Stone is a burly brown tom.[1]


In the Dawn of the Clans arc

Path of Stars

Stone is one of the rogues living in Slash's camp. Thunder witnesses Stone leaping out of the reeds to help fight the dogs attacking Slash's camp. He slashes at a black dog's muzzle as he leaps past, and once he finds his footing again, aims a vicious blow at its snout. Falling in with Frog and Beech the three lash at the dog's jaws together. While temporarily distracted having to help Fern fight another dog, Thunder turns back to see how they are doing with the black dog. He sees a lump of brown fur lying motionless on the ground, with blood splattered around and oozing from him. After all the dogs are driven off, Swallow pads up to his body and sniffs it, bleakly meowing to Slash that Stone is dead. Thunder is furious and tells Slash that he needs to look after his campmates, since two are dead and the rest are injured.
The rogue cats say goodbye to him and Beech, before burying their bodies in the marsh so no fox could ever dig them up.



  • Despite appearing in Path of Stars, Stone is not listed in the allegiances.[3]

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