"I don't want to live like prey. I'm a hunter."
— Swallow to Slash in Path of Stars, page 173

Swallow is an orange tabby she-cat with amber eyes.[3]


In the Dawn of the Clans arc

Path of Stars

Swallow is a member of Slash's group of rogue cats. She and Snake are keeping guard, watching over Star Flower, who is a hostage. She is initially spotted by Fern, when the she-cat leads Thunder to where Star Flower is being held, in a shelter of bracken.
After Slash's group experiences conflict, the orange she-cat approaches Slash, asking if she can join his group. She is given the chance to join Thunder and the forest cats, or continue serving under Slash. She takes the chance to rejoin Slash and his group, claiming that she is a hunter, not prey to be hunted. Slash blinks approvingly at Swallow, and tells her to come with him.
After Slash meets up with the other cats at the four trees, Thunder realizes that one of Slash's cats isn't there. He comes to the conclusion that Swallow was the cat who was not present, recalling how the she-cat had begged to go with Slash and his group of cats. Thunder's thoughts race, but Sparrow Fur beats him to his next thought: Swallow was the cat to guard Black Ear, one of the kits of Gray Wing and Slate, and while Slash distracted the cats in the clearing, the orange she-cat took the kit somewhere else, so they couldn't find him, remarking that at least she had the sense to look for shelter while she awaited Slash's return.
Thunder picks up Swallow's fear-scent, and also notices Slash's mixed in. He comes to the realization that Slash had picked up Black Ear and Swallow after the meeting, and they made their way to camp. Owl Eyes and Sparrow Fur pick up both Swallow and Black Ear's scents, and say that they hadn't departed very long ago, and they make their way to where Swallow had hidden Black Ear: an outcrop in the snow.
The group of cats soon find Swallow and Slash, the former of whom still has Black Ear in her jaws. Thunder spots them, and calls out. After Thunder speaks, Swallow stumbles in the slushy mess, dropping Black Ear. Scrambling to her paws, Swallow flees with Slash, leaving Black Ear in the middle of the Thunderpath in the path of an oncoming monster.



  • Despite appearing in Path of Stars, Swallow is not listed in the allegiances.[4]


Swallow: "Can I come too?"
Slash: "Don't you want to stay with these weaklings, Swallow?"
Swallow: "I don't want to live like prey. I'm a hunter."
Slash: "Then you'd better come with us."
—Swallow asking to go with Slash Path of Stars, page 173

"At least Swallow had the sense to find shelter for Black Ear while she waited for Slash to return."
—Narrator on Swallow's idea to hide Black Ear Path of Stars, page chapter 22

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