"ShadowClan cats are worthless! [...] They have no right to their territory - and if they are left alone, they’ll soon be invading yours. You need to fake evidence that ShadowClan is stealing ThunderClan prey, so that your Clan leader can launch an attack on them. Once you have ShadowClan’s territory, you can invade RiverClan and WindClan. [...] That’s what absolute power is. Controlling every cat in the territories by the lake!"
Sol to Lionblaze, Hollyleaf, and Jayfeather in Sunrise, page 283
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Chapter Number: 25 (of 28)
Page Numbers: 281-285

Chapter description

It is night time when Hollyleaf, Jayfeather, and Lionblaze are able to slip away and head for the old Twoleg nest. They stay as far away as possible from the ShadowClan border as they pad through the spindly trees. It is raining as they make their way there. When they reach the old Twoleg nest, Sol is sitting in the entrance as if he has been expecting them all along. Hollyleaf tells him that she and her littermates do not want any more arguments with him and that they will help him fulfil the prophecy, as long as he tells them the name of their father. Sol's eyes glow as he gazes at her, and she remembers how she had felt that she could have spent her whole life looking into his eyes and hearing his voice. Sol offers that they all go inside the Twoleg nest as if the visit was nothing more than a friendly chat.
When they had gone inside, Hollyleaf warns the loner that he might need to find a new place to stay, as Blackstar had sent a patrol to report them to Firestar for being outside their territory. Sol's fur starts to bristle, and he declares that Blackstar is using them as a way to humiliate ThunderClan. Lionblaze uneasily suggests that Blackstar is just being a bit overly keen to prove that he is keeping the warrior code again, to which Sol gives a snort of contempt. He comments that the warrior code and StarClan are not important to the Clans. Although Hollyleaf disagrees with Sol, she knows that if they quarrel with Sol, they will lose their chance to discover who their real father is.
Sol continues, saying that he knows more than StarClan did, and reminding them that StarClan did not tell them that the sun would vanish. He tells them that that made him more powerful than their warrior ancestors and that if he is so powerful without a prophecy, then the powers that Lionbaze, Hollyleaf, and Jayfeather share have to be magnificent. Upon hearing that, Lionblaze's eyes glow, and Jayfeather unconsciously flexes his claws in and out. Hollyleaf snaps that that is all very well, but they still do not know what to do. Sol continues, saying that ShadowClan cats are worthless, and they have no right to their territory. He warns them that if they are left alone, they will soon be invading ThunderClan territory, and says they needed to fake evidence that ShadowClan cats are stealing ThunderClan prey so that Firestar can launch an attack on ShadowClan. Once ThunderClan have ShadowClan's territory, they could then invade RiverClan and WindClan. He glances around, lowered his voice to a deep, vibrating purr, and tells them that controlling every cat in the territory by the lake is what absolute power is. Hollyleaf feels her paws tingle and tries to imagine Firestar allowing ThunderClan to fight against every cat in the rival Clans. Sol pads off to a far corner of the den and hauls a rabbit out of the shadows. It has the scent of ShadowClan mingled with the scent of fresh-kill. Sol explains that he had caught it in ShadowClan territory, and had rubbed it on their scent markers. He tells them that they can take the prey back to ThunderClan, and tell everyone that they had just chased off a ShadowClan patrol. Sol remarks with cold amusement that ShadowClan can do nothing to deny that they had stolen ThunderClan prey.
Lionblaze stares at Sol, his neck fur slowly rising. Lionblaze growls that Sol is no different from Tigerstar and that Sol wants that to happen for his ambition. He springs at Sol, about to slash into the loner’s pelt when Hollyleaf knocks him away. Lionblaze tells them that Sol just wants to use them against ShadowClan. Jayfeather agrees, saying that this is not the way to find out who their real father is. Lionblaze and Jayfeather leave the den. Hollyleaf hesitates, but still joins them in the end. Sol appears at the entrance, asking them if they want to find out who their real father is, but they all ignore him. As Hollyleaf leaves, she can feel Sol's amber gaze burning into her pelt.





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