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Personality and traits

Strikestone is a loyal ShadowClan warrior, opting to stay in his birth Clan rather than become a rogue even though he agreed with the brief rebellion of Needletail.[1] While he can be short-tempered,[2][3] compared to both of his littermates he is considerably more level-headed and observant.[4]


Dawnpelt and Crowfrost

While Strikestone did love Dawnpelt, he became frustrated with Crowfrost's comments towards the apprentices' attitudes, and he harbored a grudge against him.[5] He did not appear to care when his father succumbed to yellowcough.[6]
Strikestone opted to stay in ShadowClan with Dawnpelt when Darktail usurped Rowanstar, citing that his and Dawnpelt's home was ShadowClan and they couldn't go anywhere else.[7] When he and Juniperclaw escaped to ThunderClan, Strikestone was worried for his mother[8] when she did not come with them, and distraught to learn that she had died.[9]

Juniperclaw and Sleekwhisker

Strikestone: "I suppose we do get a rabbit, and no bloodshed."
Juniperclaw: "I still wish we could have left them with a scratch or two."
—Strikestone and Juniperclaw after a battle is prevented Tigerheart's Shadow, page 66
As littermates, Strikestone was close to Juniperclaw and Sleekwhisker, but was more acquainted with Juniperclaw, and the two brothers are often seen together during the slow failure of Rowanstar.[9] He and Juniperclaw went behind the back of Leafstar to harbor his sister,[10] and were happy to be meet her again when she briefly became part of SkyClan.[10]
When Juniperclaw was appointed deputy under Tigerstar and accused of poisoning Sparrowpelt, Strikestone immediately leaped to his brother's defense and denied the claims of the accusations. But when Juniperclaw admitted to it, Strikestone was enraged and turned on his brother, effectively disowning him as a sibling.[11]


Tigerstar was Strikestone's uncle, and the two got along well. Strikestone respected his uncle's authority as deputy[4], more so when Tigerstar became the leader of ShadowClan. The two often got along and had a mutual likeness to one another.[12] Tigerstar also believes that Strikestone is one of ShadowClan's finest warriors,[13] and was extremely livid when Strikestone was maimed by Sunrise.[14]

Tawnypelt and Rowanclaw

Tawnypelt and Rowanclaw were Strikestone's maternal grandparents, and while he appeared to have a decent relationship with both of them, he disliked Rowanstar[5] due to his failure of keeping ShadowClan together and instead took orders from Tigerheart.[12]
Moons later, Tawnypelt felt distant from both Strikestone and Juniperclaw as they were Dawnpelt's kits, but it didn't feel like they were kin at all.[15]

Shadowsight, Pouncestep, and Lightleap

"Shadowpaw is unusual. But he’s ours—and in my mind, there’s no doubt that a ShadowClan cat could be singled out by StarClan."
—Strikestone advocating for Shadowpaw Lost Stars, page 224
Strikestone cared for and liked his younger cousins. He took the time to play with Pouncestep and Lightleap when they were kits.[2] When the Clans became dubious of the claims of Shadowsight, then a young medicine cat apprentice, he voiced his support for him[16] and was visibly proud when he was going to receive his full name.[17]


Strikestone was Blazefire's mentor, and often spent time with his apprentice while he was training under him.[2] Strikestone visibly liked and cared about the well-being of his apprentice.[2]

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