"Are you just trying to cause trouble? [...] You took the side of that... that mangy furball instead of mine!"
Squirrelflight hissing at Brambleclaw in Starlight, page 232

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Chapter Number: 15 (of 23)
Page Numbers: 221-234

Chapter description

As Brambleclaw waits for Brackenfur to go out into the sunset, Squirrelflight walks up to him. She greets him in a friendly manner, asking if he's okay, making him cringe. He thinks about the dream with Tigerstar and Hawkfrost, knowing that he can't talk about it with her, and he simply responds that he didn't get much sleep. Squirrelflight appears to be doubtful about his claim, heading out the thorn tunnel, and Brambleclaw calls for her to wait. He finds her with Leafpaw, calling her name, but getting no response. Sorreltail joins the cats, and Brackenfur nuzzles her, mentioning that he's glad she's coming along. Firestar leads the Clan uphill, reminding them that WindClan must know they'll be crossing through their land in order to get to the Gathering.
Dustpelt grunts that they can go through WindClan's camp without a problem, unconvinced that Onewhisker can protect it along with Cloudtail. ThunderClan continues trotting along the lakeshore as night falls, and Brambleclaw finds himself glancing at Squirrelflight and Leafpaw, happy that Squirrelflight isn't with Ashfur. Soon reaching the horseplace, the moon emits light onto the lake, and WindClan appears near the fence. Using his tail, Brambleclaw signals to Crowfeather, who only gives a nod. Firestar halts his Clan, and Brambleclaw finds the scent of more kittypets.
Two cats emerge from the other side of the fence, and a gray-and-white tom demands what they want. Firestar prevents anyone from attacking him, and he replies that they wish for no trouble. The other cat, a cream-colored queen, responds that there are so many of them, but she is reassured that they won't be attacked. The tom remains defensive, and Squirrelflight questions why they would fight. Brambleclaw explains to the horseplace cats who Twolegs are, and the queen says they don't live with the Nofurs, but with the horses. Brambleclaw is confused, thinking that these cats might be loners. Squirrelflight warns the gray-and-white tom that he doesn't need to be aggressive, and Brambleclaw notes that there may be a fight.
Suddenly, Whitetail steps forward, meowing that the tom is only defensive because he has kits to protect, and Brambleclaw relaxes. The cream she-cat comments that these cats are okay, and calming himself, the gray-and-white tom introduces himself as Smoky, along with introducing the she-cat, Daisy. He also mentions the dog that lives in the horseplace, and nods to Firestar before heading off. The Clan cats head off again, reaching the Gathering place, and Brambleclaw goes to greet his sister. Rainwhisker talks with Swallowtail enthusiastically, but stops and licks his chest fur in embarrassment, forgetting that everything is different now.
Brambleclaw, remembering the changes, respectfully greets Tawnypelt, and she does the same. She states that sharing memories and liking others doesn't make them traitors, and her brother agrees, noticing Rowanclaw and a group of ShadowClan cats looking at them. He remembers the border incident, and sees Rowanclaw making a non-complimentary remark to his friends. The dark brown tabby tom heads over to the tree stump, only to find Hawkfrost looking at him, and Brambleclaw awkwardly says hello while apologizing. Hawkfrost cooly responds that he doesn't need to apologize, recalling what he had seen with Tawnypelt, and that it is tough to have divided loyalties posing as enemies.
Brambleclaw replies that it's hard to forget what happened to them, and Hawkfrost mentions that he learned WindClan is experiencing the same issue from Mudclaw. He brings up Onewhisker's recent actions, making Brambleclaw believe that Mudclaw is trying to make his own leader look unfit for his position. Unlike his half brother, he thinks that Tallstar made the correct decision, and that Onewhisker will grow to be a great leader. Hawkfrost curiously recalls that the WindClan tom hasn't received his nine lives yet, going on to say that Mudclaw agrees with him, as the Clans need strong leadership to support themselves.
Brambleclaw's opinion regarding Mudclaw suddenly changes, and he begins to wonder if he really is the better leader over Onewhisker. Hawkfrost asks him when he'll become deputy, pointing out his experience, but Brambleclaw says that there is a reason Firestar won't appoint him. The RiverClan tom guesses Graystripe's disappearance, but shoves it aside thinking that the reason is Tigerstar. At once, Brambleclaw sees their reflections and similarities to each other again, and Hawkfrost mentions that he isn't bothered by his heritage much. Squirrelflight crashes into them, looking for somebody, and upon seeing Hawkfrost, unhappily greets him.
Hawkfrost tells Squirrelflight that they were talking about WindClan's kerfuffle, and while Brambleclaw is relieved, Squirrelflight's fur is bushed up. Visibly disgusted, she inquires what that has to do with RiverClan, snorting with revulsion. Mistyfoot runs up to Hawkfrost, informing him that Leopardstar needs him so they can share their news. As the two pad away, Brambleclaw is stunned, realizing that his dream was real, and they had all met somehow. Squirrelflight hisses at him, demanding why he is siding with Hawkfrost, but Brambleclaw responds that he is a good warrior to him. The dark brown tabby reminds her that Hawkfrost is his half brother, and thus has a right to learn more about him.
Furious, Brambleclaw adds that this is place where they can share public information, reprimanding Squirrelflight for her rude behavior. In turn, Squirrelflight snaps that he is criticizing a friend of ThunderClan, then becomes dismayed, saying that they won't work together. He questions what she means, and she says that she isn't as important to him as she thought. Ashfur invites Squirrelflight to sit with him, and she stalks away from Brambleclaw, refusing to acknowledge him. Giving up, Brambleclaw hears Blackstar call everyone together, and he doesn't want to talk about the dream with Hawkfrost. Ashfur whispers something in Squirrelflight's ear, and Brambleclaw stares into the clearing's shadows in a state of stunned disbelief.





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