"However, you have done a great service for the forest."
Goldenstar to Sunpelt in Secrets of the Clans, page 163

Sunpelt is a male lion[1] of LionClan under the leadership of Goldenstar.


In the Field Guides

Secrets of the Clans

Sunpelt is a young, bold, brave, loyal, and prideful warrior. A giant adder, Mouthclaw, is a threat to all the cats living there as she eats the large cats that roam the forest. Sunpelt thinks he can achieve the respect of the whole forest if he kills her, and wants to prove himself as a great warrior, so he goes to Snakerocks where Mouthclaw is living. He calls to her to come out and fight, and further antagonizes her by throwing rocks into her cave. Mouthclaw emerges, filled with rage.
During the fight, he tires Mouthclaw out by jumping away from her but always staying close enough that she doesn't end the fight, continuously lashing and spitting at the lion. The fight lasts the entire day, and eventually Mouthclaw loses the strength to continue. When she asks Sunpelt to spare her life in return for a wish, he requests that she shrink herself to the size of a cat's tail to make her harmless to the rest of LionClan. However, this idea backfires when Mouthclaw tricks him and splits herself into a thousand snakes, each the length of a cat's tail.
Sunpelt, horrified and guilt-stricken at what he has done, flees home to confess all to his leader, Goldenstar. At first, Goldenstar is angry, but Sunpelt's spirits lift when Goldenstar notes that the new, smaller snakes cannot eat cats whole, making them less dangerous.



"There once lived a brave LionClan warrior called Sunpelt."
—Narrator describing Sunpelt's personality Secrets of the Clans, page 162

Mouthclaw: "I have been living in these rocks for a thousand moons. Spare my life, and I shall grant you one wish."
Sunpelt: "I wish that you would shrink to the length of a cat's tail. If you were that small, then I would allow you to remain living at Snakerocks."
Mouthclaw: "And that is all you ask of me?"
Sunpelt: "That is all."
—Sunpelt trying to look out for the cats of the forest Secrets of the Clans, page 163

Goldenstar: "This was a dangerous thing you did. You should know better than to bargain with snakes. They are cunning and will outwit us every time."
Sunpelt: "I know."
Goldenstar: "However, you have done a great service for the forest. These smaller snakes may be dangerous, but none can be as dangerous as Mouthclaw. Now, no warrior has to fear being swallowed or bitten by her deadly fangs."
Sunpelt: "That is true."
—Goldenstar reprimanding Sunpelt for his actions Secrets of the Clans, page 163

"Goldenstar forgave his brave warrior. After all, Sunpelt was not the first cat-or the last-to be tricked by a snake in the grass."
—Narrator saying Goldenstar's reason for forgiving Sunpelt Secrets of the Clans, page 163

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