"I have come here every day to watch the Twolegs destroy our territory. Tail-length by tail-length, they have taken our trees, our prey, and our shelter. And worst of all, they have taken our hope."
— Starlingfeather in Cloudstar's Journey, chapter 10

Starlingfeather is a dark brown tom[2] with rheumy[4] amber eyes.[2]


In the Super Editions

Firestar's Quest

Starlingfeather is an elder of ancient SkyClan. Although unnamed, he arrives at a Gathering with Hawksnow and the rest of SkyClan. It is described that some of the elders are limping while one of them leans on a warrior.

In the Novellas

Cloudstar's Journey

Starlingfeather is an elder of SkyClan. He is a retired SkyClan cat, and now spends his time with Petalfall and Hawksnow, two other Clan elders.
When Petalfall refuses to eat her fresh-kill, Starlingfeather tries to encourage his denmate, and gently escorts her back to her den, as to not distract his leader by making him fuss over the former SkyClan deputy.
After Petalfall passes away with Fawnstep, Starlingfeather, and Hawksnow watching over her, the brown elder is distressed, and mourns the loss of his Clanmate. Both he and Hawksnow are the ones to carry out Petalfall's body from the medicine den, and their medicine cat, Fawnstep, explains that they will sit vigil for their deceased Clanmate.
When Cloudstar leaves camp, he runs into Starlingfeather, who says that he comes to the clearing to observe the Twolegs and see what they've done to SkyClan's territory. The elder wonders if StarClan would even recognize their old home, and Cloudstar says that they must fight for their territory. Starlingfeather has a different view, however, and says that there is nobility in pursing a path that does not result in battle, but instead seeks another path.
Starlingfeather and Hawksnow are seen at the Gathering when Cloudstar chooses to leave the forest. Their arrival does not come with approval, however, as some of the elders from other Clans hissed their disapproval, and expected the elders to be left to rest after their moons of service.

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"Petalfall, are you refusing to eat again? I heard what happened at the border. Sounds like Cloudstar has enough to sort out without you making a fuss about food. Now get in here and stop distracting him."
—Starlingfeather to Petalfall Cloudstar's Journey, page Chapter 4

"A soft keening sound came from Fawnstep's den; it was Starlingfeather and Hawksnow, mourning their denmate."
—Narrator Cloudstar's Journey, page Chapter 6

"Cloudstar, look at what lies around you. There can be nobility in admitting defeat and seeking another path. You have always led this Clan well, and that will not change, even though everything else might."
—Starlingfeather to Cloudstar when discussing fighting the Twolegs Cloudstar's Journey, page Chapter 10

"Next came Starlingfeather and Hawksnow, looking far too frail to be at a Gathering. Cloudstar heard hisses of disapproval from elders belonging to the other Clans; they all expected to be left in peace once they reached such a great age."
—Narrator Cloudstar's Journey, page Chapter 10

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