"A tabby can't change his stripes. Shrewpaw was born with a burr in his fur. I'll just have to put up with it."
Tallpaw talking to Dawnstripe about Shrewpaw in Tallstar's Revenge, page 87
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Chapter Number: 8 (of 45)
Page Numbers: 80-92

Chapter description

Dawnstripe reassures Tallpaw as the apprentice worries about his training with Doepaw, Stagpaw, Ryepaw, and Shrewpaw. As Tallpaw walks into the bank of heather, his paws touch rabbit tracks. He follows the tracks hoping they would lead him to the rock Cloudrunner had mentioned to him previously. Tallpaw breaks for the rock, hiding his scent in the heather and rabbit-droppings, but catches the smell of his clanmate, Stagpaw. Once the sounds of the other apprentices grew closer, Tallpaw breaks his path and swerves around trees and bushes, hoping his scent would waver, however, once he continues his path toward the rock, Ryepaw, Stagpaw, and Doepaw leap out of the heather and chase him. Stagpaw leads the other two apprentices with him in an attempt to surround Tallpaw but he notices their plan and bolts in the other direction.
The apprentices gain upon his advances once more, but Tallpaw tactically drifts pass them as he slows down. Tallpaw once again runs for the rock and the three apprentices chase after him. The leading apprentice quickly grows closer to the rock, but is quickly shoved away moments before reaching the great stone.
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