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Chapter Number: Prologue (of 28)
Page Numbers: 1-4

Chapter description

Leafpool and Jayfeather prepare Ashfur's body for burial. Leafpool softly says the words used by medicine cats for seasons upon seasons, whenever another member of the Clan passed away - that he should find good hunting, swift running, and shelter for sleep.The words should help Leafpool, in a grievous time, but instead, they hurt her. She remembers the time when she found teeth marks in Ashfur's neck. They are too neat, clean, and sharp for anything besides a cat. Thinking that maybe a ThunderClan cats could have killed him, makes Leafpool afraid. Ashfur was a strong and a highly esteemed warrior; no ThunderClan cat wanted to harm him, that she knew of.
As Leafpool begins to clean his paws, she finds a soft piece of fur. Leafpool knows the scent on the clump of fur and it astounds her. She tries to convince herself that it's not so, but deep inside, she knows it's true. There is no other way that a clump of fur like that could have gotten into his claws, unless it was the fur of his killer. She gently takes the piece of fur out of the dead warrior's claws and pushes it into the deepest part of the medicine store, wrapping it in a leaf.
In StarClan, Yellowfang attacks Bluestar. She spits that it was all Bluestar's fault. Bluestar replies by telling Yellowfang to not forgot that Bluestar was once her Clan leader. All of the respect that Yellowfang felt for Bluestar evaporates at that moment, but soon returns afterwards. Yellowfang tells Bluestar that ThunderClan was rotten, and Bluestar tells Yellowfang that she didn't know that. Yellowfang, then reveals that Midnight, the badger, had told Sol everything, and Bluestar says that she can't believe that Midnight betrayed them. Yellowfang replies that Midnight wasn't the traitor, but that Bluestar was, from the very first secret she kept, and she expresses doubt that the three are really the true three. Bluestar responds by asking, what other cats could be the three, and that Squirrelflight and Brambleclaw were good parents. Yellowfang ends the argument by saying that secrets can't stay hidden forever and that if the three couldn't handle the truth, then Bluestar would have destroyed the very Clan that she loved.





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