"Stoneclaw stood up, his ears pricked. What was that? A rustle in the gorse. A whisper of paws in the grass. A gleam of eyes in the darkness. What was that beyond the bushes? Should he sound the alarm? Too late! A shadow appeared before him, and sharp claws slashed his throat."
— Narrator in Secrets of the Clans, page 31

Stoneclaw is a tom[1] with an unknown description.


In the Field Guides

Secrets of the Clans

He and his sister, Thrushwing, are new warriors sitting on their vigil, guarding the camp. Stoneclaw hears rustling coming from the gorse, which turns out to be ShadowClan warriors in the camp who want to drive WindClan out of their territory. Before Stoneclaw can sound the alarm to his Clan, a ShadowClan cat leaps out and slices his throat. Thrushwing, devastated, watches her brother's body fall, and cries out the alarm. His Clan tries to fend off ShadowClan, but is forced to flee, as Tallstar believes they would be destroyed if they stayed. Thrushwing fights fiercely and bravely in memory of Stoneclaw.




Thrushwing:[1] Living (As of Secrets of the Clans)

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