack us. There are no others in the mountains that we know of. How could there be another Tribe when we guard the Cave of Pointed Stones?"
—Star when asked if the Tribe was being attacked by another Tribe Moonrise, pages 120-121

"Sharptooth's jaws were clamped around a Tribe cat; with a shudder of pure horror Feathertail recognized Star, the kit-mother who had spoken to them when they first arrived. Her mouth was open in a desperate wordless yowl, and her claws scored the earth floor as she fought vainly to free herself."
—Narrator on Star's death Moonrise, page 194

"For a heartbeat a shocked silence filled the cave. Then a shrill wail of loss rose all around."
—The Tribe after Sharptooth takes Star Moonrise, page 194

"He remembered watching Sharptooth leave the cave, his fierce jaws gripping Star as she yowled vainly for help."
—Stormfur remembering Star's death Moonrise, page 215

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