"This isn't over."
Blackstar threatening ThunderClan and WindClan at the Gathering in Sunset, page 162
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Chapter Number: 12 (of 23)
Page Numbers: 161-177

Chapter description

Leafpool is at the Gathering when fighting breaks out. She is terrified, so she prays to StarClan for her to help them. The battle starts to fade as if StarClan had answered her. They all look up at the now threatening sky. Barkface points out that StarClan must be angry with them. There were yowls of protest but Firestar silences them by saying Barkface is right. She remembered the prophecy of "There could be no peace until blood had spilled blood." Firestar then declares that the gathering is over. Every other leader agrees except Blackstar. Hawkfrost calls out that they will discuss this at the next Gathering. Leafpool thinks that it isn't Hawkfrost's decision because he isn't Clan leader. Leafpool mistrusts him, asking herself how much influence Hawkfrost had on Brambleclaw. The Clans begin to depart. She struggles through the crowd of cats. She had to still speak to Mothwing about the catmint. She also thinks Heavystep is dead because of her. She decides that Mothwing would find it or that elder would be fine without it. She starts thinking about the prophecy Mothwing spoke about. She thinks if Mothwing could get a message like that, Mudfur would not have needed to tell her about the catmint. She concludes that Mothwing lied in front of the Gathering.
She wants to understand what Mothwing had against Stormfur and Brook, since the Prophecy was obviously about them not belonging in RiverClan. She remembers the tension between Mothwing and Hawkfrost, and realizes that this could have been Hawkfrost's idea. She also realizes that that Hawkfrost could have tried to coerce Mothwing into lying. She was a loyal medicine cat, and refused to tell Leopardstar about any of Leafpool's dreams before now because she hates lying.
She spots Mothwing under the shelter of a root on the Great Oak tree with Willowpaw. Hawkfrost appears, stalking towards his sister. He calls Mothwing a mouse-brained idiot, saying that she ruined everything. She turns to Willowpaw and tells her to go and find Mistyfoot. Willowpaw left, giving Hawkfrost a swift glance. Hawkfrost says that Mothwing let him down and said she would tell the gathering about that dream. He continues saying that they would have driven out those mangy interlopers. He finally states that she would be lucky for anyone to believe her the next time she opens her mouth.
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Notes and references

  1. Revealed in Sunset, page 161

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