"Something terrible is happening—oh StarClan, what can it be?"
Leafpool in Sunset, page 293
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Chapter Number: 21 (of 23)
Page Numbers: 292-294

Chapter description

At the start of the chapter, Leafpool and Sorreltail are talking about the tortoiseshell's kits. Sorreltail comments that she knows they will be into all sorts of trouble when they're a little bigger. She adds that they'll get into more trouble than Daisy's kits, and that Cinderkit already needs watching. As Leafpool looks at the kits, warmth floods over her as she remembers what Spottedleaf had said to her about the little gray tabby she-kit. She tells Sorreltail to get all the rest she can and to keep her strength up. The tortoiseshell tells her friend that she's glad the tabby came back. Leafpool tries to remember the thoughts which had made her think about leaving ThunderClan. She notes that the feelings swell, filling her mind, and change into a vision of blood and roaring. Leafpool knows that something horrible is happening, and she stumbles out of the nursery and runs across the clearing.
She almost collides with Squirrelflight, who asks what's wrong. Leafpool tells her sister that it was something terrible, although she doesn't know for sure what it was. After being asked if she had seen anything, Squirrelflight replies that she hasn't. The ginger she-cat comforts Leafpool, telling her that everything is fine. Leafpool refuses to believe it, saying that their Clan is in danger. She then asks her sister to come with her, and Squirrelflight accepts. Leafpool suddenly hears a cat dashing through the undergrowth and soon realizes that it's Ashfur, and the tom tells them that Firestar is caught in a fox trap. When Squirrelflight asks him why he didn't get Firestar out, the speckled tom replies that Brambleclaw and Hawkfrost were there, and he couldn't fight both of them at once. Ashfur then points his tail in the direction of the lake, telling the two she-cats to hurry.





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