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Chapter Number: 2 (of 23)
Page Numbers: 20-40

Chapter description

The Clan now knows that Cinderpelt is dead. Mousefur yowls that she was a young cat with her whole life ahead of her, and Squirrelflight comforts Leafpool, promising that they wouldn't forget her. Leafpool is quiet for a few moments, and then she tells Thornclaw to come to her den, as she had more cobwebs. Brambleclaw sees Spiderleg and Whitepaw come over to him, and they lead him to the body of Sootfur, who is dead. Brambleclaw wonders how Sorreltail will be able to cope with the loss of her brother after her kitting. He tells Spiderleg and Whitepaw to take Sootfur to the center of the clearing so that the Clan could grieve, and he looks for Rainwhisker, Sootfur's and Sorreltail's brother, as he could comfort Sorreltail.
He finds the warrior half buried under the remains of the warrior's den. Rainwhisker's leg is twisted awkwardly, and Brambleclaw fears that it is broken. He leads Rainwhisker to Sootfur's body, and he pushes his nose into the gray-black fur. Firestar tries to tell him to get his leg looked at, and that some other cat should go tell Sorreltail, but Rainwhisker says that he had to tell her. Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight go with Rainwhisker to the nursery so that they can bring out Cinderpelt's body. When Sorreltail is told about Sootfur, she wails with grief, dislodging her kits, but Brackenfur calms her down enough to let them crawl back to her. As Sorreltail and Rainwhisker comfort each other, Leafpool gives the queen some borage whilst she looks at Rainwhisker's leg.
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