"That was Stormheart. And this is no dream. We have to fight."
Hawkwing to Sparrowpelt when Stormheart is attacked in Hawkwing's Journey, page 179

Stormheart is a gray-and-ginger she-cat[1] with amber eyes.[5]

Stormheart was a warrior of SkyClan under Leafstar’s leadership in the gorge. She was born as Stormkit to Leafstar and Billystorm along with her littermates, Harrykit and Firekit. She and her siblings were kidnapped by Sol in an attempt to get the Clan to accept him, but the plot was discovered by Shrewtooth, and Sol was banished. Stormkit became a warrior named Stormheart, and was killed when Darktail and his rogues drove SkyClan from the gorge.


In the Super Editions

Hawkwing's Journey

"Firefern, Stormheart, and Harrybrook, the kits of Leafstar and Billystorm, huddled together as if they were trying to find comfort in each other."
―Stormheart and her family after the death of Billystorm Hawkwing's Journey, page 97
When Stormheart's father, Billystorm, is killed by a badger, Hawkwing thinks how she and her siblings would be devastated at the news. She, Firefern, and Harrybrook huddle together during Leafstar's announcement of his death and the failure of the quest. At Sharpclaw's call for a meeting below the Rockpile, Hawkwing follows Stormheart and Rileypaw to meet the deputy.
When Darktail and his cats attack the gorge, Stormheart is guarding the camp. Hawkwing and Sparrowpelt hear her screech as the rogues stream into the camp, and Hawkwing darts off to her, knowing she is alone by the Rockpile, but as he runs down the trail, Stormheart lets out another abrupt shriek. As Hawkwing remembers his Clanmates who had died in the gorge battle, he reflects that Stormheart had almost certainly been killed at the very beginning of the attack, and Rileypaw later confirms this.

In the SkyClan and the Stranger arc

The Rescue

She is born to the SkyClan leader, Leafstar, and her mate, Billystorm, along with two siblings, though their parents agree to wait until the kits are older to name them. Shortly after her birth, Stormkit is discovered by an elderly Twoleg, causing her, her siblings, and her mother to be kidnapped. Leafstar fears that her kits will think they are kittypets when they open their eyes.
She contemplates naming them in the Twoleg nest, but decides against it, not wanting them to think they are kittypets. After a short time, Sharpclaw and a few other SkyClan cats try to rescue them, but fail. Fallowfern pretends to be hurt, and while the Twoleg is distracted, Leafstar and her kits escape with the help of Harry, the elderly Twoleg's kittypet. Leafstar and Billystorm name the kits Stormkit, Firekit, and Harrykit.

Beyond the Code

"Mama! Harrykit is going to bleed to death!"
―Stormkit to Leafstar after Harrykit is injured Beyond the Code, page 11
Stormkit is playing with Firekit and Harrykit until Harrykit hurts his nose and he begins to bleed. Stormkit yowls to her mother, Leafstar, that he's going to bleed to death and Leafstar comes over, licking Harrykit's nose until Sol comes around and puts moss on the wound. Leafstar is sad that as warriors, Stormkit and her siblings will have to go into battle, but knows that it's their destiny.
When foxes invade SkyClan's camp, Stormkit, Harrykit, and Firekit emerge from the nursery, and try to join the fight. Leafstar can't catch the kits as they begin to approach her, but Lichenfur, a SkyClan elder, stops them in time. Later, Leafstar thanks her for this, and tells her kits they'd be punished if they ever did something like that again.
Stormkit and her siblings are alarmed by the sound of the storm outside their den, and ask Leafstar what it was. Their mother and father comfort them, but they are forced to evacuate the den when Sharpclaw notices the gorge is beginning to flood. As huge waves crash through camp, Stormkit is carried to safety by Sharpclaw. She, Leafstar, Billystorm, Sharpclaw, and her siblings barely escape the floodwaters and reach safety.

After the Flood

"Mama! Mama! We can help! What can we do?"
―Stormkit offering to help the rebuilding After the Flood, page 13
While Leafstar is clearing away debris from the flood, Stormkit and her siblings ask if they can help. Leafstar tells them to take the soiled bedding out of her den. Harrykit fears there will be another flood, and stands on Stormkit's head to climb up a cliff. Clovertail asks for more paws to gather feathers for Tangle's nest, and Stormkit says she's great at getting feathers, but Harrykit and Firekit say they're both better.
When Billystorm, Harveymoon, and Shrewtooth find silverthorn, Billystorm warns his kits that they should never go near it. Leafstar leaves the kits with Clovertail to comfort Billystorm after he worries the gorge isn't safe enough for his kits. Later, the kits play with a bunch of moss in the leader's den. Firekit says they're pretending their Housefolk gave it to them, and Leafstar is shocked. Harrykit tells her that Billystorm said they could go and live with him and his Housefolk, as Billystorm said it wasn't safe for them to play in the gorge.
Leafstar scolds Billystorm and tells him to leave the Clan for suggesting their kits become kittypets. Afterward, the kits ask Leafstar when they're going to Twolegplace. Leafstar says they're not, and Stormkit complains along with her siblings. Stormkit wonders why Billystorm hasn't come back, and Harrykit suggests he stopped loving them. Leafstar reassures them that their father would never do such a thing.
Leafstar goes on a walk with Echosong, the Clan medicine cat, and tells the kits not to wander far. Harrykit pretends to be a flood, and Firekit and Stormkit run away from him playfully. Waspwhisker announces that the kits have gone missing, and after much searching, Leafstar sees Sol being stalked by Shrewtooth as he heads to a Twoleg nest. Shrewtooth finds Sol has the kits, and Leafstar joins him in attacking Sol. He is exiled, and Stormkit, Firekit, and Harrykit are returned to the gorge, happy that their parents have made amends.

In the Field Guides

The Ultimate Guide

Stormkit and her siblings, Firekit and Harrykit, are mentioned on their mother's page. They described to have been kidnapped along with their mother by an elderly Twoleg woman, causing their father, Billystorm, to rethink his position as a daylight-warrior. Although not mentioned by name, it is mentioned that Sol took Stormkit and her siblings far from the gorge to play the triumphant role of finding them in order to impress Leafstar. However, his plot was discovered and he was banished from SkyClan.

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Billystorm:[6] Deceased, verified StarClan member


Leafstar:[7] Living (As of The Place of No Stars)


Firefern:[1] Deceased, residence unknown


Harrybrook:[1] Living (As of The Place of No Stars)


Unnamed she-cat:[8] Deceased, verified StarClan member


Unnamed ♀
Leafstar ♀Billystorm ♂
Firefern ♀Stormheart ♀Harrybrook ♂

    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown



Interesting facts

  • She is named after Sandstorm, the prefix of her name being Sandstorm's suffix.[1]

Author statements

  • When asked what happened to Harrykit and Stormkit, Vicky stated that they are fine, splendid cats.[9] This is proven true when they appear as Harrybrook and Stormheart in Hawkwing's Journey.[4]


Leafstar: "By the way... I've thought of some names."
Billystorm: "Oh? What have you come up with?"
Leafstar: "I hope you like them... Firekit for our little ginger she-cat...and Stormkit for the gray and ginger she-cat. After Firestar and Sandstorm. And for the gray tom, Harrykit, after the cat who helped us escape from the Twoleg."
Billystorm: "I do like those."
—Leafstar and Billystorm naming their kits The Rescue, page 86

Harrykit: "Here we come, mama!"
Firekit: "We'll help you fight those mean foxes!"
Stormkit: "Just hold on!"
—Stormkit, Firekit and Harrykit to Leafstar during a fox fight Beyond the Code, page 50

Harrykit: "Billystorm says we can go live with him now! To keep us safe if there's another flood."
Firekit: "Yeah! He says the housefolks' den never floods!"
Stormkit: "Never ever!"
—Stormkit, Firekit, and Harrykit revealing Billystorm's plan After the Flood, page 34

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