"We have to do something! StarClan can't really want us to turn our backs on one another. If Bramblestar wants to banish cats, I say we should banish him!"
— Stemleaf at the secret meeting in The Silent Thaw, page 226

Stemleaf is a sleek,[4] white-and-orange tom.[5]

Stemleaf is a ThunderClan warrior under Bramblestar's leadership in the lake territories. He was born as Stemkit to Thornclaw and Blossomfall alongside Plumstone, Eaglewing and Shellfur. He became an apprentice as Stempaw mentored by Rosepetal, and earned his warrior name of Stemleaf. Bristlepaw develops a crush on him, but he politely declines her request to be mates, as he was in love with Spotfur. When Bramblestar began punishing cats for breaking the warrior code, Stemleaf and Spotfur organized a secret meeting of cats against him.


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A Vision of Shadows

Stemkit is born to Thornclaw and Blossomfall alongside his siblings Plumkit, Eaglekit and Shellkit. He briefly shares the nursery with Snowbird and her kits, Conekit, Gullkit and Frondkit, and he and his siblings play frequently with Graystripe and Millie. He becomes an apprentice and is mentored by Rosepetal.

The Broken Code

"We have to have faith in our Clanmates. They’ll recognize the truth when they hear it, just like Squirrelflight did. And the more Clans that know the truth, the less power he’ll have."
—Stemleaf to Sneezecloud about Bramblestar's impostor The Silent Thaw, page 239
He is now a warrior named Stemleaf. He befriends Bristlepaw, his mentor's newest apprentice, and she mistakenly believes he has feelings for her. After her warrior ceremony, Bristlefrost confesses she wishes to be mates with him, but Stemleaf reveals he never knew about her feelings for him, only seeing her as a friend and also admitting that he likes Spotfur instead. After a few awkward interactions, the two rekindle their friendship and Bristlefrost grows to respect Spotfur.
He later becomes suspicious of the way Bramblestar is acting, and meets up with several other cats between the Clans to discuss how to deal with his leader, and later discovers that he is an impostor of the real Bramblestar.


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  • He is referred to as a senior warrior, though not being old enough to be called one.[7]

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Bristlefrost: "Stemleaf, I really—really—like you. I've always felt that we might be mates someday. And now that I'm a warrior, maybe this is the time for us to start thinking of each other in a new way?"
Stemleaf: "I'm sorry. I had no idea you felt like this, Bristlefrost. I like you a lot, but I always thought of you as a friend—a really good friend, almost like another littermate. I've never felt...that way about you."
Bristlefrost: "But now that you know how I you think that in time, Stemleaf, you might feel the same way?"
Stemleaf: "I don't think so. Actually...I like another cat. I'm so sorry, Bristlefrost."
—Stemleaf rejecting Bristlefrost Lost Stars, page 141

Bristlefrost: "Not just that. It's lots of things. I never realized how much we break the code without thinking. Every cat has to obey orders."
Stemleaf: "And you're going to make sure that we do?"
Bristlefrost: "I'm just trying to stop you from getting into trouble like Spotfur. You don't want Bramblestar to stop your Clanmates from talking to you too."
Stemleaf: "You don't get it, do you? There's more at stake here than whether we're allowed to talk to each other. Something is very wrong. I always thought you were a good cat. Soon we're going to have to make choices. I just hope you'll be ready to make the right ones."
—Stemleaf challenging Bristlefrost's place The Silent Thaw, page 118

"Bramblestar is trying to make us act like Darktail's Kin. He wants us to turn on one another. But warriors aren’t cruel. They never have been. Bramblestar must have bees in his brain. We have to get rid of him before he spoils the Clans forever."
—Stemleaf comparing Bramblestar to Darktail The Silent Thaw, page 226

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