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"Of course there will be dangers in our new home, wherever we end up." […] "But we mustn't forget that we had enemies back in the forest, even before the Twolegs brought their monsters. If StarClan brought us here, it was not because there were no dangers here at all, but because we could learn to live among them, just as we did before."
Mistyfoot to her patrol in Starlight, page 59

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Chapter Number: 3 (of 23)
Page Numbers: 47-72

Chapter description

Mistyfoot leads her patrol steadily around the territory, and as he follows, Brambleclaw tastes the air. Squirrelflight complains about the boggy hollow, though Mistyfoot says it may be better equipped for RiverClan. Tawnypelt points out that they don't have to completely use the territory, and Brambleclaw scans around him, noticing the vanishing grassland and more non-marsh trees up ahead, making him state that they'll be out of here soon. Squirrelflight and Tawnypelt wish to patrol outside the marsh, and while he is hesitant at first, Brambleclaw says they can do so and hunt before stopping himself, realizing that Mistyfoot is the leader and not him.
However, Mistyfoot is amused and allows Brambleclaw to lead as the others joke about complaining on the journey. He is pleased that Mistyfoot understands their way of order, but feels the absence of Stormfur, wondering if the emptiness inside him will keep growing. Soon, everyone hunts, and Squirrelflight is delighted at the prospect of finally eating a good meal. Brambleclaw urges her to keep going instead of sleeping, to which she responds that he's a bossy furball. He continues leading them on, and soon notices the land he saw earlier is an island, with figures on it.
Squirrelflight notices that Leafpaw is on the island, which makes Brambleclaw remember their sister connection, and jealousy grows inside him. The patrol heads down a ridge and onto grassland, making Crowfeather pleased. Sunhigh comes and goes as the patrol travels around the lake, where Mistyfoot sees a fish, and she questions how RiverClan will develop new hunting techniques to catch them. Squirrelflight snorts, but Brambleclaw quiets her, knowing that Mistyfoot's Clan might starve if they don't adapt. He briefly glances at a nearby smudge of trees before leading the patrol around the lake, where the terrain slightly changes.
Pine trees surround the edge of the water, and something similar to the Twoleg bridge juts out onto the lake. The group hopefully believes that it doesn't mean Twolegs will swarm the lake, making Mistyfoot remember how they enjoyed swimming in the old forest. Squirrelflight notes that she can't detect any other scents, and Brambleclaw replies that they're too far away right now. He motions for the patrol to keep moving, and they do so in silence, soon encountering a stream surrounded by reeds. They rush up to the bank, and Brambleclaw notices that the stream filters into the lake, with nearby bracken indicating fresher fauna in greenleaf.
Brambleclaw sees that Mistyfoot is longing for this place to be RiverClan's new camp, though she cannot make an official claim to it yet. The patrol sees fish, and while Mistyfoot offers to catch them some, Crowfeather states that they learned how on the journey thanks to Feathertail, a noticable edge in his voice. Brambleclaw feels sympathy for Crowfeather, knowing the latter is still pained by the loss of Feathertail after she sacrificed herself, and Mistyfoot seems to understand as well, as she was the deceased she-cat's mentor.
However, no one intrudes on Crowfeather's space, and they instead concentrate on catching a fish. The group soon catches some, and Squirrelflight teases Brambleclaw for keeping watch instead of joining the hunt. He is further embarrassed by Tawnypelt when he goes to eat, as she says that he and Squirrelflight are destined to be together. Despite the teasing, he soon calms down, knowing that he doesn't need to keep secrets. Soon, he wonders where they should explore next, and Mistyfoot requests to go downsteam. Agreeing, everyone follows her there, with Brambleclaw thinking that she's scouting out the perfect place for RiverClan to call home.
The group finds a trickle of water connecting to the main stream, and land sheltered by various clumps of hazel and brambles. Excited, Mistyfoot claims it's perfect, making Tawnypelt declare that RiverClan is settled. Crowfeather reminds her that nothing has been set in stone yet, but Brambleclaw meows that there is no reason to bicker. He feels envious because the territory could fit ThunderClan too, but to avoid upsetting Mistyfoot, adds that they'll find a place for all of the Clans. Mistyfoot tells the patrol to keep going so they can find places for the others, and Brambleclaw leads the patrol back near the halfbridge while ignoring the smugness in her voice.
Suddenly, he detects a familiar scent, identifying it as a Thunderpath, worrying that Twolegs and monsters will drive them away from the territory again. Mistyfoot doesn't see any issue, seeing that the path is quiet, advising Brambleclaw not to lose it. He shakes himself for freaking out, and the others observe how it abruptly ends at an area covered with black stuff. Just as Tawnypelt scents stale Twoleg scent, Squirrelflight calls everyone over, claiming to have found something. As Brambleclaw joins her on the halfbridge, he finds what appears to be an upturned leaf, and Mistyfoot says that Twolegs call these boats. Brambleclaw attempts to picture one fishing in a boat, and Mistyfoot concludes that the Twolegs come in greenleaf.
She then gazes at the rest of her patrol, stating that they faced danger in the forest before, and they can live among it here. Brambleclaw is irritated by her speech, feeling like they're being treated like apprentices when they've been through many obstacles on the journey. Squirrelflight asks Brambleclaw if he's coming to the shore with them, gently reminding the dark brown tabby that Mistyfoot is RiverClan's deputy, and thus has more experience. He is about to deliver a stinging retort, but stops, detecting sympathy in Squirrelflight. Still feeling embarrassed, he licks her ear, and they run together.
They approach a pinewood forest, and Brambleclaw notes that is similar to Treecutplace. Due to the sun setting, shadows engulf the forest, and he asks Tawnypelt if ShadowClan might settle here. She is uncertain, mostly because of the trees, which would make for difficult climbing if there was an emergency. The tortoiseshell continues examining the area, seeing no place ShadowClan can make camp, and Brambleclaw scans the area, scenting squirrel while noting that a Clan cannot just live off that. He sympathizes with Tawnypelt, who leads the patrol up the slope, and a disgusted Squirrelflight wonders if they have to go farther. Mistyfoot soon agrees, but Tawnypelt refuses to stop until she finds ShadowClan a camp.
Mistyfoot retorts that they're wasting time and should be exploring the entire lake, but Tawnypelt argues about what she'll have to say to Blackstar, adding that if there's no camp, then forget it. Both she-cats nearly begin to launch themselves at each other, but Brambleclaw quickly steps in, knowing that the mission won't ever be completed if they fight each other. He meows that they must find a place to spend the night when he suddenly picks up cat scent. Crowfeather believes the cats to be non-Clan cats or another Clan making a claim, and Brambleclaw quickly comforts himself. Mistyfoot doesn't wish to check out who the cats are, but upon noticing Brambleclaw about to protest, reluctantly agrees.
They track the scent, which reveals itself to be Twolegs, and the group is disgusted to be going after kittypets. Brambleclaw continues tracking further, peering over a Twoleg fence when Squirrelflight surprises him with the discovery of catmint. He praises her, but warns her to be quiet as well as they get closer to the Twoleg nest. Suddenly, a bright glow begins to emit from the nest, making them hide in the shadows. Brambleclaw calls for Squirrelflight, wanting to leave, but she points out that they can't, for two angry kittypets have trapped her.
Brambleclaw notes that these kittypets are much more dangerous, and with a yowl of rage, attacks one of them. At the same time, Squirrelflight engages in combat with the other, a light brown tabby she-cat. With horror, Brambleclaw realizes that the kittypets are much more stronger than them, and he claws his black-and-white opponent vainly, failing to bite his throat. However, the kittypet is soon thrown off by Mistyfoot, who sinks her teeth into his neck. Suddenly, a furious Twoleg opens the entrance to the nest, throwing something that makes a loud crash near Brambleclaw. With the distraction, the kittypets flee back inside while the Clan cats make a run for it.
The cats continue to run until the Twoleg nest is out of sight, and Mistyfoot tells Brambleclaw that he should listen to her next time about exploring. Shamefully, he apologizes to the more experienced she-cat, and she tartfully inquires where they are now. Brambleclaw doesn't know, much to the ire of Mistyfoot, who begins to lead the group instead of him. He stays at the rear of the group, tail down, and Squirrelflight mews that he should be happier. Brambleclaw responds that Blackstar won't want the kittypets in his territory, but she jokes that they'd make fine warriors.
The two catch up to the rest of the group, and the ground begins to slope steeply, with rocks soon appearing. Tawnypelt calls for everyone to see what she has found, which is a shallow dip hidden in brambles. Squirrelflight finds it perfect for a ShadowClan camp, and while Tawnypelt considers it possible, says the final decision is for Blackstar to make. The group decides to rest for the night, grabbing a quick drink downslope. Mistyfoot asks if they want to hunt tonight or the next day, and Squirrelflight replies with tomorrow, feeling tired. Once the group is done lapping up the water, they sleep for the night, and Brambleclaw wonders where ThunderClan's home will lie.





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