"Look. Trees. This is the sort of place where ThunderClan are best at hunting. You need moorland and rabbits, right?"
Thornclaw to a WindClan patrol in Starlight, page 183
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Chapter Number: 11 (of 23)
Page Numbers: 179-186

Chapter description

Thornclaw almost bumps into Leafpaw and asks if she is stuck. Leafpaw apologizes, and Thornclaw states that it all feels a bit strange, as they only had to explore the lake once until it felt like home. Leafpaw is comforted, and she pads beside the tom from the hollow, pleased to know her Clan is safe from outsiders. They spot a patrol consisting of Cloudtail, Brightheart, and Sorreltail, who had been sent to explore the new land. Cloudtail smells a fox, but Brightheart says the scent is stale and they move on as Sorreltail greets Leafpaw.
Leafpaw stops to let her mentor, Cinderpelt, catch up, and gazes around the land. When the other medicine cat reaches her, Cinderpelt comments that is is unlikely that they will find juniper berries there, and asks her apprentice what they could use for bellyache. Leafpaw suggests they use watermint or chervil root, and Cinderpelt agrees, saying that watermint is easier to find than chervil root.
The three cats reach the stream and look for the herb on both banks, but fail to find it. Leafpaw then smells damp soil, and races away, finding the plant half-hidden. Cinderpelt praises her, noting that there are enough plants to supply the Clan daily. When they finish picking the watermint out, Cinderpelt asks Thornclaw to take Leafpaw to WindClan. Thornclaw insists they escort Cinderpelt back, and leads them home via a different route. Cinderpelt gives premission to Thornclaw to hunt, and the tom catches a squirrel. Leafpaw gives thanks to StarClan.
Leafpaw sees Tornear, Owlpaw, and Whitetail, who demand to know what the three ThunderClan cats are doing on WindClan territory, saying they are marking the borders the way Firestar had told them to. Thornclaw states it was only a suggestion. Tornear explains how there isn't much moorland and so WindClan needs to extend their land. Thornclaw firmly says that WindClan will not be allowed to claim the area. Leafpaw asks Cinderpelt if StarClan will send a sign to show where the boundaries should be, but her mentor replies that StarClan will not help.
Whitetail asks if the herb Leafpaw has is for bellyaches, and Leafpaw answers that it is, wondering if some of WindClan's cats are also ill. Whitetail says that Morningflower and Darkfoot are sick. Leafpaw is worried, and she asks what Barkface is doing. Tornear meows that they don"t have the herbs, and Barkface was looking for juniper. Leafpaw says she could take the watermint to them, and Cinderpelt agrees.
All the warriors are relieved to get their minds off boundries, and Leafpaw is led to the WindClan camp. Whitetail says she will take her to the sick cats, while Tornear goes to alert Onewhisker. The apprentice looks at the ill cats, but can see that Morningflower is in worse condition. She hears a voice that asks what she is doing.





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