"I wouldn't want to set off all on my own. You're a brave cat."
— Stone Song to Gray Wing in The Sun Trail, page 63

Stone Song is a dark gray tabby tom.[1]


In the Dawn of the Clans arc

The Sun Trail

Stone Song is shown padding by Gray Wing along with his mate, Hollow Tree. He asks her if some of the Tribe was really going to leave, and she thinks so, stating that they were flea-brained for not knowing about what was out there, or whether the place they were looking for even existed.
Gray Wing later says that they couldn't stand there all day, and adds that Stone Song, along with Twisted Branch and Dewy Leaf should hunt while it was still day. Stone Song later returns to the path behind the waterfall with a mouse he had caught. He, along with Hollow Tree, agree to hunt the following day, and he suggests that they take turns, so that every cat would keep their hunting skills sharp, and that nobody would have to go out every day. Stoneteller remarks that it was a good idea, nodding in approval, and asks him if he would like to arrange it, which he replies he'd be glad to.
The next day, Stone Song stands over Gray Wing, and asks him if it was okay to hunt. He states that he was arranging the new plan that day, and that he, along with Quiet Rain and Hollow Tree, were to go out. He adds that he wants to find out if four cats hunting every day was enough, which Gray Wing agrees to. Stone Song is later spotted by Gray Wing, climbing the opposite slope along with Hollow Tree. Stone Song is later shown complimenting Gray Wing before he goes off to find Jagged Peak. He states that he wouldn't want to set off all on his own, and adds that Gray Wing was a brave cat.




Hollow Tree:[2] Living (As of The Sun Trail)


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