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Beenose lives! (For a little longer than her page claims)

The citation used to claim Beenose died of yellowcough is just Kate claiming she had one liners in the book that killed her and Slatekit off but they'd been edited out. The books themselves show her as alive. She had yellowcough in the book, sure, but the closest we got to a death scene was Violetpaw being worried when she didn't see her among Darktail's Rogues at the end of the book. She could've easily been alive and saved by Puddleshine between that scene and the begining of Shattered Sky, where she's shown to be alive and well.

Beenose is stated at several other points in the books to have been drowned, which is much more likey to be her canon death. Shattered Sky mentions she left the kin, The comic at the end of Tigerheart's Shadow has Berryheart lament that Darktail 'didn't fail with her' in regards to Beenose, and she appears herself as a ghost cat and confirms yet again that she was drowned.

Even moreso, the citation you used is the same exact source you use as trivia on Slatefur's page, to say that he was 'mistakenly said to die of yellowcough'.

So either that source is right for both of them and they both appear in the books afterwards incorrectly, or it's wrong for both of them, and they both survived the events of Thunder and Shadow.

I think the latter is the more likely option, a plain-faced reading of the published material creates no confusion.

RageSnake (talk) 02:24, August 15, 2018 (UTC)

Those are very good points you've brought up. After looking at the source material, the logic stays sound throughout. Especially the fact that we don't use it for Slatefur. I'm inclined to agree - what do others think?spooky is that... a furry cat?!?  05:33, August 15, 2018 (UTC)

Definitely excellent points, thank you for bringing this up! I agree as well that the earlier death seems like the mistake here, given the slew of information from books released afterwards. Jayce  ( 06:27, 8/15/2018 )

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