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==References and Citations==
==References and Citations==
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"I don't want to live like prey. I'm a hunter."
— Swallow, vowing to go with Slash in Path of Stars, page 173

Swallow is an orange tabby she-cat with amber eyes.[2]


In the Dawn of the Clans Arc

Path of Stars

Swallow is a member of Slash's group of rogue cats. She and Splinter are keeping guard, watching over Star Flower, who is a hostage. She is initially spotted by Fern, when the she-cat leads Thunder to where Star Flower is being held, in a shelter of bracken.
After Slash's group experiences conflict, the orange she-cat approaches Slash, asking if she can join his group. She is given the chance to join Thunder and the forest cats, or continue serving under Slash. She takes the chance to rejoin Slash and his group, claiming that she is a hunter, not prey to be hunted. Slash blinks approvingly at Swallow, and tells her to come with him.


  • Despite appearing in Path of Stars, Swallow is not listed in the allegiances.[4]


Swallow: "Can I come too?"
Thunder: "Don't you want to stay with these weaklings, Swallow?"
Frost: "I don't want to live like prey. I'm a hunter."
Thunder: "Then you'd better come with us."
—Swallow asking to go with Slash Path of Stars, page 173

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