"There's plenty of time for you to learn to control your high spirits. Let's make use of them now to give you courage that might be lacking in the others."
Cloudstar's thoughts on Tansypaw in Cloudstar's Journey, chapter 3

Tansypaw is a cream-colored she-cat[2] with a pink nose.[5]


In the Novellas

Cloudstar's Journey

Tansypaw is an apprentice of SkyClan. When Cloudstar and Buzzardtail, her father, go hunt in SkyClan's borders, they discuss about Cloudstar's future kits with Birdflight. Buzzardtail tells him that he wouldn't feel so welcome once they started pulling his tail and chewing his whiskers, and Cloudstar reminds him that he didn't recall him putting much of a fight with his three when they wanted to play. It is noted that Tansypaw, along with her siblings, Mintpaw and Snailpaw were apprentices, good at climbing trees like other SkyClan warriors, but Buzzardtail had been as soft as honey to them when they were born.
While Cloudstar climbs a tree, she and her brother, Snailpaw quarrel, but he stops them, and sends Tansypaw to work with him on tree-climbing with her siblings, as well. It is noted that she seems to be the bravest and most eager of her siblings with this. When Cloudstar sends Mintpaw and Snailpaw away on different routes alone, Tansypaw shoots them smug stares. Tansypaw tries to reach Cloudstar and narrowly misses falling, and Cloudstar tutors her on climbing trees. Mintpaw and Snailpaw are close by and Tansypaw exclaims that they are shaking her branch, but Cloudstar tells her wind can shake branches too, so this is good practice. Tansypaw almost falls off the tree, and Cloudstar has to grab her scruff and yanks her up next to him, while her siblings reach a branch lower than hers and her leader's. However, Tansypaw doesn't lose her optimism after being rescued by Cloudstar. When her brother and sister reach their branch they scout for another tree to get to without jumping down for extra practice. Snailpaw seems bewildered but Tansypaw is still ecstatic. They continue jumping from branch to branch and they all are successful. Cloudstar gives them a challenge to see their progress, but a Twoleg monster pushes down the tree she and the cats were in, and she narrowly avoids being crushed by the falling tree. Her mother, Fernpelt, demands what happened to them when they reach camp and frets about Mintpaw, who had lost consciousness, and tries to help Quailheart and Fawnstep tend to her.
When SkyClan goes to take back some ThunderClan territory, she and her littermates are told to stay behind and protect the camp, in order to keep them from getting upset about not going to the battle.

Character pixels

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Fernpelt:[6] Deceased, verified StarClan member


Buzzardstar:[4] Deceased, verified StarClan member


Mintpaw:[4] Deceased, verified StarClan member


Snailpaw:[4] Deceased, verified StarClan member


Buzzardstar ♂Fernpelt ♀
Tansypaw ♀Mintpaw ♀Snailpaw ♂

    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown



"Snailpaw, Tansypaw, and Mintpaw were apprentices now, strong and good at climbing trees like all SkyClan warriors."
—Narrator on the apprentices Cloudstar's Journey, page chapter 1

"Wow! That was easy!"
—Tansypaw on jumping between branches Cloudstar's Journey, page chapter 3

Tansypaw: "Yes! I’ve always wanted to learn how to do that!"
Snailpaw: "Stop jiggling, Tansypaw!"
—Tansypaw about learning to branch-skip Cloudstar's Journey, page chapter 3

"Wow! That was awesome!"
—Tansypaw on Mintpaw’s jump Cloudstar's Journey, page chapter 3

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