"It's a sign from StarClan. StarClan is telling us that even when Clans are close together, they are separate, far enough apart for a tree to fall without touching them. Borders may be invisible and thin as a whisker, but they are strong as oak, and they cannot be crossed. Not for friendship, not for prey, not for anything."
— Stonestar on the strength of Clan borders in Code of the Clans, page 22-23

Stonestar is a big gray tom.[1]


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Code of the Clans

As WindClan's deputy under the leadership of Duststar, Stonetail is the head of the attack on RiverClan, attempting to prove that WindClan are strong enough to catch their own prey, and do not want or need RiverClan's fish in order to survive. The battle turns sour once RiverClan brings reinforcements, and they refuse to let WindClan flee when Stonetail gives the call to stand down. In response to this, the WindClan deputy tells the RiverClan cats that he and his warriors will fight as long as they have to. This battle over prey brings the death of one of Stonetail's Clanmates, Ryewhisker.
Later, Stonetail becomes leader of WindClan, and has a new name, Stonestar. He is at a Gathering when ShadowClan complains about their lack of prey, and he comments that no Clan has prey to spare during leaf-bare. During the debate, a tree branch falls during the Gathering, directly landing on the quarreling ThunderClan and ShadowClan cats. He calls out to his deputy, Mudpuddle, to know if WindClan is all right, and they are. When it is told that no cat from any Clan has been injured, miraculously, he is the one to claim it is a sign from StarClan, that the Clans should not cross each others borders for any reason. He convinces Brindlestar to make her cats hunt in their own territory, which she agrees to. All the leaders agree that a new rule should be added to the code, saying that cats from other Clans should not hunt or trespass on the territory of the other Clans.

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Mudpuddle Code of the Clans Code of the Clans



"We’ll continue to fight if we have to. Is that what you want?"
—Stonetail to a RiverClan cat Code of the Clans, page 14

"ShadowClan should keep to its own prey. No Clan has prey to spare, especially not during leaf-bare."
—Stonestar to ShadowClan Code of the Clans, page 20

"Find food in your territory. Use the skills that only you and your Clanmates have-cunning, stealth, the ability to walk through the darkest nights. The prey is there, and you're the only one that can find it."
—Stonestar to Brindlestar Code of the Clans, page 23

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