"I've been watching you sniffing your way around the meadow for ages. You didn't even know I was here. I'm surprised you can find your own tails in the morning."
— Swift insulting Thunder and Lightning Tail in The First Battle, page 158

Swift is an orange tabby she-cat.[1]


In the Dawn of the Clans arc

The First Battle

Swift is a rogue who lives in the meadow.
As Thunder and Lightning Tail search for Tom and Sparrow Fur, Owl Eyes, and Pebble Heart, they scent a rogue she-cat, and Lightning Tail suggests that the rogue might know where Tom and the kits are. Despite not seeing signs of any other cat, Swift crouches on a branch, questioning their conclusion, and mocks how they failed to notice her the first time. Thunder inquires if she saw three kits, and she introduces herself as Swift, tail high, while she circles the two toms. Thunder repeats his question, and she shrugs, responding in the affirmative, but questions why they are looking for them. Lightning Tail explains that they've been stolen, and Swift responds that they didn't look stolen and followed the tom happily. It made her think that he was their father, which Thunder confirms he is.
Swift questions his problem, and he explains of Tom's cruelty, and that he took the kits without their mother's permission. Swift stops circling them, and inquires of said mother's location, asking if she should be looking for them. Thunder explains that she went on ahead, and Swift tips her head on one side, asking why. Thunder thrusts his muzzle close to Swift's, explaining that the tom is vicious, and asks if she saw where they went. She flicks her tail, responding that they crossed the meadow, and were heading for the river. He asks if it is the way to Twolegplace, which she confirms. Swift adds that once he gets them there, they will never find them, as Twolegplace is too noisy and smelly for any cat to pick up their trail. Thunder claims that they will find them before they reach it, and Swift wishes them luck, heading into the long grass. Thunder watches her leave and remembers that Swift said the kits followed Tom happily.



Swift: "They didn't look stolen. They were following the tom quite happily. I thought he must be their father."
Thunder: "He is."
Swift: "So what's the problem?"
Thunder: "He's a cruel kittypet who hurt their mother and has taken them without her permission."
Swift: "Where is their mother? Shouldn't she be looking for them?"
—Swift questioning Thunder's purpose to find the kits The First Battle, pages 158-159

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