"I'm glad you're leader. You have a better chance of making ShadowClan whole again than I would have. But I feel...I'm just not sure how I fit into our Clan now."
Tawnypelt to Tigerstar in Tawnypelt's Clan, chapter 1
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Chapter Number: 1 (of 10)
Page Numbers: 113-124

Chapter description

Tawnypelt is in the forest, hunting, when she spots a rabbit. She creeps up on it and pounces, killing the brown furred creature. The tortoiseshell she-cat thinks about how good it feels to be home. When she walks into camp, her daughter, Dawnpelt, greets her. Tawnypelt greets her back, purring since it feels like she hasn't seen the cream furred she-cat in such a long time.
Pinenose gets up and states that she is starving. Tawnypelt silently questions herself, as she thinks Pinenose already had her kits. She realizes that Dawnpelt is dead, Pinenose's kits were born already, and that this isn't real. As she thinks about this, Rowanstar appears behind her, and Tawnypelt runs to him, joy in her eyes. She tells him that this isn't ShadowClan, or at least, not in the present. Rowanstar looks at her in confusion, then purrs, stating that he told her the vole she ate didn't look right. Tawnypelt wants to believe him, but as she looks around, she sees Crowfrost, Kinkfur, Dawnpelt, and Pinenose. Rowanstar brushes his tail over his mate's back. He reassures her that this is the only real ShadowClan.
Suddenly, she hears someone call to Pouncekit. Her heart sinks as she opens her eyes, and realizes that it is just a dream. Lightkit's loud yowl to Shadowkit gets on Tawnypelt's nerves and shakes away the last of her dream. She gets up and out of the den right when Pouncekit screeches to Lightkit to get away from them. Juniperclaw storms past Tawnypelt and towards the kits, telling them that's enough and they need to settle down or they'll wake up the whole camp.
As the three kits look up at Juniperclaw, Tawnypelt sees that all three kits' eyes match Rowanstar's. She reminds herself that it is Rowanclaw, not Rowanstar, as he gave up his leadership position before he died. Dovewing apologizes to Juniperclaw, but reminds him they are only kits. Juniperclaw angrily snaps that unlike in ThunderClan, in ShadowClan, kits have consideration for their Clanmates. Tigerstar then steps out of his den, warning his kits to be quieter, then turning on Juniperclaw and telling the black tom he has no right to speak to Dovewing like that.
Juniperclaw apologizes, but then storms away. Tawnypelt feels sympathy for her grandson, wondering if things would be different if Dawnpelt were still alive and Darktail never came. Her thoughts are interrupted by Pouncekit and her two siblings, who ask if they want to play with her, and also apologize for waking her up. She accepts their apology, and the three young kits scamper off to play. Tawnypelt drifts into thought about how her three grandkits, wondering if they are truly ShadowClan before Dovewing and Tigerstar interrupt her.





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