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Chapter Number: 14 (of 23)
Page Numbers: 197-209

Chapter description

Leafpool shifts around in her nest for a long time before she sleeps, wondering how she can get in touch with Willowpaw to tell her about StarClan. When she finally drifts into unconsciousness, she opens her eyes and finds herself at the top of a slope overlooking the lake. As she brushes through the long grasses, each blade outlined in silver, she catches sight of Feathertail. The beautiful silver-furred tabby tells her welcomingly that she hoped that she would come, as they have a task that night. Leafpool asks what the task is, and Feathertail explains that StarClan wants her to help Leafpool to visit Willowpaw in her dreams. Astonished, Leafool asks her if that can be done, and Feathertail replies that it can be done, but very rarely, and only in times of greatest need.
They enter the RiverClan camp, and Leafpool spots the small gray shape of Willowpaw curled up in a nest just outside Mothwing's den. Feathertail wakes her up gently. When she wakes, Willowpaw snaps crossly at Feathertail and Leafpool and says that she was chasing a mouse in her dreams and was about to catch it. However, she brakes off abruptly, gazing from Leafpool to Feathertail. She identifies Leafpool, and Feathertail as a StarClan warrior. Looking dismayed, she slaps the tip of her tail over her mouth and apologizes to them for snapping at them. Looking amused, Feathertail tells her that she will soon get used to visits in her dreams. Willowpaw welcomes the cats to RiverClan formally. She asks Feathertail why she has RiverClan scent, but she does not recognise her. Feathertail introduces herself and tells Willowpaw that the apprentice was not even born when Feathertail had gone on the journey to the sun-drown-place. Willowpaw's eyes fill with awe, and Feathertail finishes the story, saying that RiverClan will never forget them. Feathertail blinks affectionately and lets her tail rest on Willowpaw's shoulder before mewing that they have something to show her. Willowpaw asks her if she wants her to fetch Mothwing. Upon hearing that, Leafpool and Feathertail share a glance. Feathertail assures Willowpaw that the sign is for her and that she can tell Mothwing about it after she wakes up.
They head towards the edge of RiverClan territory, where the catmint that Mudfur had told Leafpool about is located. Leafpool crosses a Twoleg fence, and while Willowpaw follows Leafpool, Feathertail stays beneath the fence. Willowpaw picks up the smell of catmint, and says that she wishes that RiverClan had some when Heavystep was ill. She also notes that Mothwing and the patrols looked all over the territory. They return to RiverClan territory and leave Willowpaw curled up in her den.
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Notes and references

  1. Revealed in Sunset, page 197

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