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In The New Prophecy arc


When the traveling Clan cats, Squirrelpaw, Stormfur, Brambleclaw, Feathertail, Tawnypelt, and Crowpaw, find the cave that Rock Beneath Still Water, Bird That Rides the Wind, and Talon of Swooping Eagle use for shelter, Talon asks who the newcomers might be. After the initial shock of the Clan cats, Talon demands again who they are and thrust himself past the Clan cats into the cave. Brambleclaw then answers that they were only meaning to take shelter for the night, but Talon states that the cave is already in use by him and his companions. Tawnypelt then reasons that she and the Clan cats will leave, but Talon tells them not to leave just quite yet. Talon reasons that he and his companions don't know whether the Clan cats are telling the truth as he doesn't know them nor their scent. Another cat suggests to Talon that they should take them prisoner in order to use them as bait for Sharptooth. Stormfur confirms if they also know of Sharptooth, and Talon rumbles that every cat in the mountains know about Sharptooth. Brambleclaw tries again to leave, but Talon growls that they can go when he says so.
Once revealed that Bird, Rock, and Talon were once part of the Tribe of Rushing Water, Stormfur asks if the Tribe made them leave. Talon grunts in confirmation and orders them to sit and they will talk. He also cautions them to not attempt to leave unless they want to lose their ears. When the Clan cats had made themselves comfortable, Talon introduces himself and explains how an eagle's talon scarred him when he was a kit and is now his name in order to remind him how close to death he came. Talon then goes on to introduce Rock and Bird and explains how many seasons ago, the Tribe of Endless Hunting sent a sign to Stoneteller to choose six cats to kill Sharptooth. Talon reveals that he, Bird, and Rock are the three of the six chosen. Bowing his head, Talon remarks that Stoneteller ordered them not to come back to the Tribe without Sharptooth's pelt. Squirrelpaw exclaims that it was ridiculous to expect six cats to kill Sharptooth when the whole Tribe couldn't manage that feat. Talon replies with bitterness in his eyes that he doesn't know, and that he, Rock, and Bird have asked themselves that question many times. Talon remarks that he'd love to save the Tribe, but he and his companions can't do much. Feathertail asks if they could go to Stoneteller and tell him that they did their best, but Talon retorts that he won't crawl back to the Tribe to beg and it would be to no avail as the Tribe all obeys the will of the Tribe of Endless Hunting. When Brambleclaw comments that no cat in the Tribe mentioned the six cats, Talon snorts that they probably forgot.
Talon inquires that the Clan cats just left the Tribe recently, and once Brambleclaw nods, Talon asks if they've seen a cat named Brook Where Small Fish Swim. Feathertail confirms that they have seen her, and Talon asks if she's alright. Tawnypelt tells him that she's fine and as happy as any of the Tribe with Sharptooth around, and Talon bitterly comments that Sharptooth's still around because they failed. Talon informs the Clan cats that Brook is his sister from a younger litter and when Sharptooth took their mother, Talon wanted to be there to look out for Brook. Talon goes on to say that Brook would've joined him if it weren't for the will of the Tribe of the Endless Hunting, but remarks that he's glad she stayed with the Tribe as living in a cave as outcasts from the Tribe in no such life. Stormfur then asks if they can hunt, and Talon shrugs responding that they can do whatever they want as it has nothing to do with them and promises that they wouldn't feed the Clan cats to Sharptooth despite what Rock says.
Once the Clan cats return with prey, Stormfur comments that he knows Talon's worried about the Tribe and Talon responds that of course he is and he knows Stormfur is to despite not being apart of the Tribe. Talon goes on to say that every day the Tribe lives in fear and every paw-step outside of the cave is filled with terror as Sharptooth may be hiding behind any rock. Stormfur then explains why the Clan cats are in the mountains, and Talon now understands that they are going home. Talon then mentions that one of Stormfur's companions mentioned that he escaped from the Tribe meaning that they kept him prisoner and comments that that isn't the Tribe Talon knew making Stormfur further explains about that situation. Listening with unblinking eyes, Talon asks, once Stormfur finished, if he believes that he is the silver cat. Stormfur counters with another question asking which prophecy is correct, the one from StarClan or the one from the Tribe of Endless Hunting, and after a few moments of silence, Talon responds that neither of them are correct but neither of them are wrong. Talon comments that prophecies are strange because their words are never clear and everything depends on how a cat interprets the prophecy. Talon goes on to say that whether the prophecy is fulfilled depends on what they decide to do about and that it's a decision to live by a code. He then challenges Stormfur by asking him what he thinks he should go. Rising to his paws, Talon tells the Clan cat that he will know by his faith and courage but he shouldn't take too long about it.
When Stormfur makes up his mind to go back and help the Tribe, he notices a gleam of hope in Talon's amber eyes, but when Talon catches Stormfur's gaze, he looks away. As everything starts to fall into place, Talon comments that the Tribe of Endless Hunting will honor the forest cats' courage but asks what exactly is going to happen.
Later, Crag and some other Tribe cats escort the Clan cats and Talon, Rock, and Bird to the cave. Once they reach the cave and the Clan cats figure out everything with Stoneteller, Talon goes up to stand before the Healer while his former Tribemates call out accusations. Stoneteller growls for the reason Talon came back to the Tribe's cave. Talon replies that Stoneteller can kill him if it appeases him, but reasons that it won't make the Tribe any stronger against Sharptooth. Talon points out that the enemy is outside the cave, the silver cat from the prophecy has come, and it's time to believe in the prophecy the Tribe of Endless Hunting gave the Tribe. Talon explains that they cannot currently kill the creature in it's own lair as that location is unknown so they must bring it to the Tribe's cave to die. Talon reasons that the cave is a place the Tribe knows, where the Tribe can hide, and where the Tribe can ambush Sharptooth together if need be. Stoneteller asks Talon how he plans to bring Sharptooth to the cave, and Talon responds that he's going to bring Sharptooth to the cave with blood. Slicing one of his large paws with his teeth, Talon races out of the Tribe's cave with Rock and Bird on his heels but before they go too far, they race back in with Sharptooth on their heels.


When the Clans are journeying through the mountains, two mud-streaked cats bundled into Squirrelpaw. After several moments, Talon recognizes Squirrelpaw in surprise and asks what she's doing in the mountains again. Squirrelpaw comments that all the clans have left the forest this time and then explains that obstacles the Clans have encountered on the journey mentioning a kit, where Talon interrupts. Talon asks if she's mad for bringing kits out in the mountains, and tells Squirrelpaw to bring all of the cats to the Cave of Rushing Water to rest. Once Squirrelpaw informs him of where they left all the Clan cats, Talon, glancing at the other cave-gaurds, tells them to go to the Tree-Rock. Talon then says that they should find the Clans before they freeze to death and they'll soon be safe once in the Tribe's cave while picking up the falcon he and the other cave-guards caught earlier.
One of the cave-guards then alerts of an eagle making the other cave-guards go over to where the call was sounded, including Talon. Squirrelpaw then leaps over the chasm where Talon waited grasping the ledge with her forepaws. Talon then lunges forward grabbing her scruff and pulling her up to safety. Brambleclaw then recognizes Talon and Jag calling out to them, while Crowpaw flicks his tail against Talon's flank praising him on his timing and Squirrelpaw announces to the Clans who Talon is. Firestar asks if Talon and the other cave-guards are able to help the Clans and the kits, and Talon replies that he will see what they can do. Talon then offers to take the Clan cats back to the Cave of Rushing Water where they can warm up and eat.
Once the Clan leaders agree to go with the Tribe cats, Talon dips his head respectfully glad they're coming with them. Stormfur then comes recognizing Talon making him exclaim that the Tribe cats are here and Talon explains that they found Squirrelpaw. Stormfur then touches his nose to Talon's flank and asks how Brook is. Talon replies that she's fine, but the Clan cats should start moving. He then orders Jag and Night to bring up the rear while he leads the way to the cave.
When the Clan cats and the three cave-guards arrive at the cave, Talon informs the cats that there's fresh-kill flicking his tail towards a pile of prey and offers the forest cats to eat. Leafpaw doubts that there will be enough and Talon responds that Crag is organizing a hunt that will make there be plenty to eat. He then goes to retrieve a rabbit from the fresh-kill pile dropping it at Mudclaw's feet.
The next day, Talon goes on a hunt with Crag, Brook, and Stormfur, with Leafpaw and Sorreltail as well.

In the Power of Three arc


During an encounter with the intruders, Talon threatens that if they take another step, the Tribe will rip their fur off. Crag then touches his shoulder with the tip of his tail telling him to steady himself. When a silver tabby intruder sneers asking who's going to make them keep out from hunting in the Tribe's territory, Talon hisses threatening that if they stay, they'll see.
Later, when Talon and Night arrive in ThunderClan's camp, they encounter Graystripe who doesn't allow them to take another step until they inform him of their purpose. Stormfur and Brook enter the camp and Brook exclaims their names, asking what they're doing in ThunderClan. Leafpool then explains that they're not intruders, but cats from the Tribe of Rushing Water, and Firestar recognizes them calling them by their names.
In the flashback to the battle between the intruders and the Tribe, Talon comments that the Tribe doesn't want other cats living near them because the mountains are the Tribe's and Stormfur responds that the mountains are not their's anymore. An elder then asks why they should listen to Stormfur who's just set foot in the mountains, and, in defense, Talon retorts that it's exactly why the Tribe should listen to Stormfur. Talon explains that where Stormfur use to live where there were many other cats and that he knows how to deal with intruders. Several Tribe cats then call out to encourage Talon's words. During the actual battle against the intruders, Talon is rolling over and over with a silver tom battering at the tom's belly with hind paws. After the battle being a loss and Stormfur being exiled from the Tribe, Talon reasons with Brook, who sides with Stormfur, that Clan ways aren't the right way for a Tribe. Distressed, Brook replies that she's his sister and asks if he can understand, but Talon responds that it's best for the Tribe while scraping at the cave floor. When Stormfur angrily reminds the Tribe that his sister, Feathertail, sacrificed herself to save them from Sharptooth, Talon, along with some of the other Tribe cats, looks uneasy, but doesn't speak up as Stormfur and Brook leave, and Stoneteller declares them dead.
Back in the present, Stormfur starts to explain the hostility between him and Brook and Talon, Night, and the Tribe. When Stormfur explains his exile and Brook's insistence upon coming with him, Talon remarks that Stoneteller did what he did because cats were dead and something had to be done. Brook angrily retorts by reminding Talon that Stoneteller told her and Stormfur that they were dead. As the story comes to a close, Talon tells the Clan cats that he and Night have come to ask for help. Talon awkwardly claims that Stoneteller was wrong and informs ThunderClan that the trespassers are stealing prey and the Tribe is dying of hunger. Stormfur asks how that's their problem, and Talon responds that he knows how Stormfur feels, reminding him that he was banished once when he failed to kill Sharptooth. When Brook reminds Talon that it was only because of Stormfur and the other Clan cats that he was able to return to the Tribe, Talon agrees, but asserts that he was able to forgive the Tribe when he knew he could do something for them. He also tells Brook that he misses her and wants her to come home, stating that she still belongs to the Tribe. Brook agrees to help and Stormfur asserts that he will come too.
As preparations for gathering the original five cats who visited the tribe on the first journey, Talon murmurs that it would be good to see Crowfeather and Tawnypelt again. Talon then comments that it's a good plan and Stoneteller knows the five Clan cats best reasoning that he'd be more likely to trust them. Brook then asks that Stoneteller did send them to get the Clans and Talon looks at the ground with a flick of the tail and mumbles that he really didn't, but Stoneteller will be glad to know that the Clans have come to help.
Before the start of the journey, Jaypaw gives Talon traveling herbs. Talon inquires what they are and Jaypaw informs him that they'll make him stronger and keep the hunger abate. Talon asks Jaypaw whether he's sure telling him that he's never heard any herb that could do that. Dubious, Talon licks up the herbs and complains about the bitterness.
On the journey, Talon and Night walk behind Brambleclaw, Stormfur, and Brook. Talon murmurs to Night that it's absurd taking a blind, young cat all the way to the mountains. Night agrees in responds, but Squirrelflight interrupts the conversation saying that Jaypaw will manage fine and then asks Talon if he's never put his paws in the wrong place. Brambleclaw later asks how many intruders there are, and Talon responds that there's too many. Brambleclaw then inquires if they've worked out a patrol system and ways of hunting and fighting, but Talon interrupts remarking that the Tribe isn't a Clan and that just because they need help doesn't mean that they want to be treated like to-bes. Night then touches Talon's shoulder with the tip of her tail telling him to calm down. Talon then explains to Brambleclaw calmly that the Tribe has never needed to set boundaries, but the Tribe has just picked a few rocks to watch for intruders.
As the cats settle down for the night and an tree branch creaks, Talon comments that he doesn't like being in a forest, but would rather be out in the open where he can see if something is sneaking up on him. When another cat becomes close by, Talon is braced for a fight. When that other cat in introduced to be Purdy, Stormfur introduces Talon, Brook, and Night and informs Purdy that their from the mountains. Purdy comments that he thought that cats in the mountains was just a nursery story, and Talon replies that he and the Tribe are actually real. Purdy then comments that he can go with the cats to the mountains, but Talon cautions Brambleclaw on taking up that invitation. Purdy comes along anyways slowing down the pace, and Talon and Night later whisper fiercely together about the slowness with their neck fur bristling. Brambleclaw then suggests that they stop for the day underneath some trees, but Talon objects reasoning that they can go farther as it's still daylight.
Finally in the mountains, Talon comments that they made good time in getting there and that they can get to the Cave of Rushing Water before dark. Squirrelflight, doubtful, asks if that's possible with the apprentices being inexperienced climbers, and Talon retorts asking if they're going to be held up by the apprentices again.
As they near the Tribe's territory, Talon warns the cats that it'd be best to keep quiet as there may be intruders about. Hollypaw then comments loudly about seeing forever, and Talon growled that he said to be quiet. Talon then commented that if she warned the intruders but then cuts off saying someone's coming and recognizes them as the intruders. One of the intruders, Stripes, then recognizes Talon.
Once the intruders leave, Talon walks up to Brook's side and explains that the intruders are getting more and more confident by the day, and that sometimes they come right up to the waterfall to take prey. Brook asks what Stoneteller thinks and and Talon shrugs saying that Stoneteller says that the Tribe shouldn't take them on for their own safety. Walking over to an end of a ridge overlooking a shelf of flat rock, Talon calls to everyone that the way is on this shelf of rock. Talon then leads the cats to the other end of the ridge where a narrow trail leads downwards to the cave.
Once in the cave, Talon praises on a great catch of eagle. The cats carrying the eagle freeze and, astonished, call Talon's name. Talon walks down the trail of rocks and touches noses to Gray thanking him for the warm welcome. After a quick explanation of why the Clan cats came back as well as Stormfur and Brook, Talon waves his tail signaling for the others to move on. In a decisive tone, he tells Gray that he'll see him later in the cave. Still in the lead, Talon picks his way down the rocks to a stream and warns the cats to watch where they're putting their paws. Once past the stream, Talon says that it's time to walk the Path of Rushing Water as he leads the way around the edge of a small pool of water, and leaps up a few rocks vanishing behind a sheet of tumbling water.
In the Cave of Rushing Water, Stoneteller asks Talon and Night what they have done, and Talon explains that they went to find the Clans for help. When Stormfur and Brook come before Stoneteller and squabble, Squirrelflight interrupts reasoning that Talon, Night, and Stormfur all did that they thought was right.
When the Clan cats' help is accepted,Tawnypelt, Crowfeather, Bird, Gray, and Talon wait for Brambleclaw to join the group. Talon offers that Bird, Gray, and him come with Brambleclaw, Tawnypelt, and Crowfeather for back up in case any of the trespassers come about. Brambleclaw agrees and allows Talon to take the lead. Talon leads the group over a some rocks, to a flat overhang of stone. Lionpaw comments that it's empty, and Talon remarks that he should believe that adding that though the intruders aren't as good as hiding as the Tribe cats, they're getting better all the time. After a few more steps, Talon points out where Stormfur lead the Tribe into battle and now the Tribe doesn't go that way anymore because the intruders believe that that stretch of land belongs to them. Tawnypelt suggests that perhaps they need to show the intruders that they're wrong, and Talon shakes his head saying that it's not worth is as there's not much prey in that land anyways. Then, Talon mentions that further along the ridge is a valley with a stream with grass, a few bushes, mice, and the occasional rabbit, and that the Tribe gets moss for bending from that valley as well. Brambleclaw asks if Talon can take them there, and Talon agrees starting to walk further along the ridge.
Soon, the cats come in presence with three of the group of intruders. Talon growls that the mountains belong to the Tribe, lashing his tail and getting ready to spring. Brambleclaw lets the intruders go without a fight, and Talon hisses that next time they won't be so lucky. Talon then leads the way around the hollow, through boulders, and through a narrow split in the rock wall, when several intruders ambush the group where a small cat lands on Talon's shoulders. When the small battle ends, Talon compliments the Clan cats remarking that they fought well and then rhetorically asks if these battles will ever end.
Talon, Breezepaw, Pebble, and Brambleclaw, go out on a border patrol around Tribe territory with Stoneteller. When the patrol reaches a twisted rock and Brambleclaw asks Lionpaw to demonstrate how to set a scent marker, Talon asks if should be Tribe scent. Brambleclaw agrees that it should, and offers that Talon and Pebble do the rest of the scent markers once Lionpaw shows them how. Talon then does the next one where a loose pile of rocks in located. When Brambleclaw explains how borders should be manageable and should enclose enough territory to support the Tribe, Talon nods understandingly. Brambleclaw then gestures for Talon to take the lead. Talon leads the patrol across streams, up and down slopes, and once they see Crowfeather's patrol, Talon leads them back to the Cave of Rushing Water. Stoneteller later chooses Talon and a few other Tribe members to confront the intruders in a peaceful manner to explain the scent markings and border.
On the way back from explaining the borders, the patrol encounters several intruders, and Talon suggests that perhaps they should follow them and maybe they'll listen if they rip the intruders' fur off. Back at the cave, Talon supports the claim that the intruders have crossed the borders despite the explanation.
When Stoneteller allows the Tribe to choose whether they want to run or fight, Talon walks over to Flight and Swoop and encourages them to fight reasoning that the Tribe will protect them just as they've protected all the kit-mothers and litters. Talon then leads the two she-cats over the the side of the cave where the cats choose to fight. Night joins Talon as well as Crag where Talon welcomes him over to the side with the touch of his tail tip on Crag's shoulder.
Once it's decided that the Tribe will fight, Brambleclaw asks Talon and Crag to plan out a strategy for the battle.

In the Omen of the Stars arc

Sign of the Moon

When Squirrelflight, Foxleap, Dovewing, and Jayfeather visit the Tribe, Talon asks if Squirrelflight remembered when he, Bird, and Rock ambushed her and the other cats that went on the journey. He remembers fondly that they were going to rip their pelts off before Squirrelflight and the others convinced them that they were on their side. Squirrelflight responds good-naturedly that he may have been surprised at who did the the pelt ripping. When Squirrelflight also mentions that they fought against Sharptooth together, Talon nods and blinks sadly before asking about Brook's whereabouts. When he sees her, Talon calls out to Brook telling her to come see who the visitors are.
When Squirrelflight, Brook, and Stormfur go hunting, Brook mentions that Talon and Bird will look after the kits while they are gone. When the kits complain about being stuck in the cave, Stormfur suggests that the kits can go ask Talon to tell them the story of Sharptooth or how Stormfur came from the Clans to the Tribe. As the patrol leaves, Talon walks over to the kits and instructs the them how to play a game.
Once Crag is named the new Stoneteller of the Tribe, Talon acknowledges the new Stoneteller by greeting him and saying that the Tribe of Endless Hunting should watch over him and send their wisdom to him.

In the Field Guides

Cats of the Clans

Rock explains how Talon was less accepting of the visitors who had suddenly appeared on Tribe territory, however he grew to respect Stormfur since his sister, Brook, was in love with him, but he found it more difficult to trust the other Clan cats that he had less connection to.
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