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"Loyalty is what matters, and that exists now, not in the past. Loyalty has to be proved every day, in every piece of fresh-kill brought back for the Clan, every claw mark on our enemies, every patro, every training session."
Firestar to ThunderClan in Sunset, page 240

Below contains in-depth information for chapter sixteen of Sunset. If you are looking for a shorter summary of the entire book, please check the main article.
Chapter Number: 16 (of 23)
Page Numbers: 231-246

Chapter description

Brambleclaw, Stormfur and Brook return to ThunderClan camp as the sun sets. Rainwhisker watches them enter but says nothing, offering the brown tabby a nod. Brambleclaw suggests for them to see Firestar first and they find the ginger leader curled in his den. The tom greets Brambleclaw, going to ask how he went, but cuts himself off upon seeing the two RiverClan warriors. The ThunderClan warrior apologizes but explains what happened as Firestar gratiously allows Stormfur and Brook to remain with his Clan until they come to a solid decision of what to do next. Brambleclaw notes that Firestar would love the pair to join ThunderClan permanently, but he can't help wonder what their Clanmates and RiverClan would think. Firestar finishes the discussion, adding that they will talk more in the morning and has Brambleclaw settle the pair of cats in for the night. As he takes them to the warriors' den, Brambleclaw accidently wakes Dustpelt who questions if Firestar knew about Stormfur and Brook. When the younger tabby states that he does, Dustpelt drifts off back to sleep. The tom finds Squirrelflight near an empty space. She wakes up to see their friends and asks Brambleclaw what was happening. He settles the pair and then settles next to the ginger she-cat, explaining what had happened in RiverClan camp. Squirrelflight accepts Stormfur and Brook, hoping they'll stay with ThunderClan as Brambleclaw begins to drift off to sleep.
The following morning, Sandstorm organises patrols and asks Brambleclaw to take Stormfur and Brook on the dawn patrol as a way for them to learn the territory. Dustpelt overhears the ginger she-cat and questions what she means as he was under the impression the pair were only staying the night with ThunderClan. Brambleclaw tells him that nothing has been decided and Sandstorm agrees, noting that it won't hurt for them to be useful to ThunderClan while staying. Stormfur and Brook are brought out of the warriors den, and and patrol with Sandstorm and Dustpelt. While Brambleclaw joins Squirrelflight, Cloudtail, and Brightheart on a hunting patrol. They return later in the day with plently of fresh-kill. However, back in camp, the dark tabby notices an uneasy feeling amongst the Clan. Squirrelflight asks Brackenfur and he explains that Mousefur had called a Clan meeting, calling out for Firestar.
Firestar leaves his den to face the brown elder, questioning her calling a Clan meeting. Dustpelt answers instead of the elder, raising his concern about the recent amount of outsiders allowed into the Clan. Mousefur agrees with the warrior, adding that the recent decisions don't follow the warrior code she was taught. She tells Firestar that he may punish her if he sees fit, but that she would tell the truth from her perspective regardless. Firestar states that he wouldn't punish her, but says she is wrong. When the elder questions why, he explains that ThunderClan needs more cats. The tom notes that before Daisy had joined, there were no kits in the nursery and only two apprentices. He makes reference to Leopardstar and Blackstar's demands for more territory, adding that they've already fought with ShadowClan over a border. Sandstorm adds her support, noting the badgers and foxes that have so far caused trouble for ThunderClan too.
This sends ThunderClan into a discussion, which has Longtail and Thornclaw also bringing up Firestar's loyalty to his friend, Graystripe. Firestar, however, tries to shut the argument down, pointing out that loyalty is all that matters and that it can be proven each day. Dustpelt, however, questions what would happen if they fight RiverClan, who would Stormfur fight for. Brambleclaw defends his friend, despite somewhat agreeing with the tabby's way of thinking. Squirrelflight also pushes forward to defend Stormfur, explaining what he had done for both her and Brambleclaw, but also ThunderClan. However, Rainwhisker and Mousefur continue to argue against them until Firestar raises his voice for silence. He settles it, stating that the decision to stay remains with Stormfur and Brook and that ThunderClan will make them feel welcome for the time being. The ginger leader ends the meeting, vanishing to his den as the Clan breaks up and mutters between themselves, some casting hostile glances at the two RiverClan cats. With those glances, Stormfur states that he and Brook will leave, not wishing to disrupt the Clan any further. Brambleclaw, however, tells him they aren't going anywhere and that no one being hostile as any right to send them away. The tabby says he'll talk to Firestar to figure something out, and without hesitation heads to the leader's den.
The tom finds the leader sitting, staring at the wall of his den. Firestar jumps at the sight of Brambleclaw, telling him he had been thinking of when Stormfur had been born and been taken back to RiverClan. Brambleclaw offers the tom sympathy, despite being unable to recall much as he and his sister had been kits at the time. The thought of his sister, Tawnypelt, makes Brambleclaw feel a twinge of loneliness that he pushes away as he speaks his mind to Firestar. He tells the leader that while loyalty is important, he needs to show that ThunderClan has strong leadership and that it may be time to appoint a new deputy. The ginger leader questions him as Brambleclaw tries to gently persuade him into thinking of making a decision, noting that all of ThunderClan knew how hard it is for him to grieve for Graystripe. Firestar, however, denies that his friend is dead as he recalls past events to Brambleclaw and as he does, Sandstorm joins them. Sandstorm weighs her opinion in as well, saying that it is also hard for her too to believe Graystripe is dead. However, Firestar remains doubtful, put off by both his mate and Brambleclaw's thoughts. The pale ginger she-cat signals for Brambleclaw to leave the den, as he hopes she may be able to convince her mate. But, the tabby is left wondering what will happen if Firestar continues to refuse what had happened.






Squirrelflight: "What's going on? Hey, Brackenfur! What's happening?"
Brackenfur: "Mousefur just called a Clan meeting."
Brambleclaw: "Mousefur called a meeting? Can she do that?"
Brackenfur: "She's done it."
Sunset, page 236


  • Stormfur is described with blue eyes.[9]

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