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"I don't think we should hunt along that border from now on. The yellow monsters seemed much closer today, and it could be dangerous."
— Stoatfur to Cloudstar in Cloudstar's Journey, chapter 1

Stoatfur is an orange-and-white tom.[2]


In the Novellas

Cloudstar's Journey

Stoatfur: "Don’t you think you should have told Redstar the truth? That our border has been destroyed, and we have lost territory?"
Cloudstar: "Have moths got into your brain? Why would I let ThunderClan know there is anything wrong?"
Stoatfur: "Because if the Twolegs destroy much more of the forest, we might need ThunderClan’s help."
Cloudstar: "[…] SkyClan will fight its own battles."
Stoatfur: "What about the territory that used to belong to us? If we lose much more from the far side of our hunting grounds, we should ask ThunderClan to give it back."
—Stoatfur wondering if ThunderClan could help SkyClan Cloudstar's Journey, page chapter 5
Stoatfur is an ancient SkyClan warrior. He quietly stepping up to Cloudstar to tell him something, and is noted to have been on Fernpelt's patrol. He tells Cloudstar that he doesn't think they should hunt along the one border, since the yellow monsters seem much closer. Cloudstar disagrees with the warrior and tries to convince Fernpelt's patrol that they just had some bad luck that day.
After the tree falls, SkyClan is afraid. Cloudstar is sure that StarClan will protect them, but Stoatfur demands to know if he is sure, while helping his apprentice, Tansypaw, wait for her poultice to dry. Stoatfur asks Cloudstar why they didn't protect them before. Cloudstar tries to convince Stoatfur to have faith. Later, when the Clan is talking about prey, Mousefang meows that they could still go to the old border, but Stoatfur makes a sarcastic remark about how tasty the prey is, flinging a squashed, shriveled-up worm towards his Clanmate, adding that even the prey has enough sense to leave. Cloudstar tries to get the Clan to believe that they won't leave after this.
Stoatfur prods Cloudstar awake to take part in a border patrol because the apprentices are gone. Cloudstar lets Stoatfur lead the patrol with Quailheart and Rainleap in tow. Stoatfur offers tasks of scenting landmarks in the territory to the other members of the patrol. They are scenting the marks when Redstar appears and questions the SkyClan patrol. After Redstar leaves, the patrol talks about what they would do if the Twolegs continue to destroy the territory. Stoatfur sounds especially worried.
Later, Buzzardtail sends Stoatfur, along with Weaselwhisker, Fernpelt, and Acornpaw to hunt by the river, but Cloudstar interrupts and makes them do battle training instead.

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"Are you sure? Did you see them fighting the Twolegs and their yellow monsters? Did they catch you as the tree fell?"
―Stoatfur questioning Cloudstar about StarClan Cloudstar's Journey, page Chapter 4

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