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"Brambleclaw knew he couldn't tell Squirrelflight, of all cats, about his visits to Tigerstar. Especially not now that she trusted him again."
Brambleclaw's thoughts in Sunset, page 93

Below contains in-depth information for chapter six of Sunset. If you are looking for a shorter summary of the entire book, please check the main article.
Chapter Number: 6 (of 23)
Page Numbers: 86-99

Chapter description

Brambleclaw wakes up in the Dark Forest, spotting Hawkfrost approaching him from the trees. He notes that it had been his first truly restful night since the badger attack and that it came as a shock to wake up in the dark place. He tries to ignore the guilt of keeping his nightly meetings with Tigerstar a secret from Squirrelflight but believes she will never understand his loyalty remained to ThunderClan regardless. When Hawkfrost asks where he has been, the tabby explains that badgers had attacked ThunderClan camp. Hawkfrost notices his shoulder injury, which Brambleclaw shakes off as nothing as he greets his father, Tigerstar.
Tigerstar greets Brambleclaw, regarding his absence as a sign of weakness. Brambleclaw protests the idea, defending himself and explaining the badger attack. However, due to Hawkfrost's presence, he keeps some details hidden due to their opposing Clans. Tigerstar praises his older son for his bravery during the fight. At that moment, Brambleclaw realizes that his father seems aware of things he hadn't been told, and must've been watching the entire time. Tigerstar tells him that he must earn Firestar's complete trust in order to be considered for ThunderClan's deputy position. The younger tabby reminds his father that he hasn't had an apprentice and that Firestar won't choose a new deputy until he's certain Graystripe is dead. Tigerstar tells his son that he must get Firestar to delay his decision so that he can have an apprentice. The deceased tom puts the question of how to do that to Hawkfrost. The RiverClan tom states that would be easy to convince Firestar that Graystripe is dead, as the ginger tom wants to be able to believe it. The three toms continue the brainstorming session for Brambleclaw's sake, noting that he should take on deputy tasks and befriend Daisy's kits before they're apprenticed.
Brambleclaw has his thoughts about the kits' heritage and voices his concern to his father. Tigerstar states that it doesn't matter as long as the kits become properly trained. He makes a remark about their mother, prompting Hawkfrost to state that his mother was a rogue and that it doesn't affect him. The older tabby agrees with his younger son, stating that being Clanborn is important but that adaptability is key on the path to power. Brambleclaw mentions Firestar's kittypet roots, earning a snarl of furious contempt from his father. Tigerstar states Firestar's shortfalls as a leader, mentioning his recent faults such as allowing a former RiverClan cat and outsider mate to join ThunderClan. Hawkfrost asks if he means Stormfur, turning his attention to Brambleclaw. The amber-eyed tom confirms Stormfur's presence in ThunderClan and how he has helped ThunderClan following the badger attack. He adds that he's expecting them to leave for RiverClan, earning a narrowed glance from Hawkfrost. The look puts him at unease, wishing that Tigerstar hadn't brought it up and he wonders if he should warn Stormfur. But, isn't sure if Hawkfrost truly poses a threat to the gray tom. He is disrupted from his thoughts by an attack from Tigerstar, sending him across the clearing. The two large tabbies share blows, Brambleclaw gasps for breath as he notes this training session to be tougher than normal. The mock fight ends as Hawkfrost joins the fray and Tigerstar tells his sons they will meet tomorrow night. He tells Brambleclaw to befriend the horseplace kits to ensure his path to becoming deputy is made clearer.
Brambleclaw awakes in the warriors' den, his father's advice playing his mind. He tends his wounded shoulder, wondering why it had reopened and why he feels so tired. As he does, Squirrelflight wakes up and is shocked by the sight. She tells him to visit Leafpool to get it checked over. Brambleclaw notices the dawn light peering through the den's roof and asks who is on the dawn patrol. Dustpelt speaks up, stating that he, Cloudtail, and Thornclaw are. Squirrelflight remarks to her friend that he's lucky he's not the patrol due to his injury. Brambleclaw tells her he's fine and suggests that they go hunting instead. She agrees but still has him see Leafpool. Brambleclaw gets to his paws and heads towards the medicine den, spotting the young cat tending to Birchpaw. Leafpool spots him and quickly patches him up with cobwebs, making a few remarks about the injury reopening. Brambleclaw tells her he isn't sure how he did it, wondering if she knew about his meetings in the Dark Forest. She gives him the okay to go hunting, but to see her again if it starts bleeding again. He promises her that he will and heads back to the camp's clearing.
He finds Squirrelflight waiting for him along with Stormfur and Brook. The four of them depart from camp and as they do they pass by Ashfur returning with moss. Squirrelflight tries to greet him but is met with nothing as she tries to explain to Brambleclaw she tried talking to him about being just friends. Brambleclaw doubts that they would ever just be friends, but reassures her as they begin to hunt. The four enjoy their time in the forest as Brambleclaw congratulates Brook on her catch. She thanks him for his praise, stating that she is still getting used to hunting in the forest as opposed to the mountains. Stormfur reappears to join them, and attempts to give his mate advice about hunting, but messes up as he does. This earns him a bout of friendly teasing from the other warriors. Brambleclaw takes his chance to show Brook how to hunt and succeeds, earning his own praise from Squirrelflight. The tabby wishes that life could always be like it is in that moment, with prey and warm sunshine. However, his thoughts then drift to his ambition of becoming ThunderClan's next deputy and he becomes uncertain to as what he truly wants.
By sunhigh, the patrol returns to camp, a few moments behind the dawn patrol. As Brambleclaw and the others deposit their catches, he overhears Dustpelt reporting to Firestar about more Twoleg fox traps along the WindClan border and near the abandoned Twoleg nest. The older tabby tells Squirrelflight that her stick idea works well. Thornclaw also reports a buzzing sound, making a few warriors question the source of it. Daisy overhears them and explains that the Twolegs use boats on the lake during warm weather. Mousefur and a few other cats question why Twolegs would do that, but Daisy is unable to answer them. Dustpelt notes that the boatplace is RiverClan's and ShadowClan's problem, and not theirs. Firestar requests his warriors and their patrols to still keep watch regardless, and that they can discuss it properly with the other Clans at the next Gathering. He reminds Dustpelt that a problem for another Clan could easily become one for them, especially if the other Clans decide it should.





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