"I must go on, [...] I'd give my last breath to help my Clan, and ThunderClan needs me now more than they ever have before."
Brambleclaw’s thoughts about ThunderClan in Sunset, page 32

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Chapter Number: 2 (of 23)
Page Numbers: 20-44

Chapter description

Brambleclaw is shocked at the news of Cinderpelt's death, realising that it is already bad that warriors had joined StarClan as a result of the battle. Mousefur cries out that Cinderpelt was only young and had her whole life ahead of her as Squirrelflight comforts her sister. Leafpool halts for a moment before nudging Thornclaw to his paws to patch him with cobwebs. Brambleclaw is led by Spiderleg and Whitepaw to Sootfur's body and confirms the gray tom is dead. The tabby warrior decides to look for Rainwhisker, hoping that Sorreltail wouldn't have to deal with the death of both her brothers. Brambleclaw manages to find Rainwhisker half-buried under the remains of the warriors den, alive, but with a twisted leg. The tabby worries that the younger warrior's leg is broken and leads him to his brother's body, where several cats have gathered around the fallen warrior.
As Rainwhisker goes to tell Sorreltail the news, Firestar stops him and tells him to get his leg checked out. However, Rainwhisker tells his leader that it should be him that tells the young queen, to which Firestar hesitates before letting him go, mistakenly telling him to see Cinderpelt afterwards. Brambleclaw reflects that the leader and medicine cat had been close and was sure to be shaken by her death. The tabby warrior thinks to himself that Firestar will need his help. He, Squirrelflight and Rainwhisker go and see Sorreltail in the nursery which is the least damaged part of camp except for where the badger had broken in and killed Cinderpelt. Brambleclaw notices Daisy and her kits at the entrance standing with Cloudtail and Ferncloud. He also sees Birchpaw splayed out on the ground next to his mother, which makes Brambleclaw think the young cat is dead until he notices the rapid rise and fall of his chest.
As the warriors approach the nursery, so do Leafpool and Brightheart. Leafpool mentions that the herbs are all still intact due to the small size of the den. She asks Brambleclaw if they could move Cinderpelt's body so the Clan could sit vigil and the tom tells her that is what they've come to do. Leafpool leads Brambleclaw, Squirrelflight and Rainwhisker into the nursery where they see Cinderpelt's body and Sorreltail curled around her kits with Brackenfur. Brambleclaw walks up to Cinderpelt and calls to her, thinking she might answer but gets no response. When the cats approach Sorreltail, Brackenfur snarls at them while Brambleclaw tells him to relax. Leafpool checks over Sorreltail and her kits, while Rainwhisker delivers the bad news to his sister. Sorreltail wails in grief while her mate comforts her as she then asks how Sootfur died. Rainwhisker tells her it was the badgers while she thanks him for telling her. Leafpool gives her borage to help with milk, and offers a poppy seed if she needs it to sleep. The medicine cat sends Brackenfur to grab the queen some fresh-kill before turning to Rainwhisker to check his leg.
Brackenfur leaves to grab fresh-kill and Sorreltail blames herself for Cinderpelt's death. Both Leafpool and Squirrelflight reassure the queen that it wasn't her fault and that Cinderpelt was doing her job for her Clan. Brambleclaw promptly asks the name of her kits and Sorreltail introduces them as Molekit, Honeykit, Poppykit, and Cinderkit. Brambleclaw comments they all look healthy and strong before turning to Squirrelflight as the pair of them move Cinderpelt's body to be prepared for vigil alongside Sootfur's body. Squirrelflight tells Leafpool that she should rest soon, but, the medicine cat worries about all the wounded warriors. Outside of the nursery, Cloudtail protests to Daisy that she should leave the Clan, as the queen is shaken from the badger attack. Her kits also protest that they don't want to leave the Clan and with urging of Ferncloud, Daisy reluctantly agrees to stay to rest her kits.
In the middle of the camp, Firestar organises Stormfur and Brook to begin repairing the warriors' den as Midnight bids farewell to ThunderClan. Firestar protests that she should rest before leaving, but, the old badger remains firm that she must leave and return to her home. She apologises for her late warning and Brook questions why badgers would attack the Clans. Midnight explains that her kin were not happy after being driven from their territories as the Clans moved in. Firestar recalls Hawkfrost mentioning badgers being driven from RiverClan territory at a previous Gathering. The Clan cats wonder if the badgers might return, as does Midnight, but she tells them that if she hears word she would either return or let them know. Brambleclaw farewells her alongside Squirrelflight, Stormfur and Brook as Firestar also honors her and escorts her from camp. Brambleclaw watches as she leaves and wonders how ThunderClan can be safe if she lives at the sun-drown-place.
The cats return their attention to camp and note that every warrior had been accounted for. Stormfur and Brook offer to hunt in the morning after helping repair the warriors' den. Brambleclaw shows them where the den was as Squirrelflight also gets Brook to check on the elders. Ashfur pads up to the pair and asks the ginger she-cat if she is going to sit vigil for Cinderpelt and Sootfur, but she tells him she'd rather busy herself with repairs and sit with them later. With a sad look, the gray warrior pads away. Squirrelflight looks over Brambleclaw and asks if he is going to get his scratches looked over. He tells her that he can wait and that he's going to help Stormfur with the warriors' den. She responds that she'll help with the fresh-kill, hoping she can salvage something before sending out hunting patrols. Brambleclaw heads over to help Stormfur, who comments that he looks very battered. The tabby states that all of ThunderClan looked that way and the two comment that they are glad to see each other. Squirrelflight comes over with some fresh-kill to offer the two toms. Brambleclaw takes his share, but, Stormfur tells the she-cat that he and Brook had already eaten so Squirrelflight takes his share to the elders.
Brambleclaw gets to work fixing the den as Squirrelflight once again returns with moss for him to drink from. He notices her closeness and apologises to her for everything he'd done before she cuts him off that she knew. He asks her about Ashfur after noticing him in the camp's clearing. She tells him not to worry and that she'd speak with him before leaving to give the elders some water. Stormfur comments on the interaction and that its similar to how he feels for Brook. Brook trots over with some moss, reporting to Brambleclaw that the elders are fine and he asks her if she's tired when she wants to find better moss for them to sleep on. The two Tribe cats begin talking of their journey back to the Clans, Stormfur mentioning that they thought they'd never find the Clans. Brambleclaw asks if they've been to RiverClan, but, Brook cuts in asking about the moss again before Stormfur can reply. The tabby tom shows her where to take the thorns and see Sandstorm, Dustpelt and Firestar working on the entrance barrier.
Stormfur accompanies Brook in case any badgers are lurking around. Firestar states that he's posted Thornclaw and Cloudtail as guards. Brambleclaw spares a glance back to camp to see Leafpool mutter silent words to Cinderpelt before turning to him and ordering him to her den. He tries to argue but she has none of it, ushering him to the medicine cat den. Approaching the den, Brambleclaw speaks with Ashfur her replies curtly to him. The tabby tom looks across the camp to see cats working and injured cats resting. He sees Rainwhisker and asks about his leg, to which the gray tom tells him it's just dislocated not broken. Brambleclaw has his shoulder treated while Firestar is also treated for his wounds. The two toms share their concern for Leafpool, and Brambleclaw thanks Stormfur and Brook for tending to the camp and for offering to take the night guard duty. Brambleclaw suddenly becomes aware of how exhausted he is and finds himself a place to settle before letting himself crash.





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