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"I have an announcement to make. I've decided to step down as deputy. ShadowClan is changing. It makes sense to choose a new deputy. Someone who will be the future for our Clan instead of the past. [...] I'll help you for as long as you want me to, but I'm sure you'll make the right choice."
— Tawnypelt's reason for stepping down as deputy to Tigerstar in Tawnypelt's Clan, chapter 10

Tawnypelt is a lean,[23] mottled,[24] tortoiseshell[25]-and-white[26] she-cat[27] with clear[28] green eyes.[29]

Tawnypelt is a warrior of ShadowClan that has served under Tigerstar's, Blackstar's, Rowanstar's, briefly Leafstar's, and Tigerstar's leaderships in the forest and lake territories. Tawnykit was born to Goldenflower and Tigerclaw along with her brother, Bramblekit. Her father had betrayed ThunderClan and was exiled while she was still a young kit in the nursery. Tawnypaw became an apprentice to Brackenfur and soon learned the truth of Tigerstar. Her Clanmates doubted her loyalty to the Clan, and being fed up, Tawnypaw left ThunderClan to join her father in ShadowClan, where her new mentor was Oakfur. She later became a warrior named Tawnypelt and was chosen to go on the journey to find Midnight and led the Clans to the lake. She and Rowanclaw became mates and had three kits, Tigerkit, Dawnkit, and Flamekit. She also became a mentor to five cats: Starlingwing, Grassheart, Needletail, Snaketooth, and Conefoot.

Tawnypelt supported Rowanstar when the rest of ShadowClan joined Darktail's Kin and served as his deputy after Tigerheart's disappearance, until ShadowClan's eventual merge with SkyClan. She went on to support her son as he rebuilt their Clan and briefly served as his deputy; however, she chose to step down and went back to her position as a warrior. When Bramblestar suddenly died from an unknown illness, she was saddened, but was relieved when he came back alive. After Rootpaw showed her Clan that the real Bramblestar was actually a ghost, the Clan rallied itself against the impostor. During the battle of the rebels, she killed Berrynose after the exiled tom fought on the side of the impostor.


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The Prophecies Begin

"Hang on a minute. I'm not asking you if I can come back. All I want is to be a loyal cat in my new Clan. I want to be the best warrior I can be. And I can't be that in ThunderClan."
―Tawnypaw to Firestar and Bramblepaw The Darkest Hour, page 275
Tawnykit is born alongside her brother, Bramblekit to Tigerclaw and Goldenflower in ThunderClan. After she is born, Tigerclaw attempts to kill Bluestar, the ThunderClan Clan leader, and is exiled. As a result, Tawnykit and her brother are scrutinized by the Clan. The constant judgment continues to fester inside Tawnykit as she becomes an apprentice to Brackenfur. When her father becomes leader of ShadowClan, Tawnypaw flees to join him and is mentored by Oakfur. She participates in the battle against BloodClan and helps kill Bone with other Clan apprentices. Determined that ShadowClan will help Tawnypaw find her place as a loyal warrior, she turns down her brother's attempts to rejoin ThunderClan.

The New Prophecy

"Fox dung! I'm a loyal ShadowClan cat. If I'm ever made deputy or leader it will be because I have earned it myself—and my Clanmates and StarClan wish it. You're twisting the warrior code to get what you want, just like you did when you were alive."
―Tawnypelt to Tigerstar Sunset, page 179
Tawnypelt is chosen by Nightstar to participate on the journey to find Midnight as the representative of ShadowClan. On the journey, she becomes friends with Feathertail, a RiverClan warrior. Tawnypelt becomes injured by rats, and the group stays at the Tribe of Rushing Water and helps them defeat Sharptooth. She and the other chosen cats help lead and guide the Clans to their new home. After some trouble, Tawnypelt eventually finds a new home for ShadowClan in a pine forest. Like Brambleclaw and Hawkfrost, Tigerstar visits his children in their dreams, tempting them with promises of becoming stronger and more loyal warriors. Tawnypelt refuses his offers and advises Brambleclaw to do the same.

Power of Three

"Hang on a moment. Things went wrong in the old forest, too. You can't expect life to be all mice and moonlight."
―Tawnypelt Long Shadows, page 36
She gives birth to Rowanclaw's kits, Tigerkit, Flamekit, and Dawnkit. She joins her brother and his kits to assist the Tribe of Rushing Water, despite still being a queen. When WindClan and RiverClan both attack ThunderClan, Hollypaw runs to ShadowClan and urges Tawnypelt to help. Tawnypelt moves her family to ThunderClan when Sol tricks Blackstar into not believing StarClan.

Omen of the Stars

Her kits receive their full names, Tigerheart, Dawnpelt, and Flametail. Tawnypelt also receives an apprentice, Starlingpaw. She hurriedly greets her son and Toadfoot when they return from their journey to defeat the beavers. Her mate, Rowanclaw, becomes deputy after Russetfur dies, and their son, Flametail, drowns in the lake while playing on the ice. Tawnypelt participates in the battle against the Dark Forest.

A Vision of Shadows

"Do you think you could have done any better? You blame Rowanstar. But it was his Clanmates' disloyalty that killed them. If our apprentices grew arrogant, blame their mentors, not him. He cared about ShadowClan when none of you did. Rowanstar still wakes in the night, haunted by nightmares about the Clanmates he's lost."
―Tawnypelt defending Rowanclaw to Scorchfur Darkest Night, page 120
Tawnypelt receives another apprentice, Needlepaw. During the sickness that plagues the Clan, Tawnypelt is supportive of Crowfrost and Rowanstar despite her Clanmates' outbursts. When Darktail and his Kin take over ShadowClan, she flees with Rowanstar and Tigerheart to ThunderClan. She is appointed deputy when ShadowClan is briefly revived after Tigerheart disappears, and also given another apprentice, Snakepaw. Tawnypelt continues to encourage Rowanstar as he steps down as the leader of ShadowClan and disbands the Clan. She is hostile at her Clanmates who turned rogue, including Yarrowleaf and Sleekwhisker. Violetshine and Twigpaw ask Tawnypelt if she would become leader of ShadowClan, but Tawnypelt is hesitant. Sleekwhisker lures Tawnypelt into a trap for Rowanclaw, and Rowanclaw sacrifices himself for her and Yarrowleaf's kits. Tigerheart, now Tigerstar, returns and he appoints her deputy and another apprentice, Conepaw. However, she steps down, and Juniperclaw takes her place.

The Broken Code

"Yes. Hasn’t StarClan told us before? The Clans are strongest when we stand together. Our experience with Darktail taught us that."
―Tawnypelt's thoughts on the lack of StarClan interaction Lost Stars, page 228
Despite not being deputy, Tawnypelt advises Tigerstar on the frigid leaf-bare and serves as one of his most trusted warriors. When she learns of Bramblestar's death, she is distraught and does not speak to anyone. However, when he is brought back, she attends the emergency gathering and is horrified when Bramblestar suggests that there are codebreakers among the Clans, with Shadowsight noting she technically is one but doesn't believe Bramblestar would out his own sister. When Rootpaw shows ShadowClan that the real Bramblestar is a ghost, Tigerstar rallies his Clan against the impostor. She worries for her brother, and she participates in the battle of the rebels and kills Berrynose after he sides with the impostor.

Super Editions

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In Bramblestar's Storm, she is given another apprentice, Grasspaw. She and Bramblestar are still close but remains fiercely loyal to her Clan. She confides how ShadowClan is struggling since the floods, including vicious kittypets and badgers. Rowanstar questions her loyalty, and Tawnypelt snaps at him. Despite ShadowClan's reassurance, ThunderClan assists the Clan drive off their enemies, and Tawnypelt and Bramblestar are reminded of that their bond as kin is stronger than the warrior code.
In Tigerheart's Shadow, she is the only cat that fully supports Rowanstar with no doubts about his leadership, and tries to help out Tigerheart when he struggles to support both ShadowClan and Rowanstar. When Tigerheart leaves ShadowClan, he thinks of his mother and misses her.


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"A pang shot through Tawnypelt. She thought of Flametail, her shy, sweet-tempered ginger kit, always eager to help his Clanmates, who'd grown to be a medicine cat and then drowned in icy waters; of Dawnpelt, who'd as a kit been fierce and playful by turns, who'd left ShadowClan for the Kin and been murdered by Darktail. And of stubborn, good-hearted Tigerstar. Her kits meant everything to her, too, and now Tigerstar was the only one left."
―Tawnypelt reflecting about her kits Tawnypelt's Clan, page chapter five
In Tawnypelt's Clan, Tawnypelt struggles to identify with the new ShadowClan since Tigerstar has returned. She is constantly frustrated with her Clanmates not listening to her despite being deputy and doubts Dovewing's loyalty. When Shadowkit receives a vision about the Tribe of Rushing Water, Tawnypelt clearly believes they are meant to travel to the mountains. She, Dovewing, and Shadowkit travel to the Tribe and are welcomed by Stoneteller, Stormfur, Brook, and the rest of the Tribe. As they save the Tribe's cave from being destroyed, Tawnypelt seriously reflects remaining in the mountains. Rowanclaw visits her in her dreams and lovingly encourages her to accept the changes happening in ShadowClan. Her loyalty reinvigorated, the group travels back to ShadowClan and Tawnypelt steps down as deputy, believing Tigerstar will need a younger deputy if ShadowClan is to adapt and survive, but offers to help her son lead ShadowClan if he needs it.

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Tawnypaw's apprentice ceremony
Bluestar: Brackenfur, Fireheart tells me that you are ready for your first apprentice. You will be mentor to Tawnypaw.
Bluestar: Brackenfur, you have shown yourself to be a warrior of loyalty and forethought. Do your best to pass on these qualities to Tawnypaw.
Reference: A Dangerous Path, page 235

Personality and Relationships

Tawnypelt is a tough and devoted cat to her Clan, Clanmates, and friends. She wants to be able to define her own path and do the right thing. For more of Tawnypelt's personality and relationships, click here!


Tawnypelt's parents are Goldenflower and Tigerstar, and her brother is Bramblestar. Her mate is Rowanclaw, and together, they had Dawnpelt, Tigerstar, and Flametail. For more of Tawnypelt's family, click here!



Toys and Plush

Tigerstar & Tawnypelt - Mini Collector Figures

Tigerstar and Tawnypelt

  • Series 1
  • Sturdy mini figure of Tigerstar and Tawnypelt, approximately 7cm in height.
  • Tigerstar's ruthless ambition and cunning sent shockwaves through the Clans, and his evil deeds will haunt future generations of warriors. But his daughter, Tawnypelt, looks to forge her own legacy—a legacy of honor, courage, and doing what's right
  • Also included in a three-pack bundle with the rest of Series 1: Firestar, Leafstar, Graystripe, and Jayfeather.
  • Approximate individual price is $12.99 USD, and the three-pack bundle is $38.97 USD.


Warrior Cats - Sticker Set - 5 Sheets


  • Five sticker sheets of Firestar, Tigerstar, Jayfeather, Tawnypelt, Graystripe, and Leafstar's mini patterns. Featuring headshots and full bodies.
  • Five sheets of Warrior Cats fun. Firestar, Jayfeather, Tigerstar, Tawnypelt and Graystripe can go anywhere with you.
  • Approximately $12.95 USD.


Did you know Tawnypelt is the second cat to become deputy on two occasions? For more trivia about Tawnypelt, click here!


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  1. Tawnypelt was the last deputy before ShadowClan was annexed into SkyClan, and was the first to take up the position following ShadowClan's revival[14]