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"I was a half-Clan cat. A paw in RiverClan, a paw in ThunderClan, and never quite accepted in either. Life is simpler here, without all the Clan rivalries and distrust."
— Stormfur to Tawnypelt about why he prefers the Tribe in Tawnypelt's Clan, page 168

Stormfur is a large,[16] muscular,[17] long-haired[18] dark gray tom with amber eyes.[10] He has a broad head[19] and shoulders,[20] thick, sleek fur,[21] with hints of silver on his muzzle.[22]

Stormfur is a cave-guard of the Tribe of Rushing Water. Stormkit was born to Graystripe of ThunderClan and Silverstream of RiverClan alongside his sister, Featherkit. However, his mother died during the kitting, and after being temporarily fostered by Goldenflower in ThunderClan, Graystripe took his kits to RiverClan where they were fostered by Mosspelt. Stormpaw was mentored by the RiverClan deputy, Stonefur; however, he, Stonefur, Featherpaw, and Mistyfoot were held prisoner in TigerClan under Tigerstar for being half-Clan. After Stonefur's death, Stormpaw escaped to ThunderClan and was temporarily mentored by Graystripe. He fought in the battle against BloodClan before returning to RiverClan.

As a warrior, Stormfur took part on the journey to the sun-drown-place during which he met the Tribe, who believed him to be prophesied to defeat Sharptooth. However, Feathertail was the true cat of the prophecy and died fulfilling it. During the Great Journey, Stormfur decided to stay with the Tribe and Brook, whom he had fallen in love with. However, after failing to drive out invading rogues, he and Brook were exiled and joined RiverClan. After being exiled from RiverClan due to Hawkfrost's schemes, he and Brook joined ThunderClan before returning to the mountains. He and Brook became parents to Lark and Pine and later had a second litter of Breeze and Feather, where he later briefly reunited with his father during Graystripe's travel to the forest territories.


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The Prophecies Begin

"We'll fight him. I won't let him kill us."
―Stormpaw comforting his sister The Darkest Hour, page 169
Stormkit is born to Silverstream of RiverClan and Graystripe of ThunderClan, along with his sister, Featherkit. His mother dies to blood loss during her kitting, and Graystripe joins his kits in RiverClan, but eventually rejoins ThunderClan after being exiled by Leopardstar. Later, Stormpaw becomes an apprentice mentored by Stonefur. When RiverClan and ShadowClan merge into TigerClan under Tigerstar's leadership, Stormpaw and the other half-Clan cats are kept prisoner, and Stonefur is killed protecting him and Featherpaw. Graystripe and his friends rescue Stormpaw, Featherpaw, and Mistyfoot and harbor them in ThunderClan until Tigerstar is defeated. During the battle against BloodClan, he helps kill Bone, and is able to rejoin RiverClan after their victory.

The New Prophecy

"[Brook] would be lost without the mountains. But I know that I can live here. There’s water here—noisier than the river—but it’s still water. There's plenty of fresh-kill, now that I know how to hunt like the Tribe. And my sister's spirit is here...All the Clans have lost their homes, but I feel like I have lost more than any cat. This is the first time in many moons that I feel as if I have actually found something."
―Stormfur to Squirrelpaw about staying with the Tribe Dawn, pages 321-322
He has become a warrior named Stormfur. Feathertail, along with Brambleclaw, Tawnypelt, and Crowpaw receive a message from StarClan. Stormfur joins them on their journey to the sun-drown-place, protective of his sister. Upon reaching their destination, they learn that Twolegs are destroying the forest and the Clans must find a new home. Stormfur disapproves of Feathertail's feelings for Crowpaw, a WindClan apprentice, even as he crushes on Squirrelpaw throughout the journey.
They cut through the mountains on their way back home, where they meet the Tribe of Rushing Water. The Tribe is being hunted by Sharptooth and believes Stormfur to be the cat who will save them. They keep Stormfur prisoner in hopes he will destroy Sharptooth; however, the cat actually turns out to be Feathertail, who gives her life to save the Tribe. Stormfur returns to the forest with the others and informs their father of Feathertail's sacrifice.
During the Great Journey, Stormfur joins the Tribe, becoming a cave-guard and taking Brook as a mate. Stormfur and Brook eventually return to the Clans after being exiled and live with RiverClan for a short time. However, Hawkfrost fears Stormfur may become deputy and has Mothwing make up an omen to have him and Brook exiled. Afterward, Firestar welcomes them into ThunderClan.

Power of Three

"The mountain breeze stirs his heart as well as his pelt."
―Jaypaw's thoughts on Stormfur Eclipse, page 21
Stormfur is reunited with his father when Graystripe returns to the Clans. He meets Millie, his father's new mate, and supports her decision to keep her kittypet name. Stormfur also bonds with Lionpaw and tells him stories about the journey to the sun-drown-place with Lionpaw's parents. Talon and Night arrive in ThunderClan to ask Stormfur to return to help fight rogues in the mountains. Stoneteller is not pleased his cats asked Stormfur and Brook for help, especially since Stormfur's last plan failed. Eventually, Stoneteller accepts Stormfur's help, and he and the other Clan cats teach the Tribe how to fight. After successfully beating Stripes and his rogues, Stormfur and Brook are welcomed back into the Tribe.

Omen of the Stars

Moons later, Stormfur and Brook have two kits, Pine and Lark. He greets the Clan cats when they visit the mountains again and learns about Leopardstar's death. Stormfur also notes Stoneteller, who is growing old and frail, has not chosen a successor and the Tribe is very concerned about the future. Crag, one of Brook's brothers, is chosen as the new Teller of the Pointed Stones.

Super Editions

"The pain and confusion Graystripe had felt during the argument with his son began to fade, until all that was left was a feeling of peace with his decision: that he truly belonged in ThunderClan, and that Stormfur understood why he had decided to go home. […] But at the same time, he was grief-stricken at the thought of being separated from his son forever. He remembered how he had been brooding over the little time he had left; he'd already said good-bye to one old friend for what he knew was the last time, and now he realized that this could well be the last time he ever saw Stormfur, too."
―Graystripe's thoughts on Stormfur Graystripe's Vow, page 426
In Graystripe's Vow, Graystripe visits the tribe with Flipclaw and reunites with his eldest surviving kit. Stormfur is overjoyed to see his father again, and he introduces Graystripe to his grandchildren. When Graystripe announces his intention to go to the old forest, Stormfur is hurt and angry, but knows he is not changing his father's mind. He asks Graystripe to consider settling down in the Tribe when he comes back, and Graystripe says he'll think about it.
When Graystripe returns to the Tribe some time later, Stormfur welcomes him and asks again if he'll considering staying in the Tribe. Graystripe denies the offer, saying his place is in ThunderClan. Stormfur is against Graystripe returning to the Clans, citing that all they do is fight and argue. Graystripe reminds his son that Stormfur was a Clan cat. Stormfur begins to realize why his father intends to return, and although does not agree, wishes him well. Graystripe reflects that it will be likely his last interaction with Stormfur, and is glad their last memory together is a happy one.


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"I forgave Stoneteller for that long ago, and we were friends before he died. This place has been home in a way the Clans never were for me."
―Stormfur to Tawnypelt Tawnypelt's Clan, page 168
In Tawnypelt's Clan, he and Brook have another litter of kits, Breeze and Feather. Pine and Lark are now cave-guards. He greets Tawnypelt when she arrives in the mountains and helps to evacuate the Tribe when a tree threatens to destroy the cave.

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Killed victims

This list shows the victims Stormfur has killed:

  • Bone[23] (Along with Bramblepaw, Tawnypaw, Ashpaw, and Featherpaw)


Stormpaw's apprentice ceremony
Leopardstar: Stormkit. [...] You have reached six moons, and you will be known as Stormpaw. Your mentor will be Stonefur. You are one of our Clan's strongest and most skillful warriors. I expect you to pass on your skills to Stormpaw and train him to become as formidable a fighter and hunter as you are.
Everyone: Stormpaw! Featherpaw!
Reference: Leopardstar's Honor, pages 453-454

Stormfur's warrior ceremony
Leopardstar: Stormpaw, do you promise to uphold the warrior code and protect and defend your Clan...
Leopardstar: Stormpaw, from this moment you will be known as Stormfur. StarClan honors your strength and loyalty, and we welcome you as a full warrior of RiverClan!
Everyone: Feathertail! Stormfur!
Reference: A Shadow in RiverClan, pages 11-12


Stormfur's parents are Silverstream and Graystripe, and his sister is Feathertail. He is the mate of Brook, and his kits are Pine, Lark, Breeze, and Feather. For more of Stormfur's family, click here!



Interesting facts


  • Stormfur has mistakenly been called silver[16] and has been described with blue eyes.[31][32]
  • Stormfur has mistakenly been called a prey-hunter.[33][34]
  • Stormfur has mistakenly been called "Sormfur",[35] and "Stonefur."[36]
  • In The Ultimate Guide, Mistystar was accidentally said to be Stormfur's mentor.[37]


Brook: "I...I hope you'll be happy here. This must be very different from what you're used to. Do you have caves for sleeping in your forest?"
Stormfur: "No, we sleep in nests of reeds and bushes. RiverClan's camp—that's my Clan—is on an island."
Brook: "Are you a cave-guard or—No, of course not, if you have no caves there will be no cave-guards. Do you guard your camp, or are you a prey-hunter?"
Stormfur: "Our Clans don't work like that. We all guard and hunt and patrol."
Brook: "That must be hard. We are born to our duties, so we know exactly what we have to do. I am a prey-hunter. If Stoneteller allows it, perhaps you would like to hunt with me tomorrow? [...] You're tired; I'll leave you alone now. Sleep well. I hope we will hunt together soon."
—Brook and Stormfur Moonrise, page chapter 11

"Stormfur's eyes stretched wide with admiration at Brook’s hunting skills. What a warrior she would make, if she'd been forestborn! Briefly he imagined her in RiverClan, teaching them this new way of hunting, but he banished the picture almost at once. Brook belonged here in the mountains, and within the next day or two he would have to part from her. He felt a strange stab of regret at the thought and was surprised. How could he already feel attached to a cat he barely knew?"
―Stormfur's thoughts about Brook Moonrise, page chapter 11

"I don't know. At first I didn't see how I could be, but now...The first prophecy, the one from StarClan, matters more than anything to me. But I'm not one of the chosen. I can't help wondering whether I’m meant to do this instead. But I can't follow both prophecies. Which one of them is right?"
―Stormfur about the silver cat prophecy Moonrise, pages 237-238

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Stormfur: "I've decided to stay with the Tribe."
Squirrelpaw: "What?"
Stormfur: "I've lost Feathertail and Graystripe, and I never knew Silverstream. I have no kin left in the Clans. Even my mentor, Stonefur, is dead. Apart from Feathertail, he was the closest thing to kin that I had in RiverClan. I don't even have a home anymore. It feels as though everything has been stolen from me, one thing after another."
Squirrelpaw: "But what about your Clan? RiverClan needs you."
Stormfur: "RiverClan has good, strong warriors. Even Hawkfrost. RiverClan will be safe without me."
Squirrelpaw: "But this is such a different place. Once we've found our new home, you can start again..."
Stormfur: "Oh, Squirrelpaw, can't you understand? I love Brook, and I want to stay with her."
Squirrelpaw: "I thought you might ask her to join the Clans!"
Stormfur: "She would be lost without the mountains. But I know that I can live here. There's water here—noisier than the river—but it’s still water. There's plenty of fresh-kill, now that I know how to hunt like the Tribe. And my sister's spirit is here...All the Clans have lost their homes, but I feel like I have lost more than any cat. This is the first time in many moons that I feel as if I have actually found something."
Squirrelpaw: "There’s no need to say any more. I understand."
—Stormfur telling Squirrelpaw he's staying with the Tribe Dawn, pages 321-322

"I remember how hard it was for Graystripe to choose Silverstream over his Clan. But from that difficult choice, you and Feathertail were born. Without you both, everything would have been different for the Tribe and for the Clans. Feathertail killed Sharptooth, and you finished a difficult journey to bring StarClan's message back to us. No cat can question your loyalty and courage, nor criticize your choice, for as your father proved, great things come from listening to your heart."
―Firestar to Stormfur Dawn, pages 324-325

Stormfur: "Where Brook comes from, the cave-guards fight, and the prey-hunters feed the Tribe. Brook was a prey-hunter. She never had to fight until she came here."
Brook: "I'm doing my best to learn."
Stormfur: "You're doing fine. You’ll fight as well as any cat soon."
—Stormfur and Brook Sunset, page chapter 15

"We'll go. But it's RiverClan’s loss, not ours. This isn't the same Clan I once belonged to."
―Stormfur after he and Brook are exiled Sunset, page chapter 15

"I wish I could believe it. But I'll never be half the warrior my father was."
―Stormfur to Firestar comparing himself to Graystripe Sunset, page 251

"I'm a RiverClan cat at heart...That's where I grew up and where I became a warrior."
―Stormfur about what Clan he truly believes he's from Outcast, page 72

Lionpaw: "Good-bye, Stormfur. Show those invaders that a Clan cat is never beaten."
Stormfur: "Good-bye, Lionpaw. Remember that even though our experiences change us, we have to carry on."
—Lionpaw and Stormfur saying their goodbyes before Lionpaw departs from the mountains Eclipse, page 23

Tawnypelt: "Don't you miss the Clans?"
Stormfur: "Not really. It was an accident that I ever came here, but it was a lucky one. This is where I belong."
Tawnypelt: "But they made you leave."
Stormfur: "I forgave Stoneteller for that long ago, and we were friends before he died. This place has been home in a way the Clans never were for me."
Tawnypelt: "Why? You were born in RiverClan."
Stormfur: "I was a half-Clan cat. A paw in RiverClan, a paw in ThunderClan, and never quite accepted in either. Life is simpler here, without all the Clan rivalries and distrust. I mean, you're a half-Clan cat, too. Didn't you ever feel that way?"
Tawnypelt: "No. I chose ShadowClan. I knew it was my home."
—Tawnypelt and Stormfur Tawnypelt's Clan, pages 167-168

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