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In The Prophecies Begin arc

Into the Wild

Tallstar is mentioned by Graypaw to be the leader of WindClan as Graypaw describes the different Clan leaders to Firepaw just before a Gathering. As the Gathering finally starts, Brokenstar, the leader of ShadowClan, reveals that all of WindClan has been driven out by ShadowClan. This causes much surprise and anger among the other two Clans as the fate of WindClan is unknown.

Fire and Ice

Tallstar appears with his Clan in the prologue as they struggle to find a new home. He comforts Ashfoot, saying that they would be safer living near the Thunderpath than in their own territory. He sends out Deadfoot and Onewhisker to look for rats as a source of food. Deadfoot and Onewhisker return and show WindClan a tunnel under the Thunderpath in which they could live in. Tallstar is the first to accept it as their new home, and the rest of the Clan reluctantly follows him inside it.
Later, Fireheart and Graystripe are sent to retrieve WindClan and bring them home. When they see Tallstar for the first time, he is much skinnier and he smells of rotting crowfood. He is hostile towards the ThunderClan warriors, and tells them that he was expecting ShadowClan. When they hear that Brokenstar has been driven away, the WindClan warriors are surprised, but then purr in satisfaction when they hear RiverClan warriors are very poor rabbit-hunters when they try hunting them. Tallstar agrees that Fireheart and Graystripe could travel home with WindClan, and they leave the tunnel under the Thunderpath within moments.
Tallstar leads the Clan home, with the assistance of the ThunderClan warriors. After reaching Highstones, he agrees that they should stop for the night when Fireheart suggests it. WindClan then spend the night sheltered in an abandoned Twoleg nest, near the barn where Barley and Ravenpaw live. When Barkface, the medicine cat, interprets an omen in the clouds, Tallstar is shaken by his words, but calmly replies that either way, WindClan would be returning home today. He allows Deadfoot and other warriors to run ahead once they near their territory, but takes lead again in bringing them back to their camp. He then orders Deadfoot and Onewhisker to escort Fireheart and Graystripe safely to Fourtrees, before thanking them once more.
WindClan is present at the next Gathering and he greets Bluestar with a polite nod. However, Bluestar does not welcome WindClan home, due to the more pressing matter of RiverClan hunting on Sunningrocks. When the topic of scents that smell like ShadowClan come up, Tallstar admits that they have been found in WindClan territory as well. Crookedstar then accuses Tallstar of forming an alliance with ThunderClan, and Tallstar angrily retorts that that had not happened. As clouds covered the sky, he announces that the Gathering is over by the will of StarClan.
A while later, RiverClan and ShadowClan unite to try and drive out WindClan again. Tallstar sends Onewhisker to bring help from ThunderClan, and two patrols join the fight to help WindClan. After the battle, Tallstar thanks Tigerclaw, the deputy of ThunderClan, who, in response, raises his chin up high and accepts the thanks.

Forest of Secrets

Tallstar is present at the next Gathering with the other representatives of WindClan. He starts the Gathering by announcing that an elder has died, but the rest of the warriors are recovering from the recent battle, making them fine to fight another day. He gives Nightstar and Crookedstar a meaningful look, to which Nightstar hisses angrily and Crookedstar growls deeply in his throat. Bluestar, however, congratulates Tallstar, saying they should rejoice at the news. After Nightstar announces that ThunderClan is sheltering Brokentail, formerly Brokenstar, Tallstar immediately shifts his anger towards Bluestar and ThunderClan. He spits at Bluestar, saying that she is a traitor, and WindClan responds by calling the rest of ThunderClan traitors. The Gathering ends without any fighting, but Nightstar and Tallstar promise that ThunderClan will expect trouble from them if they continue sheltering Brokentail.
Not long passes before WindClan and ShadowClan form their own alliance and together attack ThunderClan, determined to kill Brokentail. Fireheart sees Tallstar with Cinderfur, Deadfoot, Stumpytail, Onewhisker, and Wetfoot. The two Clans succeed in driving ThunderClan back and breaking into their camp. Nightstar and Onewhisker are the first to break through the tunnel with Tallstar right behind them. Tallstar is close to reaching Brokentail until Tigerclaw attacks him. As more ThunderClan cats return to camp, ShadowClan and WindClan are forced to retreat.

Rising Storm

After the battle against ThunderClan, Tallstar is next seen at another Gathering, though he shows no signs of having an alliance with Nightstar anymore. His reaction to the news that Brokentail is dead and Fireheart is the new deputy of ThunderClan isn't shown.
Later, while Fireheart and Onewhisker are talking at a Gathering, Onewhisker tells his friend that Tallstar isn't happy with Mudclaw for turning him and Bluestar away from going to the Moonstone, showing that he may have forgiven Bluestar and ThunderClan. Tallstar approaches Fireheart soon after this, saying that Fireheart comes on to WindClan territory more often than normal. When Fireheart responds by saying that he is only serving his Clan, Tallstar goes on to say that he wasn't surprised when Bluestar named Fireheart her deputy. He also says that he was not among the cats that doubted Fireheart's ability to be deputy.
Looking around, he asks where Bluestar is, and Fireheart reluctantly replies that she is still injured from the recent fire. When only three ShadowClan cats appear at the Gathering, Tallstar asks what is holding up Nightstar, to which Runningnose replies bluntly that Nightstar is dead. Tallstar proceeds to jump up onto the Great Rock while waiting for the new ShadowClan leader to arrive.

A Dangerous Path

When the new leader of ShadowClan is revealed to be Tigerstar, Tallstar accepts him, not knowing the treachery he committed while in ThunderClan. Tallstar is the first to notice that the leader of ThunderClan is not present when Fireheart jumps up beside the three leaders. He reassures them that Bluestar is fine and that she will recover from the recent fire soon. When Tigerstar announces that Brokentail's allies have been accepted back into the Clan, Tallstar shares his doubts about allowing the warriors back into the Clan. Tigerstar tells him that they were simply following the warrior code when they followed their leader. Tallstar continues to be doubtful, but finally accepts Tigerstar's word. Tallstar makes his report after Fireheart speaks, announcing new apprentices and warriors.
At the following Gathering, Tallstar sits next to Tigerstar while Bluestar stalks past him, convinced Tallstar is now an enemy for trusting Tigerstar. When the news comes out that Crookedstar has died and Leopardstar has taken his place, Tallstar meows that Crookedstar will be missed but also wishes Leopardstar good luck in her leadership. After Tigerstar speaks, Tallstar makes to take his place but Bluestar shoves him back. Bluestar then angrily reports that WindClan has been hunting in ThunderClan territory, to which Tallstar retorts that they haven't. He scoffs at her proof of rabbit remains, then accuses Bluestar of stealing WindClan prey. Once everything calms down, he swears by StarClan that WindClan had not been stealing prey, to which Bluestar retorts that StarClan means nothing to her. He ends the Gathering then, promising a fight if Bluestar is looking for one.
Later on, Fireheart comes to the WindClan camp after convincing Onewhisker that he needs to talk to Tallstar. Tallstar angrily appears to Fireheart. Fireheart quickly tells them of Bluestar's plans to attack WindClan, but that he that wants to prevent pointless bloodshed. He also tells them that it is a dog that has been stealing the prey, not cats. Fireheart then tells Tallstar that he wants the two Clans to meet and make peace. Tallstar becomes thoughtful, but says that he will not risk one of his warriors by sending them to ThunderClan. Fireheart tells them that he can send Ravenpaw to speak to Bluestar instead. Tallstar agrees and sends Onewhisker to the barn where Ravenpaw lives. He orders Fireheart to leave with Deadfoot escorting him, but promises Fireheart he will be at Fourtrees at dawn.
Ravenpaw reaches Bluestar in time and she agrees to meet Tallstar. Both leaders meet at Fourtrees with a warrior patrol behind them. Tallstar first orders his warriors not to move or attack before he begins speaking to Bluestar. He proceeds to swear, by anything Bluestar held sacred, that WindClan had not been stealing any prey. His words seem to reach her finally, and he tells her that WindClan, too, has lost prey as well. Bluestar then irritably accepts his word and Tallstar thanks Fireheart for stopping any bloodshed.

The Darkest Hour

At Firestar's first Gathering as leader, Tallstar greets him warmly with Deadfoot at his side. He reports that Tornear informed him of his new status and the death of Bluestar, before saying that he will be a worthy successor. He proceeds to jump up on the Great Rock and Firestar follows him shortly afterwards. While they wait for RiverClan and ShadowClan to arrive, Firestar tries to tell Tallstar that he is worried about Tigerstar, but the two Clans arrive together just then. When Tigerstar announces that StarClan has given him their blessing for all four Clans to become one, TigerClan, Tallstar, along with the rest of his Clan and ThunderClan, are outraged. Tigerstar asks Tallstar and Firestar to join him and Leopardstar. Tallstar steps forward and addresses all the Clans, saying that Tigerstar has no right to use the name of an ancient Clan. Firestar then steps forward, standing beside Tallstar, also refusing to join. Tigerstar then leaves the Gathering with RiverClan and ShadowClan in tow.
Not long after the Gathering, TigerClan attacks WindClan. Tallstar sends Mudclaw to get help from ThunderClan, but the battle is over by the time they arrive. After a patrol is sent out to check WindClan territory, Tallstar pulls Firestar to the side and gives him a message from Tigerstar. Tigerstar said that he was tired of waiting and wanted their decision to join TigerClan or not, while also showing what he would do if Firestar refused, which was, in this case, killing Morningflower's kit, Gorsepaw. Tallstar and Firestar then make a pact to join together and fight TigerClan or die.
The next day, Firestar and Tallstar bring their Clans to Fourtrees to confront Tigerstar and TigerClan. Tallstar allows Firestar to lead the Clans forward, and Firestar knows that they are now LionClan. Tigerstar then reveals his plan: if the two leaders refuse, he will reveal to them BloodClan, a large group of rogues living under their leader, Scourge. When Scourge refuses to listen to Tigerstar, Scourge rakes his claws down Tigerstar's stomach and steps back as all nine lives are ripped from the TigerClan leader. As it happens, Tallstar has to order his warriors to stay together and break away. Scourge then leaves them with three days to leave the forest, or BloodClan would drive them out. Tallstar speaks with Firestar afterwards and both agree that they would fight and not be driven out of the forest.
After three days, at dawn, Tallstar leads WindClan forward and they meet up with Firestar and ThunderClan and Leopardstar with TigerClan. Tallstar and Leopardstar then allow Firestar to speak for all the Clans to Scourge. Scourge then immediately yowls for his cats to attack and Firestar yowls the order for LionClan to do so as well. After that, Tallstar is seen battling a black-and-white rogue when the cat notices that Scourge is dead. BloodClan then scatters in fear and Tallstar takes the moment to lead WindClan forward and chase BloodClan out of the forest completely. Firestar and Tallstar then speak briefly afterwards before parting ways, becoming rivals once more.

In The New Prophecy arc


Tallstar continues to be leader of WindClan, although he is noticeably older than before.
At a Gathering, he is reluctant to speak but reveals that WindClan has no water left on their territory. He is forced to ask Leopardstar for permission to enter RiverClan territory to drink from the river. He then tells her that Onewhisker and Mudclaw went to the gorge to see if the water was reachable, but it was too dangerous. Leopardstar agrees reluctantly, but only for as long as the drought lasts. When the news of Mothwing, a former rogue, becoming a medicine cat comes up, Tallstar shares his doubts but is reluctant to speak after the favor Leopardstar granted him.
When Ravenpaw visits ThunderClan to warn Firestar about unusual Twoleg activities, Firestar dismisses his friend's worries but suggests he drop by WindClan and tell Tallstar as well.
Later, the leader enters RiverClan territory and drinking from the river when Brambleclaw, Feathertail, and Stormfur try to speak to Crowpaw. Days later, even though it has rained, Tallstar continues bringing his Clan to the river in RiverClan. Mistyfoot leads a patrol with Hawkfrost and an older cat with her over to Tallstar and they begin arguing. Tallstar returns to his Clanmates and takes his time leading them home.
At the next Gathering, Leopardstar immediately regrets her permission that she granted Tallstar when he confirmed that WindClan had water again, though she couldn't say anything about his Clan continuing to drink there after it had rained. Tallstar thanks her, but Hawkfrost steps forward then, accusing WindClan of stealing RiverClan prey. Tallstar swears that WindClan never stole any prey, and becomes angry when Leopardstar implies that they are thieves. Firestar quickly steps forward and calms the leaders before fighting breaks out. When the news of missing warriors comes up, Tallstar announces that Crowpaw has disappeared, but they had thought perhaps a fox had gotten him. He is troubled by the news that cats from all four Clans had disappeared and would most likely be traveling together.


As prey begins to disappear and Twolegs begin to destroy the territory, Firestar decides to visit Tallstar, hoping that they can join together. On the way there, the ThunderClan patrol sees WindClan cats hunting on their territory and they run ahead to warn Tallstar. By the time the patrol reaches WindClan territory, Tallstar has his warriors ready for a fight. Tallstar is angry and irritated by Firestar's visit, furiously telling him that they would not be driven out by him. Firestar replies he only wants to talk and does not have enough warriors with him to take on the whole of WindClan. Firestar then announces that WindClan have been stealing their prey. Furious, Mudclaw and Graystripe get into a fight while Tallstar watches with a look of contempt. Firestar orders the fighting to stop. The ThunderClan leader then proposes that they work together and come up with a solution, but Tallstar replies that there is no solution for this and that WindClan does not look to him for help. He leads his warriors away then, trusting Firestar to lead his own home.


Since the destruction of the forest, Tallstar has easily become one of the weakest cats out of all four Clans due to age and the territory's destruction.
After disappearing a few moons ago, Crowpaw finally returns to WindClan. He tells Tallstar what will become of the forest and that all four Clans must meet at the Great Rock to wait for the sign of the dying warrior. On his last hope, Tallstar agrees to meet at the Great Rock at moonhigh and brings Mudclaw, Barkface, and Crowpaw with him. When the four arrive, they discover that the other Clan leaders are also there. The four leaders climb up onto the overturned Great Rock. Tallstar, with the support of Firestar, waits for the sign. As they wait, Crowpaw reveals that Tallstar is more than willing to leave, but his greatest fear is that WindClan will not be strong enough to survive the journey to a new home.
As moonhigh comes and leaves, Blackstar is the first to leave, saying that no sign would come. Tallstar argues that StarClan is going to show them the way before he practically slips down the Great Rock and onto the ground. When Firestar and Blackstar are close to start fighting, Tallstar rasps that if they did, the sign would never come. All the representatives leave except for those from ThunderClan and WindClan. Tallstar desperately tells him that they must leave together, since his Clan is starving. Firestar miserably argues that they cannot leave without the other three Clans, as he also thought of StarClan. Tallstar leaves then, saying that they are too weak to make the journey alone and must wait for ThunderClan.
Tallstar leads his whole Clan to Sunningrocks where ThunderClan is sheltering. Longtail is the first to notice them, and no cat challenges them as they approach. He speaks to Firestar, pleading for his help before collapsing onto the ground. He reports that Twolegs have completely destroyed their home and that they have nowhere to go now. Before Firestar can decide what to do, Tawnypelt appears from ShadowClan, begging for help. She tells them that her camp was being destroyed and cats were still inside of it. Tallstar immediately decides to come help, and Firestar reluctantly agrees. He assigns the WindClan warriors the job of making sure the path leading away from the camp wasn't blocked. He waits for the last cats to leave, and hisses at Squirrelpaw to hurry up, just as a tree falls in their path. Tallstar makes it through, climbing over the tree and back over to Firestar. Another tree begins to fall near them, and the cats nearby run out of the way, saving Tallpoppy's kits. He later asks Leafpaw if Firestar is alright, since the tree had fallen on him, and she reassures him that Firestar is.
Tallstar then walks back to Sunningrocks with Mistyfoot aiding him. Soon, he collapses on the rocks with Crowpaw, Mudclaw, and Tornear gathered around him. When Brambleclaw proposes that it would be best to meet at the edge of WindClan territory for their journey, Firestar, Mistyfoot, and Tallstar all agree with him.
On the day of the journey, the Clans are held up due to the death of Mudfur, RiverClan's medicine cat. Tallstar expresses grief towards the old medicine cat before moments later reporting that WindClan was ready to leave. As the cats set out, Cinderpelt gives the last of her traveling herbs to the old leader. After a narrow escape from monsters, Leafpaw is seen looking after Tallstar, who is frightened and on the verge of collapsing. Cinderpelt takes over for her apprentice so Leafpaw could see to a few kits. When they stop at the barn, Tallstar appears to have recovered and greets Ravenpaw politely. The next morning, Tallstar agrees that the barn is prey-rich, but he and the others are dissuaded from staying by Firestar. As the day goes on, Onewhisker is seen constantly by Tallstar's side and the other leaders often look at him with worry.
After reaching the mountains, an eagle swoops down among the Clans in search of prey. Onewhisker and Hawkfrost shield Tallstar from being attacked, but as the bird goes in for an attack, the Tribe of Rushing Water cats appear and kill it. The Clans all agree to stay with the Tribe for a day or so, with Mudclaw speaking on behalf of WindClan. Inside the cave that holds the Tribe's home, Firestar introduces the leaders to Stoneteller, who notices how weak Tallstar is. He tells Bird to bring Tallstar strengthening herbs. That night, he lays out beside Dustpelt and Onewhisker. When Stoneteller announces that they will have a Gathering of their own in honor of Feathertail, Tallstar interrupts the meeting, saying it is time for Crowpaw's warrior ceremony. He begins saying the ancient words when Crowpaw stops him. Tallstar is surprised but agrees to Crowpaw's request for naming him Crowfeather and does so. A tribe-kit calls him a skinny old raven, but the kit's mother scolds him by saying that Tallstar is a noble Clan leader.
The next morning, the Clans leave the Tribe. Mudclaw once more speaks for WindClan, saying that they are ready. As the journey progresses, Tallstar no longer leans against Onewhisker, growing more confident and sure of himself. He becomes hopeful when they learn that they have possibly reached their new home. Not long after this, the Clans take first sight of their new home by a lake.


As the Clans first approach the lake, Barkface reports that Tallstar cannot go on for very much longer and a patrol is sent out to make sure no predators are nearby. When it is safe, Mudclaw nudges Tallstar to his feet and brings him closer to the other cats. He collapses onto the ground moments after Firestar begins to address the Clans, and Mudclaw stands in place for him to represent WindClan. Once the meeting is over, Barkface nudges Tallstar to a more comfortable spot to sleep where he lies down again and is visibly trembling. By now, most of the cats know that he is slowly dying. He sleeps through the next meeting with Barkface at his side. Mudclaw snidely remarks that Tallstar won't be leader for long and Onewhisker is mad at him for saying this.
As the day goes on, Onewhisker keeps up a vigil at Tallstar's side, so his leader would not be alone in his death. That night, Tallstar wakes up finally and sends Barkface to fetch Firestar. Brambleclaw comes along with him and the two ThunderClan cats gather around Tallstar while Barkface goes off in search of herbs. On his deathbed, Tallstar first thanks Firestar for his support and then tells Brambleclaw that he could make a good replacement as deputy for Graystripe, much to Firestar's dismay. Onewhisker arrives just before his leader's death and Tallstar, with his last few breaths, appoints Onewhisker as his deputy, even though the right words weren't spoken. Tallstar says Mudclaw cares more about being strong than being wise. His decision later causes a rebellion among WindClan for leadership; infuriated on finding out about the sudden change of deputy, and fed by his own ambition, Mudclaw is upset by this and stages a revolt against WindClan.


When Cinderpelt hears of her impending death from StarClan, Tallstar is among the warriors there to tell her. As Bluestar says she should know how much her Clan owes her, Tallstar steps forward, dipping his head in respect, and adding how much all four Clans owe her, including StarClan. Cinderpelt thanks him, and the old leader is surprised that Cinderpelt had faith in StarClan her whole life, despite how hard her life had been.


When Leafpool visits the Moonpool for the first time after Cinderpelt's death and shares tongues with her warrior ancestors, she sees Bluestar, Feathertail, Silverstream, Shrewpaw, Larchkit, Hollykit, Spottedleaf, Yellowfang, Mudfur, and Tallstar.
After this, Tallstar's successor, Onewhisker, receives his nine lives and new name, Onestar. Squirrelflight notes how much more confident Onestar is now compared to after Tallstar's death.

In the Power of Three arc

The Sight

When Leafpool seeks advice from StarClan over the matter of who should be deputy with the return of Graystripe, Tallstar appears, commenting that if Firestar is wise, he will choose the warrior who knows the Clan best. Bluestar warns him that that will be a hard choice to make; however, she agrees with the WindClan leader. Jaypaw, who had been secretly watching, informs Leafpool that he thought Tallstar and Bluestar were hinting that Firestar should choose Brambleclaw.
He later appears before Barkface in a dream while he is at the Moonpool. Tallstar warns him that dogs would come to WindClan territory soon, but he doesn't know how many, and that the Twolegs would bring them when the sheep come to eat the grass. Once more, Jaypaw watches the exchange secretly.


When StarClan warriors begin to discuss the prophecy that involves Jaypaw, Hollypaw, and Lionpaw, Bluestar tells Spottedleaf and Whitestorm that Tallstar held her up, saying that he was fretting as usual.
Mousefur later mentions how much WindClan has changed since Tallstar's leadership when Onestar begins to show more aggression than usual against ThunderClan.

In the A Vision of Shadows arc

Shattered Sky

Tallstar is briefly mentioned by Onestar, after Darktail's attack on WindClan's camp. When Darktail accuses Onestar of being a liar, Onestar later explains to the cats that the story he is about to tell comes from when Tallstar lead WindClan, back in the old forest. He says that Tallstar appointed him during his final moments, and every cat, including Onestar himself, was astonished. Onestar says that he felt he was unworthy of being chosen by Tallstar. He later explains who he is to Darktail, and also says that Darktail's mother, Smoke, would have never been accepted by Tallstar into WindClan, because she would never have survived by herself out on the moor. Onestar never explained the story to Tallstar, worried about how he would have explain Smoke, Darktail, and the entire situation to his leader.

The Raging Storm

Firestar gathers some former Clan leaders for a meeting on the island, and Tallstar is one of the cats present, along with Crookedstar, Blackstar, and Bluestar. Tallstar wonders why Firestar had to bring them to the island instead of just telling them in StarClan, pointing out that it’s warm there. Crookedstar says it’s pointless rushing Firestar, he likes to think before he speaks, and Tallstar grumbles he should have done his thinking before bringing them all here.
Firestar tells them ShadowClan should not drive SkyClan out, and they are ill-prepared for what the future holds, and if they can’t learn to live peacefully together, how could they face what is to come. Rowanclaw joins them, and after a bit of arguing and discussing, Tallstar says they must warn the Clans.

In the Super Editions

Tallstar's Revenge

Palebird calls out to Tallkit to be careful as he goes out exploring in the camp. He answers back that he'll be alright, and Brackenwing mentions Barkkit and Shrewkit will watch out for him. Tallkit notes that this is his second sunrise outside of the nursery and he is excited. Barkkit teases him, saying he looks like he's turning to ice in the cold air. Tallkit is amused, thinking to himself how his white muzzle and paws would make it easier for him to hide in the snow. Tallkit seems to be determined to prove himself equal to the older kits in the nursery, being the youngest, attempting to keep up with them as best as he can. Tallkit is described as nervous around the WindClan medicine cat, Hawkheart, remembering how his mother, Palebird, said he had little patience for kits. Hawkheart proceeds to tell Tallkit to stay undercover, as not to attract buzzards into the camp. He is shocked, but Reedfeather cuts in, telling the medicine cat not to scare him. Shrewkit reveals that he is going with his brother and Tallkit to go see the Hunting Stones.
Shrewkit teases him for blinking in the snow and he bristles, defending himself, stating that he opened his eyes quicker than any other kit in the nursery and that he simply isn't used to snow yet. He then goes on to remember how his mother warned him that leaf-bare hit WindClan hardest of all the Clans. Hunting patrols return and a debate breaks between the Clan's tunnelers and moor runners; Tallkit looks between them when an awkward silence occurs. Barkkit calls out to Tallkit to hurry up, taking his attention away from the other cats. Barkkit and Shrewkit easily make it over to The Hunting Stones, and he attempts to climb up next to them, failing miserably. Shrewkit taunts Tallkit, giving him the nickname 'Wormkit' in reference to his parents being tunnelers, giving him tunneler blood. Barkkit encourages him to try again. This time he succeeds. The elders come and start talking about old fox tales. Sandgorse, his father, comes and asks to take him tunneling. Shrewkit sneers that he is going worming.
Tallkit has doubts about his destiny as a tunneler, and often daydreams about the life of a moor runner. When his naming ceremony comes to fruition, Heatherstar names Dawnstripe as his mentor, who is a moor runner. The tunnelers are outraged since they were promised a tunneler, and she responds that she has watched Tallkit and saw him to be more fit as a moor runner, and after he has trained as a moor runner, he could decide to become a tunneler if he so chose. Sandgorse is outraged, and while Tallpaw is relieved, when he talks to his father about it, he admits that he doesn't want to go tunneling. He liked to be a moor runner.
Tallpaw learns many new skills from Dawnstripe, and starts to develop impressive running skills. He pretends to be a rabbit in Ryepaw, Doepaw, and Stagpaw's apprentice assessment, and nearly succeeds in getting to the rock before they do. He also trains with Shrewpaw, but the apprentice never ceases to taunt him about his destiny as a tunneler, and often calls him Wormpaw. The two never get along when they train together, either. One day when patrolling, they encounter the tunnelers, and Sandgorse pleads to take his son underground since Heatherstar wants every cat to have basic training with both sets of skills. He teaches Tallpaw how to dig and where to put the loose soil. The tunnelers lead him to the gorge tunnel that they are working on, and as they burst through, the hole was dug too low and the tunnel begins to fill with water. The cats run for their lives, and while Tallpaw is horrified, the others, especially his father, enjoyed the thrill of racing the water. Tallpaw is angry with Sandgorse and informs him that he will never be a tunneler just because his parents enjoyed it. Later, Dawnstripe hears of what happened in the tunnels from Tallpaw and Woollytail, and informs Heatherstar. The WindClan leader speaks with her deputy about it, and declares that the gorge tunnel will not be allowed to be continued for safety reasons. Sandgorse blames it on his son and is furious with him, glowering at him but not speaking with him for the longest time.
Tallpaw later goes to his first Gathering, which Shrewpaw teases that he would go without his mother, Palebird. On the way to the Gathering, he and his mentor Dawnstripe discuss about Tallpaw not wanting to be a tunneler after the flood incident. Stagleap then appears and tells them to hurry up, and that he beat Doespring in a race to Fourtrees. Doespring charges up behind him and says he didn't. The cats hurry on to the Gathering.
At the Gathering, Tallpaw looks around as he hears ThunderClan arriving. He watches as Pinestar greets Heatherstar, and Goosefeather appears to talk with Hawkheart. Stagleap comments that Goosefeather "goes into the woods and chats to the trees and squirrels." Tallpaw asks Dawnstripe if he can talk with the other Clans. Dawnstripe replies that he can, but if the clouds cover the moon, the truce is over. Stagleap adds that he should be careful on what he says, for he could give away WindClan secrets if he talked too much, and might seem hostile to other cats if he talked too little. Tallpaw understands, and Stagleap announces that ShadowClan has arrived. Tallpaw wrinkles his nose at the smell of pine sap and dank moss from the Clan. Stagleap assures he'll get used to it and that they smell WindClan odd. Tallpaw lifts his chin and replies that nobody could find the scent of wind odd. Doespring then shows Tallpaw the deputies, and a couple of elders. A couple feet away, Shrewpaw, Moonpaw and Blizzardpaw argue about WindClan living on the moors. Stormtail then walks up and takes Moonpaw far away from the other apprentices. Tallpaw then tries to remember the name of every cat, but worries he won't know what to say or do to them. He then waits for RiverClan with the other Clans.
RiverClan then arrive and Tallpaw sees Hailstar, the leader of RiverClan. He then asks Cloudrunner how the other Clans live under trees. Cloudrunner replies that they got used to it. Tallpaw then tries to find a seat as the Gathering starts. He then sits next to Stagleap. Cedarstar gives his report on ShadowClan and mentions three new kits born to Silverflame. The ShadowClan cats look around nervously. Tallpaw then guesses there was a secret behind the good news. Cedarstar then nods to Pinestar to give his report on ThunderClan. Tallpaw looks at ThunderClan cats and thinks about why they look so pleased with themselves. Cloudrunner than mews that Pinestar didn't mention anything about the dogs. Heatherstar then gives her report and mentions Tallpaw as a new apprentice. The Clans cheer for a bit, then Heatherstar finishes her report. Tallpaw asks Stagleap why she won't mention the tunnels. Stagleap replies that the other Clans don't really know about tunneling, so why care. An unnamed RiverClan she-cat is seen with Reedfeather as Tallpaw talks with Frogpaw, Newtpaw, Dawnstripe, and Ashpaw. The Gathering then ends and WindClan return home.
Tallpaw follows Dawnstripe after Larksplash had mentioned that the visitors were there. Every cat in WindClan is awake. Barkpaw asks about the visitors that Larksplash had meowed about. Shrewpaw sniffs the cats as Redclaw scolds him. Shrewpaw is confused about why they are there. A black and white she-cat meows about Wee Hen. Bess, the black and white she-cat, keeps talking about Wee Hen and how she didn't survive leaf-bare. Whiteberry flicks his tail, happy to see Algernon again.
When Tallpaw, Dawnstripe and Algernon are out hunting, Sparrow bursts out from a rabbit hole covered in mud. Tallpaw asks him where Sandgorse was and Sparrow replies weakly that he lost him. Tallpaw is angry and asks why he left him. Sparrow says there was too much water and mud. Tallpaw tells him he couldn't leave a cat underground. Algernon and Dawnstripe rush over to Sparrow's side, and Algernon asks if Sparrow was okay. Tallpaw then shouts that he had to find his father and he dives into the tunnel, trying to dig to his father, who was dead beneath the thick layers of mud. After Woollytail drags Tallpaw out of the tunnel, Sparrow is seen lying on his side, still covered in mud. When Plumclaw says that Sandgorse probably died in the tunnels, Tallpaw doesn't believe her and asks Sparrow where he had seen Sandgorse last. When Dawnstripe tells Tallpaw that Sandgorse had joined StarClan, Tallpaw is very angry at Sparrow and asks once again why he left Sandgorse. Sparrow says he wasn't a tunneler, and that he was lucky he saved himself. He then says that he couldn't help Sandgorse and that he was the one with all the skills. Sparrow adds that Sandgorse shouldn't have taken him down in the tunnels and that he should have known it was too dangerous.
The cats in WindClan and the visitors are concerned about Sparrow, while Tallpaw's hostility towards the rogue grows larger.
In two moons, when the rogues leave, Tallpaw can barely stand them. The WindClan cats continue to have positive notes about the rogue visitors, and Lilywhisker comments that Sparrow was a great hunter, and never let the elders go hungry.
Tallpaw can't stop thinking about the rogue, even when he becomes a full warrior. Talltail decides to go find and kill Sparrow so he can have his revenge. Talltail is in the Twolegplace when he comes across a cat cornered by a dog. Leaping onto the dog's back, the other cat, a flame-colored ginger tom, wins the fight. Once the dog is gone, the kittypet recognizes Talltail to be a ThunderClan forest cat, not knowing there is more than one Clan. Talltail leaves, leaving the kittypet with a warning about staying away from dogs.
After eating a poisoned rat, the kittypet returns to help Talltail, bringing his housefolk with him. After Talltail is healed, the kittypet, Jake, explains that he faked a bellyache to get the twolegs to come, and talks about a vet. Jake tells him that the twolegs have safe food and water for the warrior to eat.
Jake comes in later to eat. His housefolk give Talltail some food and Jake tells him to eat it. Jake stays with him the rest of the day. When his owner lets Talltail out of the vet basket, Talltail hisses at him, but Jake defends his housefolk. Talltail complains that the Twoleg is cruel to keep him trapped in his den, but Jake once again defends his housefolk's actions. Jake talks about how he communicates with his Twoleg. He just says yes to everything because he can't quite understand what his Twoleg is saying. He taught his Twoleg the word for food, and Jake says that he sometimes tries to say it, but his accent is terrible.
After a conversation with the kittypet, Talltail describes his mission, and Jake is in awe to be in the presence of a warrior. Jake wants to go with Talltail to get revenge on Sparrow, and after a while of pleading, Talltail gives in.
The pair travel through the Twolegplace, and meet several other cats along the way. One of the cats is Quince, a gray she-cat. They meet hostile cats, including Red, Pixie, and Marmalade, who leads them to the elderly cat that knows everything, Jay. Once they ask her about the rogues, and she recalls that Red noticed strange cats on her territory, without remembering how much time had passed. She tells them to leave her to eat her dinner.
The rogues find the Clan cats and bring them back to their camp. Sparrow is told the warrior and the kittypet want to travel with them. When asked why Talltail responds that he is sick of Clan life. When they are asked to fetch moss, Jake admits that Sparrow looks tough and dangerous. Talltail reveals his plan of killing him for revenge, for Sandgorse. He also wants Sparrow to admit that he killed his father, thinking he can fight the rogue. The traveling cats return to the camp, wary that the rogues would question their disappearance. Sure enough, Sparrow's gaze is not welcoming.
When he arrives, Reena speaks about how it would be hard for Talltail to see that Sparrow lived and that Sandgorse died. Talltail attempts to say that he doesn't care. After, the rogues speak of plentiful prey. When first offered fresh-kill, Talltail refuses. Sparrow says he can have it, and Talltail gives in, sharing the wing of the pigeon with Algernon.
When Talltail lies asleep, he thinks of how he will kill Sparrow for his father's sake.
The next morning, Talltail thinks he needs to gain Sparrow's trust. He hunts a rabbit and gives it to him, wishing that he would choke on it. After Talltail almost falls off a cliff, he realizes he's found a way to get rid of Sparrow. He promises to his father he will kill Sparrow.
When Talltail attempts to hunt with Sparrow, Reena warns him that he doesn't like company when he goes out early.
Talltail waits in his nest for Sparrow to return. When he comes back and is asked if he's been sleeping, he lies and says that he has.
Talltail comments another pigeon, and Sparrow reminds him that the Twolegs leave food for them in the field. Talltail asks what he means, and Sparrow explains it’s near the Thunderpath. He pads to a pool of snowmelt in a crook of twisted root and begins to drink. Talltail wonders if he can persuade him to take him there. The other rogues come to eat the still warm pigeon, and Talltail takes the chance to ask if he can take him there. Sparrow asks where, and Talltail replies where the pigeons come. Sparrow shrugs and says okay. Talltail feels a need to explain, so he tells him that he wants to hunt for him, as thanks for letting them stay. Jake asks who’s letting them stay, and Sparrow gazes impassively at Jake. He meows no one’s letting anyone stay. He licks water from his lips and says they’re just sharing the camp for now. Talltail dips his head and meows of course. Algernon asks who caught the pigeon, and Bess responds Sparrow did. Talltail takes Jake away from the group to talk to them.
Talltail tells Jake that Sparrow is taking him hunting beside the cliff. Jake starts to ask his not thinking of, but Talltail cuts in he will, that’s why he is there. No fighting or explanations. He just needs to push Sparrow at the right time. Jake asks if that’s onto the Thunderpath. Talltail insists it’s perfect, Sparrow will pay for Sandgorse’s death beneath the paws of a monster. Jake begs for Talltail not to do it. Talltail is too convinced, so Jake begs him to talk to Sparrow, make him understand how Sandgorse’s death hurt him, and how he feels Sparrow’s responsible. Talltail says he tried that, but Sparrow wouldn’t admit it. He told him to his whiskers he killed Sparrow, but he shrugs it off like he shrugs everything off. Talltail thinks he doesn’t care about anything, so his going to make him care about this. Jake asks by killing him. Talltail insists he has to pay. If no one pays for Sandgorse’s death, then it’s not fair. He storms off, thinking he came for revenge and he’s going to get it.
Back at camp, Talltail asks Sparrow to go hunting now. Sparrow looks up from his nest and states there is fresh-kill under the holly bush. Talltail presses what about the pigeon. Sparrow warns that they’ll be wary this morning, and to wait until tomorrow. They don’t want to scare them off for good. Later that day, Talltail stares at Sparrow while the rogue calmly washes in his nest. Talltail thinks it’s happening tomorrow, and imagines Sparrow hurtling into the gorge and a monster racing towards him as lands on hard stone. As soon as the sun’s rays start to appear, Talltail meows into Sparrow’s ear to go hunting. Sparrow lifts his head and asks now. He glances at the sky and notes the sun’s not even up. Talltail states he thought he likes early hunting, and explains that they can find a good hiding spot before the pigeons wake up. Sparrow narrows his eyes and meows he sounds like a warrior planning a patrol, and he thought Talltail left the Clan to get away from the rules and duties. Talltail mutters hunting isn’t a duty, it’s fun. Sparrow yawns and climbs out his nest, and says come on then and heads to the forest. On the way, Talltail thinks Sparrow is prey to him now, more deserving of death than any mouse or pigeon. Talltail wonders if Sparrow’s tail-tip was the last thing Sandgorse has ever seen.
As they reach the field, Sparrow slows down and points out where the seeds are. Talltail asks to check the Thunderpath first. Sparrow calls what for while trotting after him. Talltail points out crows would pick fresh-kill from the Thunderpath. Sparrow falls in behind the tom and asks what good is that to them, who eats crow-food, or crows. They cliff’s too steep to climb down anyway. Talltail asks innocently if it is. Sparrow meows come on as he veers towards the field where the food is scattered and states for them to wait for a pigeon. Talltail insists to look at the Thunderpath, and wonders if Sparrow was going to make this impossible. Sparrow finally agrees, shrugging and saying if that’s what he wants. Talltail is relieved to see the rogue following him to the cliff. At the edge, Sparrow grunts any sign of crow-food. He peers over the edge, leaning forward as he meows he can’t see anything. Talltail lifts a paw to push Sparrow, but Sparrow turns, asking Talltail what’s the matter, he looks odd. Talltail hisses to look at him, as he's the last cat he is ever going to see. Also, he reveals that he brought him to the cliff to kill him. Sparrow’s pelt ripples as he asks why. Talltail asks why doesn’t he know, and thinks couldn’t this heartless rogue even guess.
Talltail tells him he killed his father, and Sparrow asks if it’s Sandgorse. Talltail insists he made him go into the tunnel, he left him there to die. Sparrow blinks and states that’s not how it happened. Talltail hisses he saw him run from the tunnel like a frightened rabbit, he left Sandgorse behind. Sparrow tells Talltail he didn’t know what to do, he was no warrior. He glances over the edge, and continues to say he had no training, and Sandgorse knew that. He gave his life so Sparrow could escape, that’s why he died, he held back the earth long enough for Sparrow to run. He reminds Talltail that Sandgorse died a hero. Talltail asks why should he believe him, and thinks he must be lying. He asks if Talltail believes that Sandgorse would give his life to save him. Sparrow turns his head to the monster that is coming on the Thunderpath as Talltail thinks his playing with him. He thinks he waited too long and Sparrow isn’t going to take it away from him. He thinks to just push him. Sparrow breathes he's going to kill him, a life for a life, and asks if that is part of the warrior code. Talltail snarls he knows nothing of the warrior code. Sparrow meows he knows courage, and Sandgorse showed that when he helped Sparrow escape. He also tells Talltail that this isn’t courage, killing him will not bring Sandgorse back.
Talltail backs away from Sparrow, but the ground trembles as the monster approaches. Talltail tells Sparrow they better get away from there, but Sparrow's eyes widen as he screeches for help. He jerks clumsily backwards as the cliff starts to give away beneath his paws. Sparrow screeches as he falls. Talltail reaches for the rogue, but misses. Sparrow slithers down the cliff face, showering grit as he fights to get a grip. He wails Talltail’s name before he lands with a thump on the Thunderpath. Sparrow scrambles to his paws as a monster comes closer. He darts back and forth, pressing against the cliff, but there is nowhere to hide. Sparrow begs Talltail to help him, and reaches up with his front paws, trying to get a clawhold. His mew is sharp with terror, and he jumps, clinging to the sandy stone that crumbles in his claws. Sparrow tumbles back onto the Thunderpath and begs for calls for help again. Talltail thinks he has to save him, and thinks there must be a ditch they can hide in until the monster has gone past. Talltail scrambles down, and Sparrow asks what he is doing. Talltail tells him to follow him as he hares along the Thunderpath. Sparrow follows, eyes wide with fear. Talltail urges him to keep running.
Talltail finds a ditch, but Sparrow is several tail-lengths behind. Talltail shrieks for him to hurry as the monster bears down on Sparrow. When Sparrow is near, Talltail grabs him and hauls him into the narrow ditch. The monster passes, and Sparrow lifts his head, yowling that they're alive. Talltail states they have to get out of there, and wonders if they can make it to the end of the gorge without meeting another monster. Sparrow seems to know what Talltail is thinking, as his gaze flickers past Talltail and he suggests what about that way. Sparrow has spotted a small tunnel that opens into a ditch. Talltail thinks it’s a good idea and beckons Sparrow with a nod. Sparrow doesn’t follow through, instead, stares wide-eyed at the mouth of the tunnel, fur bristling and claws unsheathed. Talltail realizes he is afraid of the tunnels, and mews for him to come on, and promises it’s perfectly safe. Sparrow takes a step forward, his fur standing on end. Talltail tells him to stay close and reassures he’ll be fine. Talltail imagines what Sparrow must be thinking and feeling, so calls that his doing great. Sparrow thanks him, and apologizes for Sandgorse's death. He explains it was an accident, Sandgorse saved his life, and he’ll never forget him.
Sparrow says that when they don’t know the truth, they invent stories to fill the gaps, and sometimes it’s the only way they have to make sense of their lives. Talltail asks why he didn’t tell what really happened at the time. Sparrow confesses he didn’t think he’d believe him, Talltail was so angry, so determined that someone must be to blame. They exit the tunnel, and Sparrow points out the camp is in the distant woodland. They walk in silence across fields until they reach the trees. Talltail is happy to let Sparrow lead as he seems to know the way. Jake appears, and his eyes widen with surprise as he sees Sparrow. He breaths that Talltail didn’t kill him. Talltail says no, and explains Sandgorse saved him. Talltail wonders if Sparrow didn’t have time to explain, what if he pushed him. Talltail knows now that killing Sparrow wouldn’t have made any difference. Jake explains that Talltail was true to himself by letting Sparrow live, and knows that Talltail’s thirst for Sparrow’s blood was not really him. Jake also asks if Sparrow knows that he planned to kill him. Talltail meows he knows. Jake murmurs they better leave, since they can’t expect Sparrow to share food and shelter with them now, even if he did change his mind. Talltail arrives at camp to see Sparrow sitting on the far side, washing his paws.
Bess states that Sparrow told them that he and Talltail were nearly killed by a monster, and Algernon says that Sparrow said it was pretty close. Talltail looks at Sparrow, and Sparrow stares back, his impassive gaze as unreadable as ever. Talltail announces that he and Jake are leaving, and Sparrow stops licking for a moment, insisting they must leave. Sparrow soon gets to his paws and announces they won’t be visiting WindClan next greenleaf, and explains times have changed. The group need new paths to roam, old tracks grow stale. Algernon asks if his decided that right now, and Sparrow shakes his head. He explains that not right now, but he thinks it’s the right decision. They have their lives, WindClan has theirs. Rogues like them do not belong in the Clans, the warrior code was not made for them, and Sparrow asks Talltail if his right. Talltail nods. Sparrow goes back to washing his paws, and asks Talltail to give their regards to Heatherstar and Hawkheart, and tell them they wish them well. Talltail croaks his sure they would do the same for them. After they leave, Jake asks if Sandgorse really did save Sparrow, and Talltail says yes.
Jake and Talltail finally part, Jake staying a kittypet.
When Talltail returns to WindClan, Heatherstar asks if he killed Sparrow, and Talltail says no. Heatherstar asks if he couldn’t find him. Talltail replies he found him, but Sparrow told him that Sandgorse had given his life to save him in the tunnels. He couldn’t kill him then. At Talltail’s leadership ceremony, Sandgorse tells his son that he never needed to kill Sparrow to prove he was a great warrior. Talltail asks if he really did give his life to save Sparrow, as there was always a bit of doubt the rogue might have lied to save his own life. Sandgorse asks if Talltail would still have killed Sparrow if he didn't save him. Talltail doesn’t know but thinks he is glad he didn’t kill the rogue. Sandgorse reveals he did save Sparrow, and the rogue was telling the truth.
After his leader ceremony, Tallstar's mother is becoming more and more distant every day, and Tallstar begins to feel weak from all the stress.

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Yellowfang's Secret

Following Heatherstar's accusations of ShadowClan cats trespassing on WindClan land, Talltail and three of his Clanmates are found in ShadowClan territory. Yellowpaw notes a quick look of guilt on their faces when the patrol she is in confronts the trespassers, though it is quickly gone and replaced with defiance. A battle ensues, and Yellowpaw battles Talltail. She is easily defeated as she is distracted by her Clanmates' pain, and Dawnstripe tells the young warrior to cease his attack. When a back-up patrol of ShadowClan cats arrive, the WindClan cats retreat.
Talltail takes part in yet another battle with ShadowClan much later when the ShadowClan cats enter into WindClan territory to confront them about a half-eaten rabbit with WindClan scent on it found by Brokentail. When the WindClan cats win the battle and drive ShadowClan out, Talltail shouts a warning to stay out of their lands to the retreating warriors.

Crookedstar's Promise

At a Gathering, while the cats are still chatting, Rainflower points out Talltail to Oakheart. She states that some day he'll be the WindClan leader. A little later, during the Gathering, Heatherstar begins talking about kittypets, and Talltail points out that they're too slow to chase after the rabbits.
Talltail is standing by Reedfeather and Dawnstripe when Crookedjaw and Brambleberry are on their way to the Moonstone. After questioning the two cats, they let them pass.

Bluestar's Prophecy

Tallpaw is an apprentice, and his mentor is Dawnstripe.
Moons later at a Gathering, he is introduced to the Clans as a new warrior, his name being Talltail. Later, He is seen whispering into Heatherstar's ear. Snowpaw of ThunderClan points him out to her sister, Bluepaw, saying that her mentor, Sparrowpelt, told her that Talltail would be leader one day because he is a good and smart warrior. When Talltail sees them whispering, he glares at them, hisses, and turns away, still angry at ThunderClan about the battle. At another Gathering, when the topic of kittypets comes up, Talltail comments that they are too slow to catch rabbits, much to the Clans' amusement. The next day, when he is on patrol with Reedfeather, the two find Bluefur and Pinestar crossing over to Highstones. Reedfeather checks if they had eaten any prey before growling at them to go ahead. Talltail is seen once more at a Gathering when Oakheart of RiverClan announces their plan to get rid of Twolegs from their territory. Talltail calls up that it sounds like they are handling the situation well, showing his approval of Oakheart.

Firestar's Quest

During a Gathering, Tallstar greets Firestar when ThunderClan finally arrives. He and the ThunderClan leader exchange a glance when Blackstar starts the Gathering first. After Blackstar finishes, he nudges Tallstar forward next. The WindClan leader reports that Ashfoot had a litter of three kits and that Onewhisker and Mudclaw had chased a fox off. He then warns Leopardstar that it crossed into RiverClan. The Gathering breaks up soon after, and Firestar sees him leading his cats back to the moor.

Squirrelflight's Hope

Tallstar, Bluestar, Crookedstar, Yellowfang, Mothflight and Littlecloud hold a trial for Squirrelflight and Leafpool to decide whether or not they should be accepted into StarClan. Though he initially has misgivings about letting the two sisters in due to them breaking the warrior code, he ultimately concludes that they broke it for good reasons and believes them to be worthy.

In the Novellas

Redtail's Debt

Redtail spots Talltail speaking with Stagleap at a Gathering. During a raid on WindClan's camp, Talltail rushes into battle and lashes at Bluefur's throat. This causes her to collapse and forces Redtail to order a retreat, hurrying Bluefur to the medcine cat den.  

In the Stand-Alone Manga

A Shadow in RiverClan

During greenleaf, Tallstar is present at a Gathering where Graystripe is still speaking on behalf of Firestar. Later during leafbare, Tallstar sits next to Leopardstar as she commends Stormfur's and Feathertail's bravery.

In the Field Guides

Cats of the Clans

Rock tells the kits of StarClan that Tallstar was a wise leader who liked to avoid battle, but if it was necessary he would fight fiercely and powerfully. Some cats thought he was weak because he liked to make alliances. He lost his ninth life once the Clans reached their new homes, but worrying about Mudclaw's aggressive nature, changed Onewhisker to his deputy. This was foolish, Rock says because he should have known that Mudclaw would harbor a grudge and the battle that resulted from this nearly destroyed WindClan. It was also noted that he had killed the snake that bit Adderkit, and often protected the kits in his Clan by battling the other types of animals in his territory.

Code of the Clans

In "Too Late for Regrets: Tallstar Explains," Tallstar tells Bluestar about his choice for appointing Onewhisker deputy right before he died. It is revealed that Tallstar had a dream of a blood-stained hillside, with cats wailing for their kits, and warriors dying on the ground. He said he didn't know whom was fighting whom, but he knew it had been an unjust battle led by Mudclaw, then Mudstar. He told Bluestar that he couldn't have let that happen, so he appointed Onewhisker deputy. He tells her that he died knowing that some of his Clanmates might hate him for what he did. He also said he knew that WindClan would be safe under Onewhisker and that he would have to prove his strength one day. If he should have left Mudclaw be deputy, then it would be too late for regrets about his choice. He concluded by saying that whatever problems he had created by appointing Onewhisker leader, they were nothing compared to what would have happened should Mudclaw been allowed to lead WindClan.

Battles of the Clans

Tawnypelt mentions Tallstar when she gives the reader a tour of the lake territories. She tells the story of how Tallstar changed his mind about having Mudclaw as his deputy and giving the leadership to Onewhisker, losing his last life.
Tigerstar mentions him on his tour around the forest territories, saying how Tallstar hadn't brought WindClan back to the moor until Fireheart and Graystripe came for them. He criticizes Tallstar for showing such weakness against Brokenstar, and that if he hadn't, his Clan may not be so reliant on ThunderClan now. Graystripe later mentions that Tallstar sent his best tunneling cats to flush out the fox cubs from their den at Fourtrees.

The Ultimate Guide

Tallstar introduces WindClan, describing the attributes and relations with WindClan and its history and skills. He describes he would rather make an allegiance with another Clan to fend off trouble than make his Clanmates suffer over stubborn pride. He had to watch his Clan suffer more than any other when the Twolegs came and started destroying their territory. He stated he would not leave without the other Clans. WindClan is one of the four and always will be. They will preserve the ancient mountains cats’ legacy with WindClan’s speed and determination to survive.
Tallstar has his own page. He is born to a pair of tunneling cats who expected their son to follow the tradition of training to become a tunneler, but Tallkit preferred the freedom of the moor. Heatherstar realized this and made him a moor-runner apprentice, much to the disappointment of his parents. When Sandgorse was killed in a collapse while showing a visiting rogue named Sparrow one of the tunnels, Tallpaw decides to train as a tunneler, however, Heatherstar forbade cats to go below ground so he remained a moor-runner. Even when he received the warrior name of Talltail, he was still restless and angry with grief. Talltail left WindClan to find Sparrow and finally get his revenge. He met a kittypet named Jake, an unusual friendship formed when they traveled to find the rogues new home. Talltail was told by Jake that he could be a better cat by not taking Sparrow's life in revenge.
At the last moment, Talltail recalled the words and decided not to kill Sparrow, but the tom slipped over the edge from where he was poised on top of a cliff above a Thunderpath, forcing Talltail to save his life by risking his own. Sparrow told Talltail that Sandgorse died saving him from the collapsing tunnel. Talltail left the rogues with the intention to continue traveling with Jake, but Jake wanted to return to his Housefolk. Talltail knew deep down he was still a WindClan warrior. When he returned to the moor, he fought hard to win the respect of his Clanmates, and was rewarded by being made Heatherstar's deputy. As WindClan's Clan leader, Tallstar was remembered his traveling experiences and was willing to make allegiances across the borders to protect his Clan. When Firestar joined ThunderClan, Tallstar knew he was the son of Jake.
He never let Firestar know he was once close to his father but instead favored the ThunderClan cat, to the dismay of his Clanmates. Tallstar lived just long enough to make the Journey to the Clan's new home beside the lake and died before the Clans separated to their new territories. Tallstar dismissed his deputy Mudclaw, fearing he would lead WindClan too quickly into battles and appointed Onewhisker instead. Tallstar meant well, but he left Mudclaw festering for a rebellion.
He is mentioned on Onestar's page. Onewhisker managed to persuade Tallstar not to fight Bluestar when she falsely accuses WindClan of stealing prey. He is next on Mudclaw’s page. Tallstar chose Mudclaw as deputy because Tallstar recognized the need for a warrior who is not afraid to show his claws to balance his own gentle leadership. When Tallstar dismissed Mudclaw as deputy and replaced him with Onewhisker, Mudclaw felt utterly betrayed. Mudclaw saw no reason behind his decision except he has lost his mind from old age.

In the Warriors App

It is mentioned in Onestar's profile that he hated the way some of his Clanmates refused to accept him, though he understood their confusion. He blamed Tallstar and sought him out in a dream to challenge him. When Tallstar refused to apologize for his decision, Onestar fought him. Onestar won, and Tallstar said that this had proved that he had made the right choice. Onestar still bears a scar on his ear from that fight.
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