"The thanks of all ThunderClan go with you."
Firestar to Onestar in Dawn, page 10

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Chapter Number: 1 (of 23)
Page Numbers: 6-19

Chapter description

Brambleclaw stands in the camp clearing taking in the damage caused by the battle with the badgers. He notes that the entrance to the camp where the badgers had both entered and left through with the help of Onestar and his WindClan warriors. The brown tabby notices Stormfur and Brook amongst the destruction, mentioning that the two mountain cats look out of place. Brambleclaw calls to his friend and the two quickly catch up, Stormfur mentioning that he and Brook and come to see if the Clans had settled. The tabby welcomes them both warmly, wishing that the circumstances could have been different. The two newcomers offer to help and Brambleclaw tasks them with finding injured cats, noting that the badgers had come to kill not to drive the Clan out.
Brook decides to give aid, comparing the savagery to Sharptooth in the mountains. Stormfur asks if Brambleclaw is ThunderClan's new deputy, but, the tabby states that Firestar hasn't and has decided to give Graystripe more time to return. Brook freezes when she sees Midnight, but Stormfur introduces the elderly badger to his mate. Midnight apologises to the cats for not bringing help sooner, but Brambleclaw thanks her for alerting WindClan and that if she didn't, they would've been wiped out. She states that she feels shame for what her kin had done to ThunderClan and Brambleclaw reassures her that she would always be welcome to the Clan and that they knew she had nothing to do with it.
Brambleclaw spots Firestar near the center of camp with Onestar and his patrol of WindClan warriors. The tabby pads toward the gathered cats with Stormfur and Brook in tow. As he does he spots Leafpool tending to Ashfur, who Brambleclaw thinks is dead until he sees the tom's tail twitch. He also notices that Firestar is battered up from the battle and wonders if the tom lost a life from the fight. He vows to himself that he would help him until his final breath and that together they can make ThunderClan stronger than ever. Firestar thanks the WindClan cats for their help and Onestar offers to leave a couple of his cats behind to keep watch. Firestar politely declines the offer and then offers herbs for any of their wounded cats. Brambleclaw notices Leafpool look up at the WindClan warriors and mentions that two days before she had run away with Crowfeather but had returned due to the attack. With a polite decline of Firestar's offer, Onestar leaves and takes his warriors with him, returning to their own territory.
Brightheart helps Leafpool with her duties, tending to the wounded. Squirrelflight appears and greets Stormfur and Brook, passing Ashfur in the process as she banters with Brambleclaw. The tom notices Ashfur glare at him and watches as his Clanmates catches up with the newcomers. More ThunderClan cats come to realise the two mountain cats and welcome them warmly, including Firestar who is appreciative of their willingness to help. The elders, Mousefur, Goldenflower, and Longtail make their way down from the leader's den and tell Brambleclaw how they fended off a badger that attempted to get them. Mousefur makes a comment about Leafpool upon hearing that she returned to ThunderClan and questions Stormfur's appearance. Squirrelflight stands up for the gray tom, reminding the elder that he is half-ThunderClan.
Before the two she-cats can continue, Ferncloud cries out looking for Dustpelt. Brambleclaw tries to calm the she-cat down, thanking her for staying with Daisy and her kits. The gray warrior remains worried that her mate is dead so Brambleclaw begins to search for the tabby tom. He finds Dustpelt passed out and is relieved to find the tom alive after he sneezes. The younger cat reunites the two mates before returning to the rest of his Clanmates.
Daisy rushes to Berrykit's side when he snarls at Midnight. The elderly badger tells the queen and her son that they have nothing to fear. Daisy, however, pulls her son away and moves toward her Clanmates. Before Brambleclaw can inform Daisy, Leafpool beats him to it, explaining who Midnight is to the former horseplace cat. Berrykit assures his mother which earns him a compliment from Cloudtail. Beaming, he challenges his littermates to a race to the nursery, but, Cloudtail tells them to wait and that they can't go in there. Daisy questions him and Leafpool tells her that Cinderpelt's body was still in there and that she had died while helping Sorreltail give birth. Brambleclaw stares at the tabby she-cat in disbelief at the news of the medicine cat's death.





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