"It was my idea to train your cats to fight in a Twolegplace. We didn't come here to join your Clan. We came because we need your help."
— Stick asking for Leafstar's help to fight off Dodge's group in SkyClan's Destiny, page 390

Stick is a brown tom with yellow eyes.[7]

Stick is a rogue leader of his group that resided downstream in the Twolegplace near SkyClan's old territory. He and his former mate, Velvet had a daughter, Red, and later on, Stick guided Firestar through the Twolegplace, before SkyClan was reformed. Stick resented Red's relationship with Harley, a rogue from his rival group, and thought that Harley stole Red from him when she decided to join her mate. While tensions rise with Dodge, Stick and some of his cats sought help from SkyClan, but at first, they were made warriors by Leafstar; however, Stick revealed that he needed Leafstar's help, not to join SkyClan. During the battle with Dodge's rogues, Stick attacked Harley in anger, but Red leaped in the way and took the killing blow, which left Stick and Harley devastated by her death. Moons later, he helped lead Leafstar through the Twolegplace and still held a grudge against Harley.


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In the Super Editions

Stick: "I can see you haven't eaten for a long time. Have you come far?"
Firestar: "Far enough. My name is Firestar."
Stick: "I'm Stick, and she's Cora."
—Firestar and Stick's first meeting Firestar's Quest, page 158
In Firestar's Quest, when an exhausted and tired Firestar stumbles and gets lost in the Twolegplace, he meets Stick and Cora, two cats part of Stick's group. Firestar thinks that they could be rogues similar to BloodClan, but realizes that they are kind and sympathetic. Stick and Cora offer Firestar some shelter and prey before letting another cat, Shorty, take Firestar to find his mate, Sandstorm.
"Fear is your best weapon. Fear leaves you hollow, paralyzed, unable to think."
―Stick to SkyClan SkyClan's Destiny, page 268
In SkyClan's Destiny, Stick worries over Dodge and his group as they start causing trouble again in the alley, which causes Stick to become more overprotective of his daughter, Red. He becomes more fearful and angry towards Dodge and his lot, wanting to fight them, but realizes that he and his group doesn't have enough strength to beat them. Stick grows paranoid of his daughter's disappearances and realizes that she is with Harley, one of Dodge's members. After another argument with Red, he disowns her, handing her to Harley. With Shorty's advice, he goes to his former mate, Velvet, but Velvet tells him that Red has feelings for Harley, not that she has betrayed his group. Shorty then suggests asking the cats from the forest downriver for help fighting with Dodge, to which Stick agrees.
Instead of finding Firestar, Stick, Cora, Shorty, and Coal meet SkyClan and their leader, Leafstar. At first, the four cats become visitors for SkyClan, learning the ways of Clan life and help with fighting off rats. Stick teaches them the way of fighting in the Twolegplace, and afterwards, Leafstar makes the four cats warriors, but Stick and the others refuse to have warrior names. However, with some pressuring from Cora and Shorty, Stick reveals to Leafstar that they have come to ask for help, not to join SkyClan. Though reluctant to help fight, Leafstar is convinced by her deputy, Sharpclaw, and SkyClan accompanies Stick's group to the Twolegplace. While fighting Dodge, Stick faces Harley and Red in the midst of battle, but his anger overfills him, and he attacks Harley, but Red jumps in the way of her mate, taking the killing blow. Stick is devastated over his daughter's death, and Leafstar calls the battle to an end, demanding both groups to respect each other's side of the Twolegplace.
Harley: "I give you my word that none of you will be harmed until after the meeting is over."
Stick: "And what is your word worth?"
Harley: "That's not your affair. I'm not offering it to you. If you or any of your cats set paw in Dodge's territory, you can expect trouble."
Stick: "Like I don't know that!"
—Harley meeting Stick in the Twolegplace Hawkwing's Journey, pages 252-253
In Hawkwing's Journey, a driven out SkyClan goes to the Twolegplace and reunites with Shorty and the rest of Stick's group. Though happy to see each other and horrid of the story behind it, Stick offers them a night to rest. When Dodge kidnaps a SkyClan apprentice, Curlypaw, Stick annoyingly tells them that it is no use to get her back, but Shorty defends SkyClan and reprimands Stick, reciting all of what SkyClan has done for them. Stick leads SkyClan to where Dodge is, but instead, they meet Harley, who Stick still has a grudge against because of their previous experiences. When Harley promises no fighting, Stick doesn't believe him, thinking that his word is worth nothing. As Harley leads SkyClan away, Stick goes back to his own group.

Detailed description

Stick is a tall and long-legged,[8] scrawny brown tom with a torn ear.[9] He has a scraped,[8] ragged pelt,[10] and yellow eyes.[7]

Character pixels

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Killed victims

This list shows the victims Stick has killed:


Stick's warrior ceremony
Leafstar: Stick, StarClan honors your courage and skill, and we welcome you as a full member of SkyClan.
Everyone: Stick! Cora! Coal! Shorty!
Reference: SkyClan's Destiny, pages 214

Personality and Relationships

Stick is a loyal cat, who cares deeply for those within his group; however, he lets his anger get the best of him, especially when it becomes personal, though he lets it show too much. Stick is overprotective of his daughter, Red, and holds resentment of Harley, who is also part of his main rival's group. For more of Stick's personality and relationships, click here!



Former mate:

Velvet:[12] Living (As of SkyClan's Destiny)


Red:[13] Deceased, residence unknown


Stick ♂Velvet ♀
Red ♀Harley ♂

    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown





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