"I know you do care. And I know you won't let your Clanmates down. You must go on hunting and fighting and living for your Clan."
— Stormtail to Bluefur after Snowfur's death in Bluestar's Prophecy, page 357

Stormtail is a dark[8] blue-gray tom with blue eyes.[3]

Stormtail was a warrior of ThunderClan in the forest territories under the leaderships of Doestar, Pinestar, and Sunstar. He was the mate of Moonflower and the father of Bluestar and Snowfur, though he held a distant relationship with his kits. As Stormpaw, he was mentored by Rooktail and quickly gained interest in Moonflower, then Moonkit, much to the displeasure of her brother, Goosefeather. However, as a warrior Stormtail was noted to be a highly respected member of his Clan.


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Super Editions

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"Bluepaw stared at her father, amazed. Was he proud of her? Had he been keeping an eye on her training after all? She longed for him to say more, but he turned his head and began washing his flank."
—Bluepaw's reaction to her father's praise Bluestar's Prophecy, page chapter 12
In Bluestar's Prophecy, he becomes the father to Bluekit and Snowkit. When Goosefeather interprets an omen of a WindClan threat, Stormtail pushes for battle. However, Moonflower is killed in the resulting raid, and Stormtail is unaware due to his preoccupation with Dappletail. While distant with his kits, he occasionally praises Bluefur and comforts her after Snowfur is killed on the Thunderpath. He becomes mentor to Brindlepaw, and moons later, is said to have died when the Clan ran out of prey.


Goosefeather: "Wait, it's not my fault the badger attacked me. It was Stormtail—"
Moonpaw: "Really? You're going to blame Stormtail for this? Who do you think found the patrol and told them what was happening?"
—Moonpaw revealing that Stormtail helped Goosefeather Goosefeather's Curse, page chapter 7
In Goosefeather's Curse, Stormpaw trains under the mentorship of Rooktail. He is admired by Moonkit, while her brother Goosekit is visibly afraid of him. Particularly, Goosekit has a vision of the apprentice abandoning him to be killed by a badger. Moons later, Stormtail rushes past Goosefeather warning him of a badger, though the medicine cat interprets this as him leading the badger to kill him.
In Spottedleaf's Heart, Stormtail falls seriously ill with a thirsting sickness, but attempts to deny his condition until he is found collapsed on the ground by Spottedpaw. Featherwhisker is able to treat him enough for the warrior to continue his duties.

Detailed description

Stormtail is a large,[9] sleek,[10] dark[8] blue-gray tom with blue eyes,[3] and a broad head[9] and shoulders.[11]


Author statements


  • Stormtail has been mistakenly called Stormfur.[13]

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"You want to watch out Goosepaw. Even rabbits can be dangerous when you don’t know how to look after yourself."
—Stormtail teasing Goosepaw Goosefeather's Curse, page chapter 5

Stormtail: "What makes you so special?"
Goosepaw: "You have no idea what I can do! I know what you’re going to do. And I’ll be ready, just you wait and see!"
Stormtail: "You’re weird."
—Stormtail and Goosepaw after Doestar requests for his full name Goosefeather's Curse, page chapter 5

"Thank StarClan for your brave sister then. She’s a wonderful cat."
—Stormtail to Goosefeather about Moonpaw Goosefeather's Curse, page chapter 7

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Moonflower: "Do you see? They both have blue eyes like you."
Stormtail: "They look like they'll make good warriors."
Moonflower: "Of course they will, they're your kits."
—When Stormtail first meets Bluekit and Snowkit Bluestar's Prophecy, page 32

"Why are you hesitating? The decision is easy! You are choosing between survival and destruction!"
—Stormtail about attacking WindClan on Goosefeather's word Bluestar's Prophecy, page 99

Stormtail: "Not allowed in the fighting, eh? Next time, perhaps."
Moonflower: "This is going to be a dangerous battle. We've never attacked a Clan's camp before. We'll be fighting the whole Clan in a place they know and we don't."
Stormtail: "But we'll have the element of surprise, and we'll be fighting at close quarters."
Moonflower: "That's what worries me."
Stormtail: "Up close, WindClan's nimbleness will count for nothing. ThunderClan strength will have the advantage."
Moonflower: "I suppose."
Stormtail: "Don't worry, this is a battle we'll win."
—Before the battle with WindClan Bluestar's Prophecy, pages 114-115

"[Goldenpaw] did well not to come back with more scars if she was fighting Bluepaw. She's a natural fighter. Moonflower would have been proud of her."
—Stormtail praising Bluepaw Bluestar's Prophecy, page chapter 12

"You faced a fox! But you’re not a warrior yet, so no more fox-fighting on your own."
—Stormtail to Bluepaw Bluestar's Prophecy, page chapter 15

"Stormtail stood up beside Dappletail, and lifting his chin, he called his daughters’ names loudly to the darkening sky."
—Stormtail at Bluefur and Snowfur's warrior ceremony Bluestar's Prophecy, page chapter 16

Stormtail: "Adderfang told me."
Bluefur: "I can’t lose Snowfur as well as Moonflower. Why did they both have to die?"
Stormtail: "Only StarClan knows that."
Bluefur: "Then StarClan is stupid and cruel!"
Stormtail: "Life must go on. You have other Clanmates."
Bluefur: "Not like them. They were kin!"
Stormtail: "Your Clan depends on you as much as Snowfur and Moonflower did. More so."
Bluefur: "I don't care!"
Stormtail: "I know you do care. And I know you won't let your Clanmates down. You must go on hunting and fighting and living for your Clan."
—After Snowfur's death Bluestar's Prophecy, page 357

"[Bluefur] passed Stormtail and Dappletail in their usual spot beside the nettle patch, sharing a squirrel. They spent so much time together now that most of the Clan were waiting for an announcement about kits."
—Stormtail's relationship with Dappletail Bluestar's Prophecy, page chapter 31

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