"I knew ThunderClan wouldn't be involved, so I came straight here." […] "A ShadowClan patrol nearly spotted me, but I made it to the border without being caught. Firestar, I'm convinced that Hawkfrost is involved in a plot to attack WindClan!"
Mistyfoot to Firestar in Starlight, pages 292-293

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Chapter Number: 20 (of 23)
Page Numbers: 286-295

Chapter description

Brambleclaw stops at the lake, glancing over at the pine forest and detecting the strong yet familiar scent of ShadowClan. He notes that all the Clans are settling well in their new homes, even more so with the discovery of the Moonpool, which will allow Onewhisker to receive his lives in two days. Rainwhisker comments about the ShadowClan scent in disgust, and just as Brambleclaw responds, he finds Spiderleg in the lake with water up to his legs. He exclaims that he was trying to catch a fish, and Brambleclaw tells him that he can learn how to hunt them with his help. After briefly thinking of Feathertail, the dark brown tabby leads his patrol upstream, but suddenly finds Mistyfoot running toward them from ShadowClan's land. She calls out to him, urgently saying that she must speak to Firestar, making Rainwhisker and Spiderleg want to drive her off.
Instead, Brambleclaw chastises the warriors, much to Mistyfoot's relief, and she requests to see Firestar again. He agrees to take her, instructing Rainwhisker and Spiderleg to finish the patrol and make sure ShadowClan's borders are correct. While the two are hesitant at first, they continue heading upstream, and Brambleclaw is startled by Mistyfoot's desire to hurry. They dash into the camp, and Firestar welcomes Mistyfoot, soon learning that she is here to report trouble for every Clan. Firestar orders Brambleclaw to fetch Brackenfur and Dustpelt so they can hear the news, and he does so, waking up Brackenfur and asking where Dustpelt is. Upon learning that he is in the nursery, Brambleclaw informs him of what's going on, and soon, both warriors have joined the others at the fresh-kill pile. Mistyfoot regains control of herself, and reports that she saw two cats opposite to the island.
She adds that she was going to send them back to camp, but identified them as Hawkfrost and Mudclaw. Dustpelt and Brambleclaw are shocked, and Mistyfoot goes on, reporting that Mudclaw headed back to his territory without being chased off. She had suspected that they knew each other quite well, and Hawkfrost had been sneaking out at night to who she thought was Brambleclaw, since they were related. Mistyfoot states that she should have questioned Hawkfrost instead of remaining silent, certain that Mudclaw was with him, and Brambleclaw cannot find a reason as to why they were meeting together. Mistyfoot goes on, saying that she didn't confront Hawkfrost, wanting to gather more information. She swam out to the island, finding fresh and stale scent there, and concluded that they must have met several times.
This surprises Dustpelt, who questions why a WindClan cat would try swimming, and Firestar asks Mistyfoot what Leopardstar thought of her news. She replies that Leopardstar wasn't informed because Hawkfrost is popular in RiverClan, and the leader might have believed she was trying to stir up trouble. She also cites a lack of evidence as to why she didn't report him, and then brings up new information; Hawkfrost and a few of his supporters went on patrol earlier in the day and haven't returned. Brambleclaw observes that it is nearly sunset, and he ponders reasons as to why the cats hasn't come back yet. When Firestar and Sandstorm don't get her, Mistyfoot explains that the cats weren't doing a dawn patrol, and when she got their scent, it led into ShadowClan territory. Knowing that ThunderClan wouldn't be involved, she ran here, and she reveals that Hawkfrost may be in a plot to attack WindClan.
Firestar is thoughtful, making Mistyfoot angry, and the gray she-cat points out that Mudclaw was furious about Tallstar's decision. Brackenfur suddenly gets to his paws, saying that Leafpool's recent discovery of the Moonpool means Mudclaw would need to strike before Onewhisker gets his lives, and Brambleclaw adds that his attack will be tonight. Firestar questions why Mistyfoot can't speak to Leopardstar about the situation, and she repeats that the leader will think she is trying to create trouble. She also mentions that Onewhisker and Firestar are friends, and the latter finally agrees to lead a patrol to WindClan's camp in order to investigate. He calls a Clan meeting, summoning many cats who begin taking their places under the Highledge.
Firestar addresses the entire Clan, reporting that Mudclaw and Hawkfrost have plans to attack WindClan, and ShadowClan may be involved as well. Brambleclaw sees the Clan whispering nervously amongst themselves, and can't bring himself to glance at Squirrelflight knowing how she views him. Firestar assigns Cloudtail and Brightheart to guard the hollow while Thornclaw and two others keep an eye on the ShadowClan border, not attacking unless they are outmatched. Before he can jump down from the Highledge, Cinderpelt informs him that Leafpool received a dream that could relate to Mudclaw and Hawkfrost's plot. The medicine cat explains that she saw the lake turn red with blood, and Cinderpelt adds that this attack is serious, as this will be Mudclaw's final opportunity to try gaining control of WindClan. Brambleclaw glances at Squirrelflight as he follows Firestar out of camp, seeing a sad and pitiful look in her eyes.





Important events

  • ThunderClan dispatches a patrol to stop Mudclaw from staging a revolt and claiming WindClan's leadership for himself.[9]

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