"Then let Sandgorse sulk if he wants to, and concentrate on becoming the best moor runner you can be. Your Clan needs good warriors, and I think you can become one of the best."
Dawnstripe to Tallpaw in Tallstar's Revenge, page 124
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Page Numbers: 117-138

Chapter description

The full moon rests in the sky as WindClan waits to leave for the Gathering. Tallpaw pricks his ears when Cloudrunner asks Hickorynose when they can start using the tunnel. The tunneler warns that they need to reinforce the walls before it's safe for moor runners. His fur prickling along his spine, Cloudrunner asks if he really thinks this is going to make a difference for them. Heatherstar reminds him that it's a good route down to the gorge. Reedfeather's eyes flash, mewing it's quicker to getting to RiverClan territory.
Staring at the brown tom, Cloudrunner asks why they would need to go there, and Reedfeather shrugs, stating there could be a war or there could be another reason for them to visit their neighbors. Tallpaw impatiently kneads at the grass, and Dawnstripe promises to not worry and they will be leaving soon. Avoiding her gaze, Tallpaw murmurs he's not worried. Instead of feeling excited about his first Gathering, he feels nervous; his fight with Sandgorse the day before left him unsettled.
Barkpaw hurries over, announcing that Hawkheart says he can come. Tallpaw asks if Shrewpaw is coming too, and Barkpaw looks surprised, asking if he told him. Tallpaw replies that Shrewpaw never tells him anything, and the brown apprentice pauses from practicing battle moves with his mentor. He asks why should he, and that Tallpaw is wasting his time training as a moor runner, he's a tunneler. Tallpaw snaps that he's not, and Shrewpaw mews that Sandgorse will make sure he is one day.
Heart twisting, Tallpaw meows that Sandgorse respects what he wants, and Shrewpaw sneers. Hawkheart's deep growl sounds behind them, meowing that in the end, they all decide their own destinies. Cloudrunner continues to squabble with Hickorynose. Tallpaw notes how Heatherstar had spent most of the day convincing him to join them at the Gathering and how there had been arguments. Heatherstar leads the Clan out of camp. Before Tallpaw leaves, Palebird slides out of the nursery and wishes him luck, and Shrewpaw mimickes her. Barkpaw defends his friend, and Dawnstripe noses her apprentice away.
Doespring and Ryestalk meet Tallpaw outside and ask if he's excited about his first Gathering. The black and white tom replies that he guesses, and Ryestalk mews that it'll be great. Hawkheart mutters to Whiteberry that he should be resting, but the elder retorts that he's not going to let a few aching joints stop him from going to the Gathering. Barkpaw trots after his mentor, mewing that he gave him the heather blossom they gathered. Hawkheart asks Whiteberry if it has helped, and Whiteberry meows that he was fine before and to not waste their herbs on him.
Shrewpaw mews poor Barkpaw, and to imagine spending life listening to elders complain. Doespring sharply mews that he's had plenty of practice growing up in a nest with him, and Shrewpaw scowls before going ahead to catch up with his brother. Stagleap urges Tallpaw own, and the apprentice asks what Fourtrees is like. Stagleap answers that it's weird, and he'll see when he gets there. Doespring asks Tallpaw if he wants to race, but he declines, and she runs off with Stagleap instead.
Dawnstripe pads up to him, meowing she thought he loved racing, and he answers that he doesn't feel like it. After a few moments of silence, the golden warrior asks what's wrong. Tallpaw responds that nothing is wrong, and his mentor points out that he's been in a bad mood since he went tunneling the day before. She persists that he hardly said a word in training earlier and he didn't even try to outstalk Shrewpaw, and on top of that, his hunting stance was the worse she has ever seen. Tallpaw suggests that maybe he's not meant to be a moor runner.
Briskly, Dawnstripe tells him to not be silly and that he's the best runner that she's seen. She urges him to tell her what happened in the tunnels that unsettled him and wonders if it was his father. Sighing, Tallpaw meows that he didn't even see him off to his first Gathering. Dawnstripe mews that it's going to take Sandgorse time to accept that he's going to be a moor runner, no cat can change his feelings overnight. Crossly, Tallpaw wonders if he wants what's best for him, and Dawnstripe replies of course, but he still thinks being a tunneler is what's best.
Belly tightening, Tallpaw asks if he's right, and Dawnstripe prompts him if he wants to be a tunneler. He bursts out no and he never wants to spend his life underground. Dawnstripe says then he's going to have to put up with his father's disappointment and he can only control how he feels. Tallpaw mews that he feels bad, and Dawnstripe says not bad enough to become a tunneler just to please Sandgorse. She tells him to let him sulk if he wants and to just concentrate on becoming the best moor runner he can be, his Clan needs good warriors and she thinks he can become one of the best.
Stagleap and Doespring bound up to them, Stagleap meowing that Heatherstar is waiting for them to join them before going down and Hawkheart is getting restless. Dawnstripe tells Tallpaw that it's his first Gathering and to enjoy it, before haring off with the two young warriors. Tallpaw races after them until he reaches his Clanmates. They flood into the hollow and are the first to arrive, with ThunderClan joining them shortly after. Heatherstar and Pinestar greet each other, and Hawkheart talks to Goosefeather.
Stagleap whispers to Tallpaw that Goosefeather talks to himself, and once the ThunderClan apprentices had told him that he walks through the woods, conversing with the trees and squirrels. As he watches the Clans weave together, Tallpaw wonders if it's okay to talk to them, and Dawnstripe says as long as clouds don't cover the moon. Stagleap adds to be careful what he says, he could speak too much and give out WindClan's secrets, but if he speaks too little he could appear hostile. Doespring advises him to just listen and be polite.
ShadowClan arrives and Stagleap points out Cedarstar and Stonetooth as the leader and deputy. Tallpaw spots Whiteberry greeting Littlebird and Mumblefoot, and Shrewpaw boasting to three other apprentices that he's the fastest, then get into a squabble with Moonpaw. Tallpaw becomes aware of his pounding heart as he worries how he will ever remember all the names or know what to say. He watches Stagleap and Doespring race away to see if Nettlepaw has passed her assessment and wonders if he should follow or join Shrewpaw.
He crouches instead and watches the Clans weave together. RiverClan arrives and Tallpaw wishes he could see the open sky past the leaves of the oaks. Cloudrunner brushes up beside him, meowing that next time it won't be as strange. He tells Tallpaw to follow him and he keeps close as they head through the crowd until they stop by Stagleap and Doespring.
Cedarstar begins the Gathering, announcing that ShadowClan is well and that Silverflame has three new kits. Tallpaw notices the ShadowClan cats around him exchange worried looks and wonders if there is a secret behind the good news. The gray tom finishes the report that prey has been plentiful and greenleaf has been kind to them, before stepping back and letting Pinestar take his place. The ThunderClan leader meows that greenleaf has been kind to his Clan too, but there have been dogs in the forest, though their patrols have driven them off.
Stagleap leans over and jokingly whispers that maybe he should offer to scent mark their borders, and Dawnstripe hushes him. Hailstar steps forward and says that the rains of newleaf have fed the river and brought more fish than they can eat. Tallpaw wonders if the other Clans ever go hungry, and Cloudrunner mutters that's what they want them to think and no Clan would admit their hunger. He points to two ThunderClan warriors who have fresh scars on their noses, meowing that it looks like the dogs put up a fight before they were chased off, but Pinestar didn't mention that.
Heatherstar takes her place and mews that prey has been running well on the moor and they have new warriors, Stagleap, Doespring, and Ryestalk, and a new apprentice, Tallpaw. Voices raise, cheering his name, making Tallpaw shrink beneath his pelt and he tries to sit up straight as eyes fix warmly on him. Heatherstar continues that the nursery is empty, though not for long. Tallpaw waits for her to announce the tunnel leading to the gorge, but Heatherstar steps back and nods to the other leaders. He wonders if she is going to mention it, and Stagleap says it's just a tunnel and the other Clans wouldn't understand. Ryestalk adds they never mention the tunnels, and Cloudrunner says that the tunnels give them an advantage, so it's best they don't share it with them.
Tallpaw turns to Hickorynose and dips his head to him to show his appreciation, but the tunneler is shouldering his way through the crowd with his eyes low as he heads to a space separate from the others. Stagleap nudges Tallpaw, mewing to come on and meet Shimmerpelt. Doespring rolls her eyes and explains that she's in RiverClan and Stagleap has a massive crush on her. Confused, Tallpaw mews he thought that was forbidden, and Stagleap breezily replies it's forbidden to take a mate from a different Clan, but it doesn't mean you can't talk to them. He pads away with Doespring, and Tallpaw calls after them that he'll stay there, interested in just watching now.
He observes the other cats until Dawnstripe calls him, beckoning him over with her tail. Tallpaw hurries over and she nods to some ShadowClan apprentices named Frogpaw, Newtpaw, and Ashpaw. Frogpaw wonders how long he has been training for. Tallpaw answers a moon, feeling uncomfortable under the dark gray tom's gaze. Ashpaw mews that he smells like heather, and Tallpaw glares, thinking she smells like nettles.
Heatherstar calls WindClan together to head back to camp, leaving Tallpaw feeling relieved. As he rejoins his Clanmates, he hisses to Dawnstripe, wondering why she introduced him to them. His mentor replies to know his enemy, if he meets them in battle he will recognize their scent and strength. Tallpaw is unconvinced, and Dawnstripe presses, asking what he thought of Frogpaw and Ashpaw. He answers that Frogpaw looked like he was trying to judge how strong he was and Ashpaw wasn't shy, nor was Newtpaw.
Dawnstripe meows then he has a sense of them, and promises that when a battle comes it will help. When they arrive back to camp, Tallpaw is exhausted. The Clan freezes outside of the entrance when they hear voices from inside, and Larksplash makes the first move, exclaiming that the visitors are here at last, then races inside.





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