"No racing, I promise. No having fun whatsoever on dawn patrol."
Tallpaw to Larksplash in Tallstar's Revenge, page 95-96
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Chapter Number: 9 (of 45)
Page Numbers: 93-104

Chapter description

Tallpaw is pacing around the entrance of the camp, being the first awake and eager to go on dawn patrol. Dawnstripe greets him, and Tallpaw asks if they are going to check all of the borders. His mentor replies with a shake of her head, mewing that would take too long. She points to Stagleap, Ryestalk, and Larksplash, saying they will be patrolling with them at the gorge and moor edge, while Hareflight, Shrewpaw, Doespring, and Appledawn will be going to Fourtrees and ShadowClan.
Shrewpaw asks if he can eat before they go, but Dawnstripe meows that there will be no hunting until the borders have been checked, then adds that Heatherstar will send out a hunting patrol soon and he can eat once they're back. Excited about the patrol, Tallpaw doesn't understand how Shrewpaw could be hungry and wonders how he could get bored of it. He asks Dawnstripe if they can chase an intruder away if they find one.
Dawnstripe informs him that he will need to ask Larksplash, since she is leading. The tortoiseshell warrior answers that it depends if it's a threat to the Clan. Larksplash calls Ryestalk and her brother over, and Stagleap's eyes brighten when he finds out Tallpaw will be going with them. He asks the apprentice if he wants to race. Larksplash steps between them, sternly meowing she wants their attention concentrated on the borders, not a race. Amused, the two toms promise they won't race or have any fun.
They leave camp, Larksplash leading the way to the Thunderpath. Stagleap and Ryestalk manage to convince her to let them race to there, and Larksplash warns Tallpaw to be careful of the Thunderpath. Ryestalk, Stagleap, and Tallpaw all crash away. Stagleap wins, stopping beside the path. Tallpaw observes the vacant Thunderpath, wondering where all the monsters are, and Stagleap tells him they come later in the day. Ryestalk meows that they've passed the scent line and Stagleap says they should start marking before Larksplash gets hissy.
Tail bushed, Dawnstripe reaches them and snaps at Tallpaw that she doesn't want to see him so close to the Thunderpath again. Surprised, Tallpaw mews that it is deserted, but Dawnstripe glares, saying they are huge and move as fast as birds. Tallpaw begins to protest once more, but his mentor meows that when she tells him something, he listens, not argue.
As he helps to mark the border, Tallpaw grows bored and watches as Larksplash follows a scent line that has crossed into their territory. Dawnstripe asks if it's RiverClan, but the tortoiseshell replies it's just a Twoleg, and Ryestalk wonders if it had a dog with it. Stagleap meows there haven't been any dogs in that part of the moor in a moon, claiming they're afraid of his scent. Tallpaw wonders if he means rabbits, and Stagleap playfully swipes his ears. Dawnstripe sternly reminds them that they're patrolling.
The sound of the gorge grows as they move closer, and Tallpaw looks forward to going back to camp to do proper training. He follows Larksplash through a patch of heather, which opens out to the cliff. The warriors fan out to check the scent on the top, while Tallpaw creeps to the edge, peering over and asks Stagleap if it's deep. The brown tom shrugs in response, and Tallpaw wonders if he has ever been down on the grassland that the ledge runs down to.
Stagleap shakes his head, meowing it's too dangerous in leaf-bare and snowmelt covers it in newleaf. Tallpaw mews it's a good route to the Twoleg bridge without being seen by RiverClan. Stagleap teases, asking if he plans on invading the other Clan. A shudder below the ground disturbs them and yowls come from a rabbit hole nearby. Sandgorse bursts from the tunnel, with Mistmouse close behind, both covered in thick mud.
After making sure the rest of the tunnelers are safe, Sandgorse notices the patrol and informs them that there was a cave-in. Tallpaw rushes over, wondering what happened, and his father explains there has been too much sunshine, which made the soil shrink and rocks fall. Sandgorse asks if they're patrolling and Dawnstripe reports there are no intruders. Sandgorse meows they've been digging all night and they're very close to reaching the gorge.
He tells Dawnstripe that this is the purrfect time to give Tallpaw tunneling experience. Tallpaw hopes she will say no, but after some convincing from Sandgorse, his mentor agrees and leaves him with his father while the rest of the patrol return to camp. Sandgorse is excited to show Tallpaw the tunnel, and for the first time in a half moon, he gazes at his son with pride. Gritting his teeth, Tallpaw lies that he's looking forward to it. He optimistically thinks that maybe once he's underground, he'll understand why Sandgorse thinks being a tunneler is so special.





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