"It's true, then? Only a rogue would use poison! Have you not learned anything after Darktail?"
— Strikestone to Juniperclaw after he admits to using poison in The Raging Storm, page 290

Strikestone is a brown tabby tom[13] with a white belly and paws, and amber eyes.[blog 1] One of his ears is shredded and has completely lost his hearing in that ear.[14]

Strikestone was a ShadowClan warrior that served under Rowanstar's, Leafstar's, and Tigerstar's leaderships in the lake territories. He was born to Dawnpelt and Crowfrost alongside his siblings, Sleekwhisker and Juniperclaw. He was apprenticed as Strikepaw with Wasptail being his mentor. Although Strikepaw agreed with Needlepaw's rebellion, he stayed in ShadowClan rather than joining the rogues like his siblings.

After becoming a warrior, Strikestone reluctantly stayed with his kin when Darktail took over ShadowClan and eventually escaped the Kin to ThunderClan after realizing Darktail's cruel nature. Strikestone joined SkyClan when ShadowClan was annexed and returned to ShadowClan after Tigerstar became leader. He gained his first apprentice, Blazefire, and when a battle that was instigated by Bramblestar's impostor, Strikestone was killed, becoming a ghost, unable to find StarClan.


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A Vision of Shadows

Dawnpelt: "Are you staying?"
Strikestone: "Where else can I go? Where can you go? This is our home."
—Strikestone opting to stay in ShadowClan with the rogues Thunder and Shadow, page 348
Strikepaw is a young apprentice and the son of Dawnpelt and Crowfrost, the Clan deputy, under the mentorship of Wasptail. Strikepaw begins to rebel with his fellow apprentices against ShadowClan's leadership, but when Needlepaw, Juniperpaw, Sleekpaw, and Violetkit decide to leave to join Darktail, Strikepaw stays with his family, and later on, he becomes Strikestone. He grieves for Crowfrost when he dies from yellowcough and reluctantly joins the Kin with Dawnpelt when they commandeer the Clan. He leaves with Juniperclaw after Dawnpelt encourages them to escape, though the two never see Dawnpelt again. He and Juniperclaw briefly stay in ThunderClan while the Clans dealt with Darktail and rejoined his Clan once Darktail was killed.
He refuses to listen to Rowanstar as he struggles to rebuild ShadowClan and eventually becomes part of SkyClan when ShadowClan is annexed into it. During this time, he shelters Sleekwhisker and Yarrowleaf after Leafstar turns them away and rejoins ShadowClan when his uncle, Tigerheart, now Tigerstar, rejuvenates the Clan. Tigerstar gives him Blazepaw, a former guardian cat, as his first apprentice, and when Juniperclaw, the recently appointed deputy, is accused of poisoning SkyClan's fresh-kill, Strikestone defends his brother, but is horrified when Juniperclaw admits to it. Strikestone disowns his littermate, claiming that only a rogue would use poison.

The Broken Code

"Shadowpaw is unusual. But he’s ours—and in my mind, there’s no doubt that a ShadowClan cat could be singled out by StarClan."
—Strikestone advocating for Shadowpaw Lost Stars, page 224
Blazefire has become a warrior, and Strikestone is troubled when StarClan has seemingly cut off connection with the Clans. When Shadowpaw is revealed to be able to connect with their ancestors, Strikestone admits that while Shadowpaw is unusual, he has no doubt that a ShadowClan could be singled out by StarClan, and Shadowpaw is happy for his cousin's support. Strikestone later participated in a battle instigated by the impostor, to which he is killed and becomes a ghost, unable to find StarClan.

Super Editions

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In Squirrelflight's Hope, Strikestone and Stonewing encounter the Sisters when they trespass on ShadowClan territory. The two warriors try to chase them off, but Sunrise shreds Strikestone's ear, to which Stonewing slices open Sunrise's flank in retaliation. When the toms return to ShadowClan, Puddleshine is unable to properly treat Strikestone's shredded ear, and it gets infected, resulting in him completely losing his hearing in that ear. Strikestone's maiming is one of the reasons Tigerstar is livid about the Sisters and wants them out.

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Personality and Relationships

Strikestone is an observant and loyal warrior who isn't afraid to voice his own opinions. For more of Strikestone's personality and relationships, click here!


Strikestone's parents are Dawnpelt and Crowfrost. His littermates are Juniperclaw and Sleekwhisker. For more of Strikestone's family, click here!



Author statements

  • Kate has said that she likes Strikestone and believes he would be a great mentor.[blog 2]

Interesting facts

  • Strikestone has ThunderClan blood through Tawnypelt.[15]
  • His uncle, Tigerstar, believed him to be one of ShadowClan's finest warriors.[16]



"If you treated us better, we might try harder. Don't forget there are nearly as many of us as there are of you. You'd be wise to give us a little more respect."
—Strikepaw to Crowfrost Thunder and Shadow, page 142

Rowanstar: "Do you want war with the other Clans?"
Strikepaw: "We want to choose our own path, not follow the path of other Clans."
—Strikepaw after Rowanstar denies the rogues joining ShadowClan Thunder and Shadow, page 174

"I hope Tigerheart organizes the hunting patrols soon. I'm hungry for fresh prey."
—Strikestone on the major lack of prey Thunder and Shadow, page 338

Strikestone: "I suppose we do get a rabbit, and no bloodshed."
Juniperclaw: "I still wish we could have left them with a scratch or two."
—Strikestone and Juniperclaw after a battle is prevented Tigerheart's Shadow, page 66

Snaketooth: "Isn’t the storm keeping you busy? We thought you’d be preparing for a flood."
Blazepaw: "Perhaps the sun is shining in ThunderClan territory."
Strikestone: "The sun always shines on ThunderClan."
—Snaketooth, Strikestone and Blazepaw to Bramblestar and Alderheart The Raging Storm, pages 284-285

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