"We did the right thing. The Tribe is safe, and so is Shadowkit."
Tawnypelt's thoughts in Tawnypelt's Clan, chapter 8

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Chapter Number: 8 (of 10)
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Chapter description

As the tree rushes toward the Tribe cats, Tawnypelt prays for StarClan to save them. The tree, noted to be rather large, is blocked from falling by the rocks pushed into the stream, causing Bird to celebrate. The Tribe turns to Shadowkit, who thank him for saving them. Shadowkit looks around, but suddenly collapses, much to the horror of Tawnypelt and Dovewing. Stoneteller rushes over, and believes he will fine after a little rest. Tawnypelt rubs Shadowkit, thinking about the burdens StarClan has given the kit at a young age. Stoneteller orders his cats to head back to the cave, and soon enough, everyone is near the entrance. To everyone's horror, the tree up top begins to move, and Moss frets they haven't done enough to stop it from falling.
Stoneteller, remaining calm, tells everyone to have faith and that the Tribe of Endless Hunting destined Shadowkit to save them. Tawnypelt wishes to feel reassured by his words, but continues worrying that Shadowkit's visions may be wrong. Branches from the tree fall into the river, causing some cats to scatter back to the path. Tawnypelt believes they won't make it out of the way in time, seeing everyone running and trying to find a place to hide. The tree tips closer to the edge, about to fall, when a blinding crack of lightning strikes and destroys the tree. Brook says they stopped it for just long enough, and Shadowkit wakes up, asking what happened. Tawnypelt realizes that the Tribe and Shadowkit are safe at last.





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