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Below contains in-depth information for chapter seventeen of Starlight. If you are looking for a shorter summary of the entire book, please check the main article.
Chapter Number: 17 (of 23)
Page Numbers: 253-267

Chapter Summary

Leafpaw's PoV

Leafpaw is desperate to find a sign from StarClan, and she looks anywhere. She tries to look everywhere for a place for medicine cats to share tongues with StarClan. Leafpaw finds, two days before the half-moon, many new places for healing herbs.
She finds Sorreltail, who agreed to go hunting with Brackenfur later. Leafpaw teases Sorreltail about how Brackenfur likes her, and Sorreltail also thinks Brackenfur is great. Cinderpelt approaches Leafpaw and tells her how Rainwhisker and Sootfur shifted some thick brambles away and she guides Leafpaw through the brambly curtain and shows her a place that could be the newest medicine den. Cinderpelt states how its a perfect den for them, and Leafpaw whole-heartedly agrees.
Cinderpelt tells Firestar about the new den, and he orders for Cloudtail and Brightheart to clean out for the den for later use. Leafpaw helps move out the rocks, and by the end, she is very tired. She goes for a walk in the starlight by the lake. She notices Crowfeather in the darkness. He is murmuring to the lake about Feathertail. Leafpaw walks up to Crowfeather, and he tells how unfair it was that Feathertail had to die. Leafpaw tells Crowfeather that she is always in the stars, when she smells the familiar scent of Spottedleaf.
Spottedleaf greets Leafpaw and Leafpaw asks why StarClan has been silent to her. She also tells how she's looked everywhere for a new Moonstone. Spottedleaf says that StarClan are accompanying to the new place in the stars as well. She tells Leafpaw how starlight on water will help find the new Moonstone. Spottedleaf disappears and Leafpaw tries to find her, but she fails.
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References and Citations

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