Stoats are small mammals of the family Mustelidae.


Stoats are small mammals with long, thin bodies, short legs, small ears, narrow snouts, and thick fur. Their fur is brown, but changes to white in the winter. They are almost identical to weasels, distinguished only by their larger size and longer tail with a prominent black tip. The stoats in Crowfeather's Trial are described by the cats as pure white except for their black-tipped tails.
Stoats are opportunistic predators, hunting animals such as mice, voles, shrews, birds, insects and even rabbits. They move very quickly and have excellent sight and smell. The stoat is territorial and will be aggressive towards other stoats or animals near its den.

Relation to cats

Stoats are scarcely seen in the Warriors series, but in Crowfeather's Trial they were highly significant and wrecked havoc on WindClan. The stoats lived in the tunnels beneath WindClan territory and attacked any cat that entered the tunnels, with the intent to kill. These creatures are considered an enemy to the Clans.


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