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I think it'll be about Crowfeather and Nightcloud's relationship. Perhaps it'll take place before Power of Three or the Next Arc. 

I'm still not really sure when it'll take place. There are a number of timelines it could follow. But as for now, I'm tentatively placing my bets on during AVOS, like the most recent SEs. Or in the past, starting at Sunrise when the truth is revealed. I can't wait to find out, tbh. JayI hope they remember you....ϟ 03:23, 2/01/2018

Where did you get the source for the allegiances? Glasses I'm as serious as a three-legged opossum in a slanted outhouse 21:12, August 24, 2018 (UTC)

the preview is currently avaliable here. david 🌈 21:15, August 24, 2018 (UTC)