"This feels way harder than anything we had to do on the journey." […] "All that way—all the danger we faced getting here, the times we nearly didn't make it—and now we have to decide where the Clan is going to make its new home. It doesn't feel as if StarClan to lead us straight to a nice, safe camp. What if we make the wrong decision?"
Squirrelflight to Brambleclaw in Starlight, pages 80-81

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Chapter Number: 4 (of 23)
Page Numbers: 73-102

Chapter description

The next morning, the patrol continues its journey back to the lake, crossing the hostile kittypets' scent markings. Relieved that the kittypets are gone, Brambleclaw soon catches their trail. A cold blast of wind blasts the cats, and Brambleclaw can see the island in the distance. He advises the group to stay under cover and not near the shore, and is alerted to a squirrel by Crowfeather, who easily catches it. As they eat, Brambleclaw wishes to keep moving, urging this thought as soon as they are done. He is excited at the prospect of finding a new home for ThunderClan, yet worried as well, and he confides to Tawnypelt.
The group finds a wide path, and Crowfeather notes that horses were here. Mistyfoot happens to notice a Twoleg object on a tree, which Brambleclaw believes is a scent marking territories. The patrol continues along, with Brambleclaw thinking about how he wasn't scared of Twolegs until they destroyed the forest territories and trapped Clan cats. They soon reach a forest that showers pine needles down on them, but that soon fades to a grassland with a faded path. Brambleclaw points out another halfbridge, and the patrol continues crossing through the exposed land, about to enter the last part of trees.
Brambleclaw knows that this is their last chance to find ThunderClan a new home. He picks up the sound of a fast-flowing stream, and upon encountering it, Tawnypelt says that they'll have to wade through it. She enters, hissing because of how cold the water is. Mistyfoot warns the group about deeper parts of the stream, and the others enter, heeding her advice while following Tawnypelt. Mistyfoot helps Squirrelflight cross, and soon, Brambleclaw reaches dry ground and scrambles to a patch of trees for shelter. However, the ground is wet and the rain continues to pour, making for an unpleasant place to rest. Upon noticing the different trees, his hopes for ThunderClan's new home begin to lift, but doubt pricks him because of the apparent Twoleg activity nearby.
Mistyfoot and Squirrelflight join him, examining the area, and Mistyfoot suggests to find a dry place to rest. Most of the patrol agrees, and they walk into the forest, soon encountering an oak tree that provides shelter with its roots. As Brambleclaw licks water droplets off Squirrelflight's fur, she comments that this feels harder than the journey, wondering if they'll make the wrong decision. She points out to him that these trees provide no cover for ThunderClan, to which he mentions the Twolegs, and Tawnypelt tensely replies that they aren't an issue now. Squirrelflight says that they need to find a home, with Brambleclaw still grooming her, and she yawns while complaining about the rain.
Soon, the rain almost completely stops, with the weather conditions improving as well. The cats exit the roots and enter daylight, where they then hunt. Brambleclaw sniffs around the uneven ground, failing to scent anything when he suddenly hears a rustle. Squirrelflight hears it too and starts chasing after the animal; Brambleclaw and Crowfeather are frustrated that she didn't keep quiet. However, much to their shock, Squirrelflight vanishes, and Brambleclaw starts digging through the thorn bushes to find her. She calls up to him from below, and he looks down, finding what appears to be a cliff face. He warns the others to stay behind him, and he peers over, preparing for the worst.
Instead, Brambleclaw finds Squirrelflight is okay, albeit covered in thorns. Squirrelflight exclaims that she's found something amazing, urging Brambleclaw to come down, and he explains to the rest of the group what's going on. The dark brown tabby then heads down, finding the cliff to be easier than originally thought, but in the process slightly dishelving himself. Following Squirrelflight's gaze, he finds the bottom of the cliff to be a grassy area surrounded by low stone walls, and she declares that this will be ThunderClan's new camp. Brambleclaw looks around, finding clumps of brambles and potentially cave entrances, and despite getting Squirrelflight's point, is uncertain.
He points out that the walls look like they were carved by Twolegs, but Squirrelflight mentions that the bushes grew naturally and there is no stench of Twolegs. He realizes that she is right, pondering how ThunderClan can make this place feel like home, and he says that it might work. He admits that he doesn't know what it would look like to defend on one side, and as Squirrelflight sniffs around the grass, Brambleclaw feels homesickness hit him. He misses the old camp and lying in the warriors' den while the apprentices play-fought. The memories pain him, and he limps over to Squirrelflight, who asks if he's doing fine. Upon learning that a thorn is caught in his pads, she plucks it out, asking if he likes it here.
Brambleclaw replies that he just wants a home like their previous one, and Squirrelflight understands, saying that while they miss their old camp, they can make the new one work just as well. Both of them share tongues, and Crowfeather joins, dropping a vole at their feet while wondering what's taking them so long. Squirrelflight inquires for his opinion of the new camp, and the gray-black tom responds that it's fine. Brambleclaw thinks about the forest and the possible chance of all the Clans finding new homes, and Mistyfoot and Tawnypelt join them, remarking about the shelter and long-dead Twoleg activity. Brambleclaw thinks about the Twolegs destroying their old home, but knows ThunderClan will be fools if they don't take this camp.
Snapping out of his thoughts, he suggests to the group to head up the slope to get a better view of the lake. Squirrelflight asks if they'll return here, and Brambleclaw says they will as Crowfeather urges the group to keep moving. He turns around to glance back at the sheltered hollow, pondering how ThunderClan will settle there, as the rocks feel unwelcoming to him. As the group contines up the grassy slope, the amount of trees dwindle, and the terrain changes to moorland. Crowfeather is excited by this, and Squirrelflight teases him by stating that they should regroup with the others. However, Brambleclaw points out that it actually is getting dark, and that Tallstar can send a patrol tomorrow. Crowfeather, despite hesitating at first, eventually agrees, with a not-so-sorry look in his eyes.
Brambleclaw feels for Crowfeather, knowing he'll be one of the first to set up the new borders. The group climbs up the slope, encountering intersecting streams with stepping stones. There is also a naturally formed hollow with boulders and shrubs providing shelter. Brambleclaw questions if this could suit WindClan, and Crowfeather eagerly thinks so, requesting to stay behind to check it out, knowing that he'll be safe. The others don't argue and head down the hill, where Mistyfoot joins them, and Brambleclaw realizes that he should've talked with her before letting Crowfeather go off alone. Despite his thought, she isn't mad, instead claiming that being born a leader is something he should be happy about.
Brambleclaw is pleased at Mistyfoot's words, wondering if she feels the same way about Hawkfrost. Suddenly, a powerful wind gust blasts the group, bringing horse scent with it. The group sees the copse where the other Clans are waiting, striding foward, finding it easier to travel on moorland ground. The sun sets as a happy Crowfeather returns, satisfied about WindClan's possible new camp. They pass by the edge of the lake and the horseplace, greeting Hawkfrost, who reveals that the others are waiting for them. As they are led back, Brambleclaw compares and contrasts himself and his half-brother, wondering what traits they inherited from their father. They arrive at the trees near the horseplace, where Blackstar calls a Clan meeting, making all cats gather around.
Firestar greets the patrol, asking for Mistyfoot to join the leaders on the stump, but she surprisingly refuses in favor of Brambleclaw. At once, he jumps up onto the stump and squeezes his way in between the other leaders, thinking about what it feels like to be a Clan leader. Dustpelt urges the dark brown tabby to start speaking, and Brambleclaw thinks about destruction and the events leading up to now, but stops, knowing that the Clans don't want to hear about that. With a breath, he announces that the patrol found territory for all Clans, plentiful prey, and Mistyfoot adds lack of general Twoleg activity. Some nervously glance at each other, and Brambleclaw concludes his speech, with Blackstar and Firestar agreeing to set borders once the territories become more well known.
Brambleclaw feels helpless around the other Clan leaders, and sees Hawkfrost approaching him, preparing for a sharp remark. Instead, he nicely states that he wished he could hunt with his half-brother, and Brambleclaw wonders what he's trying to get at. Squirrelflight calls him away, furious that he is talking with Hawkfrost when he has too much ambition and can't be trusted. Despite her evidence, Brambleclaw refuses to believe it, thinking that the dark brown tabby is just overly dedicated to RiverClan. Squirrelflight continues, recalling that Leafpaw feels the same way, but Brambleclaw snaps back that it's because Hawkfrost is his half-brother and Leafpaw is Squirrelflight's sister. Angered at her remarks, he demands if she's accusing him because of his heritage, but she hisses with rage that he doesn't know her at all. Brambleclaw looks at her as she stalks away, disappointed, wondering if she doesn't trust him and Hawkfrost.





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