"This is the right thing to do." [..] "You wouldn't listen. You never listen to me now. You made me be your deputy, but you won't let me be your deputy."
Tawnypelt angrily replying to Tigerstar in Tawnypelt's Clan, chapter 4

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Chapter Number: 4 (of 10)
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Chapter description

Tawnypelt moves uncomfortably around her nest, thinking about Shadowkit's seizures. Her movements wake up Juniperclaw and Cloverfoot, who complain about her movements waking them up. The deputy bitterly replies before irritably walking out of the den. Outside, Tawnypelt begins to regret losing it in the warriors' den, wondering if Tigerstar was right, but she notes she can't stand what ShadowClan is like now. She begins to miss Rowanclaw, the latter had always listened to Tawnypelt and would probably let Shadowkit see the Tribe. She knows the kit must see the group in the mountains, and suddenly gets an idea to take him there herself. A whisper blows in her direction, stating she's doing the right thing. Tawnypelt recognizes the whisper as Rowanclaw's, happy that her mate is encouraging her from StarClan.
Tawnypelt quietly steps into the medicine den and finds Shadowkit sleeping. She carries him outside and informs him they're going to the Tribe of Rushing Water, which makes him excited. She tells him they will have to sneak out via the dirtplace, as Strikestone is guarding the camp entrance. However, when they reach the dirtplace, Dovewing screeches no from behind them. Tawnypelt quickly explains she's taking Shadowkit to the Tribe for his own good, but Tigerstar appears behind his mate and realizes what's happening. Furious, he demands why his mother is taking Shadowkit, and Tawnypelt retorts he isn't being useful. The ShadowClan cats begin to hear the argument and shocked whispers begin to be heard around camp.
Tawnypelt snaps the leader isn't listening to her anymore, and she adds Tigerstar is only caring for the cats he brought back, himself, and his power over the Clan. Tigerstar replies she isn't working with him because she doesn't like the new ShadowClan, saying Rowanclaw's leadership damaged what was left of it. Tawnypelt is enraged her son is insulting his own father, and after a moment, states Rowanclaw was dealt harsh blows that weren't his fault. She then adds that Tigerstar should have listened to those around him, and he's beginning to act like another cat she once knew. Suddenly, Dovewing defends Tawnypelt, stating she's right that Shadowkit needs to visit the Tribe of Rushing Water and she's sure of it. Tigerstar is livid and attempts to protest, but Dovewing says Shadowkit is her kit and she also gets to decide his future, whilst stating they'll be back in due time.
Tawnypelt and Dovewing, nodding at each other, walk out of camp with Shadowkit while Tigerstar angrily glares at them. Shadowkit reassures his father this is what needs to be happening, and Tawnypelt hopes the young tabby is right.





Important events

  • Tawnypelt, Dovewing, and Shadowkit leave to see the Tribe of Rushing Water.[1]

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