"I'm sure Darkfoot will be fine. It's Morningflower I'm worried about."
Leafpaw to Crowfeather in Starlight, page 198
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Chapter Number: 13 (of 23)
Page Numbers: 195-206

Chapter description

Leafpaw tells Crowfeather that she had come to help the ill cats. Crowfeather asks why she knew what was wrong with them, and Leafpaw tells him that ThunderClan had the same problem. Whitetail tells him to back off, and the gray warrior snorts, and watches Leafpaw as she examins the suffering cats. When she is sure that Morningflower and Darkfoot had the same illness, Leafpaw gives them a few mint leaves to swallow. Leafpaw admits she doesn't know if they will die. Darkfoot stirs, asking where Barkface was. Whitetail informs the tom that Barkface wasn't back yet, but Leafpaw was here. Darkfoot chews the mint leaves leafpaw gives him, stating that it didn't matter which Clan she was in, as long as she knew what she was doing.
Morningflower starts retching feebly, and Crowfeather asks what she had done, snarling she was getting worse. Leafpaw leaps backward as he bares his teeth at her and tries to dodge around him to get back to her patient. Onewhisker orders Crowfeather to stop, asking he was doing. Crowfeather states she shouldn't be here, and Onewhisker asks if the tom was saying she shouldn't be saving lives. He adds that Crowfeather could watch Leafpaw, and tells Leafpaw to feel free to ask Crowfeather to do something. Leafpaw thanks the WindClan cat. Onewhisker pads away with Whitetail.
Crowfeather snarls that she would be crow-food if she treated him like an apprentice. She asks Crowfeather to open Morningflower's jaws open and Leafpaw pushes pulp into her mouth. When their flanks touch each other's, Leafpaw flinches and Crowfeather leaps back before stepping forward again.
Morningflower is limp, and Leafpaw sits beside her. Crowfeather asks if they were getting better, and Leafpaw states that she thought they were, saying Morningflower was in worse condition than Darkfoot. She looks up to see Barkface, who greets her and drops a few juniper berries. Barkface says that it was good thinking to use watermint. Crowfeather is waved away by Barkface, and Leafpaw watches him go, wondering why she feels disappointed.
Barkface tells her to go back to her Clan, and promises he would update her on their condition. Leafpaw tells Onewhisker that they would be okay, and the tom thanks her, saying that they would give ThunderClan the land in the woods. Mudclaw asks if he is mouse-brained, and Onewhisker states that he didn't want to hear anymore fighting over the border. Webfoot agrees with Mudclaw, but the WindClan deputy snaps that Barkface has never had trouble finding herbs. Mudclaw mutters that he was a traitor and turns away.
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