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Gorsetail (PoT)
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Gorsetail (PoT)
is a part of Project Charart
It has been graded

Style Concerns

Needs Template:Charcat
Needs cleanup....badly
Needs History completed
Needs Categories added/completed
Needs more quotes

Coding Error

Under "Members" there is a red link. Can the be fixed? User:A Cat Named Cheshire/Sig 22:36, May 4, 2012 (UTC)

Family Tree

I have never posted here before, so please correct me if I do anything wrong. anyways, when was it revealed that Beechfur was the mate of Gorsetail and the father of her kits? Whoever put that information there, they didn't site it. Also did I do my sig right?(Sorry of that was meant for the forums or something else) Amberstorm233 (talk) 23:51, September 3, 2015 (UTC)Amberstorm233

Never mind then, I saw a reference on the Mates page. Amberstorm233 (talk) 01:30, September 4, 2015 (UTC)Amberstorm233

blank pixel

I don't want to bring it to PCA, so correct me, but is her blank pixel really male one? --Pumpkintail (talk) 17:08, June 14, 2016 (UTC)

We don't have male & female blanks for each rank anymore;; just one used for all cats. spooky is that... a furry cat?!? 17:18, 6/14/2016

huh? Why? -Pumpkintail (talk) 17:59, June 14, 2016 (UTC)

Because eyelashes on a cat are pretty dumb, and it's what PCA agreed to in our vote. Plus, reading a description will tell a cat's gender if they have one. Jayce  ( 18:01, 6/14/2016 )

oh well, that's true but I still prefer it. Althrough eyelashes do sound weird... german wiki still does them. Thanks for telling me. --Pumpkintail (talk) 16:57, June 16, 2016 (UTC)


If Gorsetail is mates with Beechfur, doesn't that mean her kits are Half-Clan? 

Change doesn't change me. 14:47, January 10, 2017 (UTC)Stonefeather1235

yes, it's noted on their pages and the Half-Clan cats page. david 🌈 14:53, January 10, 2017 (UTC)


Just a little question.

What does the 'P3' stand for in the title of Gorsetail's page?

Red (talk) 00:22, July 1, 2018 (UTC)

Power of Three, the arc she first appeared in, since there's more than one Gorsetail in WindClan. Jayce  ( 00:23, 7/01/2018 ) ( 00:23, 7/01/2018 )

Oh! I always thought it standed for 'page 3' ;)

Red (talk) 06:23, July 2, 2018 (UTC)

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