"The hardest lesson I've learned as a mother is that you can't control what happens to your kits." [...] "All you can do is love them, and guide them, and try to do what you think is right for them when you can. That's what your doing. You're a good mother."
Tawnypelt's advice to Dovewing in Tawnypelt's Clan, chapter 5
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Chapter Number: 5 (of 10)
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Chapter description

Tawnypelt wakes up after a chilly breeze blows at her pelt. She finds Shadowkit asking why voles live underground, and Dovewing replies they do it for protection while also stating cats wouldn't do that. Tawnypelt begins to think that maybe she was wrong about the she-cat being careless before, as Dovewing is interacting and making sure Shadowkit remains safe and happy. She begins to worry about the journey into the mountains, worrying that she was wrong to snap at Tigerstar because she could get more protection, but believes Shadowkit is right about this being the right way. Tawnypelt finds Dovewing and Shadowkit in a field, and they give her a vole that they caught.
Dovewing proudly says Shadowkit helped to catch it, and jokes he'd make a fine warrior one day. The kit protests that he wants to be a medicine cat, which makes Tawnypelt and Dovewing chuckle. They chuckle more when he shows them a hunting pounce, and Tawnypelt asks his mother when they'll reach the Tribe. Dovewing believes they'll do so in a few days, whilst discussing ideas on how to keep Shadowkit safe in the mountains. Suddenly, Shadowkit wails and collapses to the ground, suffering another seizure. Tawnypelt holds his body, fretting that they don't have any herbs to treat him. The seizure passes, and Shadowkit mumbles something about a tree.
The two she-cats convince the kit to sleep, and when he does so, Dovewing confesses to Tawnypelt she's worried about how to proceed with Shadowkit. Tawnypelt reassures her with her own experience with kits, but Dovewing states Shadowkit's already had a rough life, being born around strangers and watching Spiresight fall to his death, and begins to think this journey may be too much for him. Tawnypelt replies caring for kits is hard, and Dovewing did what she thought was right for Shadowkit. The tortoiseshell remembers all three of her kits, noting Tigerstar is her only remaining because of Flametail and Dawnpelt's deaths. She names the various reasons why Dovewing is a good mother, which reassures the latter. After a while, Shadowkit wakes up and asks to continue to the mountains, and Tawnypelt tells him they will when he and Dovewing think they are ready.





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