"You saved our lives! Thank you!"
— Sunspots to Nettlepad in Code of the Clans, page 64

Sunspots is a white she-cat with ginger splashes.[1]

In Code of the Clans, she is an ancient RiverClan queen under Troutstar's leadership. After Molewhisker and Lightningpelt drive a fox away from the RiverClan camp, Sunspots thanks Nettlepad for yowling the alarm and tells him that he saved her and her kits from the fox. While she is thanking him, one of her kits teases another about his long ears. Nettlepad is modest about what he did, but Meadowpelt assures him that he did save the life of Sunspots and her kits and he should be proud of what he did.




Two unnamed kits:[1] Status unknown


Notes and references

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